Written by Sonya and Dave

7 May 2018

My wife and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for this wonderful website and its stories. Especially those taking the time to run it and for those who provide the content. We have followed for a long time and feel fairly confident we can tell the real accounts from the fiction. But they are all good and it’s gratifying to know other people are like us and want more than just plain boring sex in the dark between the sheets. We have used these experiences to help us move our relationship forward.

After many years of role play and fantasy we have recently over the past few months started getting our feet wet with a friend of ours. He is the first other male that we both felt was right and he has proven to be a good choice. He is very considerate, obliging and super respectful. That’s where this site has provided tips and really helped guide and teach us how to be successful in having extra fun with what we call hot wifeing

We have been together almost 20 years, married 16 and have kids and are 100% open and honest and deeply in love. We spend most of every day together. We have had always lots of sex and that’s good sex and felt we could benefit by taking it forward to include others. It’s even boosted our own very good sex drive in that and we have had sex almost every day now since the first meeting with him.

This lifestyle is a really nice addition to take our love to another level. Like I said we are going super slow. We started off with only kissing, fingering, hand jobs and mind blowing oral for her.

It only got better after that. The look on her face the first time he entered her will always be imbedded in my mind. Then that moment when I was kissing her as he was thrusting in and out of her when she went ridged and orgasmed which sent him over the edge and he came. He is a good friend and is pleased to be invited to share our journey.