12 Jul 2018

I picked the only week of the summer when the sun wouldn't shine.

No one was out dogging and no one was meeting, what to do with a slow evening in Northampton?

Having enjoyed a fabulous massage a few days earlier, I decided to try a different flavour and a Thai masseuse had a free session. Booked and showered and off into the town.

Not the most salubrious surroundings but clean enough, soon relaxing to the soft lighting, music and scented candles let the pleasure begin. Towel placed strategically and firm hands take charge for the first session of relaxation, moving expertly over back and shoulders and down the back of the legs... very pleasurable.

The masseuse pauses for a moment, just out of peripheral vision and underwear is discarded. Warm oil is being applied to her petite body and is then poured over my back, the feeling of a slim body lying down on your back is fabulous! She moves her oiled body expertly, ensuring every inch feels the pleasure under her beautiful boobs as she glides and the stimulus heightens the pleasure. Minutes pass... how many? who knows, who cares.... it is sensational!

The instruction comes and its time to turn over, rest my head on the pillow and wait expectantly and erect for the next stage, she lays down again and that beautiful oiled body glides once more. Pleasure heightened as my now rampant cock feels her oiled boobs enveloping, her pussy appears as she has turned seductively. Smooth as silk and oiled the firm instruction 'no finger inside' but no objection when I lift my head and run my tongue all over these beautiful pussy lips and ass crack now inches from my face. The boobs are now replaced by lovely oiled fingers and another delicious wank begins.

Determined not to cover her in spunk too early I concentrate on the task at the tip of my tongue and enjoy her pussy like a man possessed. As the session is drawing to its time conclusion a condom is produced and expertly rolled down onto my rampant cock. 'You fuck me now...' as I slide into her tight Thai pussy that is beautifully moist, 'fuck me quick, don't make noise', balls deep now as we fuck quickly and quietly.

She writhes underneath, whether in simulated orgasm or real orgasm is not important, but as I build to a release I pull out, rip off the covering and shoot my spunk onto her firm body. She finishes me off complimenting on the amount of spunk that has splashed her.

A delightful hour of pleasure comes to a finish all to soon, however I leave completely converted to the pleasures of a body to body Thai massage and wander away into the streets of Northampton completely satisfied with the experience.

Would I recommend it.... ? oh yes!