Written by P and L - new plaything

29 May 2017

This is an update from my last story - thank you everyone for your comments and advice ,infact some of you read my mind ......

Here goes , my mind was saying dont go , dont do it but my kinky go for it brain said dont go all in hardcore ,explore well i told my hubby i was going into town , the weather has been nice so i wore a skirt an blouse , pretty matching undies , i parked the car and arrived a Wethers on time , i walked through looking for Lisa but i couldnt see her , i was just about to leave when she arrived cursing about parking her car .

We sat down and she said were going to Paulines shes running a bit late, no time for a drink , lisa said leave your car i will take mine , she sent P a message she said get the spare key she will be there in 15mins.

Anyway my heart was pumping we got to her house , i told lisa i was realy nervous , she said we will go slow , i asked could i use the toilet , just finished my pee and i heard Pauline come in .

I came down the stairs , we all said hi , P said ive got an hour i have to go back to work lets go up stairs , in her bed room , P moved in close and gently kissed me on the lips , her tounge darting in and out , i responded the same , lisa was rubbing my boobs , then lisa started kissing P , Pauline said to me to undress , both P & L watched me , i slowly unbuttoned my blouse and then stepped out of my skirt , P said you look good enough to eat , P and L stripped off naked , P said she wanted to remove my panties , which were soaking , i lay on the bed , she kisses my stomach, she licked my pussy through my panties then she slowly pulled them off , she pushed my legs apart and went straight for my clit , licking gentle but firm , my head was spinning she fingered me but i was so wet she had 3 fingers in me , licking and thrusting i put my hands on her head and forced her mouth into my pussy , i looked down and lisa was fingering herself watching up , i couldnt hold on anymore i arched my back and i hab a intense, powerful orgasm, wow P carried on licking me then L joined her , i looked down to see 2 tongues licking my pussy , this set me off again with another orgasm.

I lay there catching my breath , P and L were in a 69 , by the sound of it , going for it ,i watched then my fingers were on my pumping clit .

Them P said it my turn to cum , lisa moved away and very assertive she said to me , crawl over here and lick me dont fuck around , i want it and i want you , i was i between her legs , i moved my head closer 1st i kissed her pussy lips she said lick my clit , i licked away she put her hand on my head and she said lick me , my mouth and tounge was deep in her pussy , she said thats the spot , lick me lick me ,

I felt a mouth on my bum , lisa was licking my pussy and arse , i was loving it , then P said dont stop and she came with a little spurt.

She them fingered herself very quickly to another orgasm.

We lay there for a few mins , P kissed me on the lips and said thats your 1st lesson , there is more and better to come , P kissed L and said look after her , let yourselves out .

She tidied herself up and she was out , me and L had a bit of fun then we left .

P messaged L saying she enjoyed our fun and not to leave it too long for Lesson 2 , L drove me back to my car on the way she said P wants something from you , i said what ....she wants you to take your panties off and give them to me , without thinking about her request i pulled up my skirt and pulled down my soaking panties , lisa parked up , we swapped numbers and i handed over my panties , L had a little sniff , a quick kiss she said i will be in touch .

I cant believe i did it , it was amazing and i want more .....

What have i done , was it ment to be .....