Written by Koolazice

15 Dec 2009

The intro to the main thrust of this story may be a little long, but bear with me, please. I've been a widower for just on 4 years now, and although I've had my fair share of sexual encounters, none had come anywhere near generating the sheer excitement and lust that being with my late wife used to do. That was until a recent trip to Washington however!

I'm a self-employed aviation consultant and having just finished a long and difficult contract, I was invited by friends to visit them for Thanksgiving, and true to traditional Thanksgiving hospitality they'd decided to make it a special one for their UK guest and so had really gone to town - cooking enough food to feed an army and inviting lots of their friends.

The company and food was excellent, and having eaten my fill, I decided to wander out onto the porch for a breath of fresh air, and was stood looking into the distance and thinking how much my late wife would've enjoyed this when I heard a sneeze and looking around, I saw one of the other guests sat on the porch swing. She looked to be in her mid-40s (in fact she was mid-50s), good looking with a really natural complexion that needed the minimum of make-up, and with a great figure and blonde hair and very elegantly dressed. She apologised for startling me and I replied and then we did the usual thing of getting Brit and American usage muddled up, so that very soon we were chatting and laughing and teasing each other about whose usage of phrases was correct. I was just about to suggest I refresh her drink, when some other guests came out, and she stood and said she was feeling the chills of the evening and smiling at me asked would I like to go back inside and continue to educate each other in the house. I didn't need any urging, as by now I was starting to feel a sensation I hadn't felt since my wife.

As we went inside, my friend's wife saw me, grinned and winked, and as I went to get fresh drinks, she said "I see you've met Elsa - I was going to introduce you at some stage this evening" and then she wandered off with a smug grin on her face.

Taking the drinks back, I found Elsa in amongst the other guests and as I handed her the glass she patted the sofa and told me to "park my fanny" at which we both guffawed and the others were then asking us what was the joke, so after that we didn't have much chance to chat alone, but the whole evening was brilliant fun and the way we teased but also supported each other when the other guests chimed in made me feel that we were in some way together.

Eventually the evening drew to a close, and as I helped Elsa with her coat, I thanked her for her company and made some throw away remark about an evening not being long enough for a proper education, and turning, she smiled up at me and said "Well, we've done language, so what else do you think there is that you could teach an old yankee dame?" I have no recollection of what sort of stupid remark I made, but you smiled again, said "Bless you, honey" and she reached forward and kissed me on the cheek whilst at the same time pressing something into my hand and closing my fingers over it. Stepping back, she put on a real Southern Belle accent and said "Y'all don't be a stranger now" and then she was gone as the guests she'd arrived with were ready to go. Looking at what was in my hand, I saw it was a her business card from the faculty of English Language at a nearby university! And on the back of the card was written her cell-phone number and a message saying "Call me - SOON!"

So I did, and that's the next part of my story.