4 Nov 2016

So, if you have read my first post under this title (the Advertising Rep) you will know that in the late 80’s I ran a motor dealership in Lincolnshire.

Over a period of months, I had built up a relationship with the local papers advertising rep who because we were a very important customer was very attentive. The relationship had not progressed beyond some outrageous flirting until the day I asked ‘T’ her preference in underwear to which she replied ‘sometimes none’ she then proceeded to open her legs enough for me to see up her short skirt past her stocking tops to her bare shaven pussy!

There was a moment’s hesitation as my mind processed the information before me … then I asked her ‘if I book a room will you turn up?’

‘T’ said ‘I will book the room, let’s see if you turn up!’

We concluded the advertising meeting and she got up to leave … I said ‘don’t get a chill now’ referring to the lack of knickers, she responded ‘next week if you really are up for this I will show you why there is no chance of that!’

‘T’ was 25years old (I actually thought older at the time) 5’4’’ tall about a size 10 blonde bobbed hair with tits about 36D, to die for (at least from what I had seen so far). She had an athletic body from regular horse riding (often with the local hunt) and the associated manual labour of keeping a horse. She also ran to keep fit!

That afternoon she called me to say the room was booked in Nottingham for the following Tuesday (six days to wait). I was to pick her up at 12pm (after the boyfriend had gone to work). We would travel to Nottingham, I could buy her lunch at the Hotel and few drinks …. Then I was to fuck her brains out!!

Game on!

On the Monday, we had a scheduled meeting at my office which was very business-like but there was an obvious tension/ excitement between us and to add to it I could just make out the outline of her nipples through the bodice of her dress (obviously, no bra!). She was wearing a light-coloured floral patterned summer dress which flared from the waist and buttoned up the front from the wide belt that clinched her waist, bare legs, a new hairdo, red heels with matching nails and lips, with probably a little more make up than usual. I told her she looked great and must have spent all weekend working on that look (very 40’s) as ‘T’ stood to leave, business having been concluded, she placed the Hotel booking confirmation (fax) on my desk in front of me, turned and went to the door as she did so she said ‘I did, in fact I ran out of time and forgot my underwear again’ she lifted her dress to flash me a pussy nicely trimmed above her clit and not bare as I thought before but never the less very, very nice. Then in a cheeky voice said ‘now don’t let me down now, see you tomorrow!’ no way, she had closed that deal!!

I picked her up as requested at 12pm on the dot. I parked around the corner from her house and watched her walk up the road towards me, she was wearing a above the knee black dress (we would call it a little black dress today) showing just a little cleavage because of the V neck. Black stockings (I thought) and the red heels again. To finish it all off she had spent time on the lips and nails again and had a heavy pearl like bead necklace … all very mature for a young woman! As she got in the car she said ‘so you turned up then’.. ‘looks like it’ I replied ‘let’s get going then a neighbour could come around the corner and spot us!’

The journey to Nottingham takes about 40 min we chatted about business her weekend, horses and what she had told the boyfriend she was doing (client meeting in Nottingham! Not a lie!).

As we drove I placed my hand on her thigh and instantly got a hard on …. Suspenders!!!

‘T’ looked at me and said ‘you like?’

I replied ‘yes’

‘T’ said ‘no that was a statement, I can see you like!’ as she reached over and gave my 7” hard cock a quick squeeze.

We parked up in the multi storey car park adjacent to the hotel. We had already discussed that when we got to the hotel we would first check in and get the room key then go straight to the bar have a couple of drinks then grab some lunch.

The hotel had a trendy cocktail bar /lounge and we sat on a couple of high chairs at the end of the bar where we could observe the rest of the bar. ‘T’ had a cocktail (I can’t remember what now) because she meant to start as she would go on and it felt appropriate! ‘T’ sat to my right with her chair slightly at an angle to mine and I could rest my hand on her leg just below her hem and started to stroke her stocking clad thigh as far as the flesh as her dress rode up. We had a couple of drinks some banter with the bar man who knew what was going on (he asked us if we had a room we confirmed that we had and he just grinned!}

‘T’ was fidgeting a little in her seat so I suggested we go through to the restaurant and get a bite to eat. ‘T’ said ‘No I want to go to the room now please’. Unable to refuse a polite request off we went taking a bottle of wine with us.

We took the lift and as soon as the doors closed we embraced, our tongues tried to tie knots .. it was just one of those natural things. Her hand went straight to my now throbbing cock and I went to lift her dress to get to her pussy but she giggled and squirmed away saying she needed the loo.

Ping … our floor … straight to the room ‘T’ went straight into the bathroom.

I stood looking at the vista across Nottingham while I waited through the large picture window on the 5th floor. I was just thinking what a great day when I heard the bathroom door open and close … I didn’t turn around but continued to look out of the window.

‘James I need you to feel what you have done to me’ ‘T’ said

She then pulled my right hand towards her dress hem and pressed it against her crutch. As I turned to face her we hugged and kissed and my hand instinctively found its way under the hem of her dress and slid up between her thighs. Before I got anywhere near her pussy I encountered a slippery mass of ‘woman’ honey spread right down both of her inner thighs, her tiny knickers were soaked!

‘T’ lent back with her arms around my neck and looked me in the eyes with a broad grin on her face, her eyes were sparkling and she was a little flushed. ‘Now you know why we couldn’t go to the restaurant for lunch, I would have had the biggest damp patch on the back of my dress and soaked the chair!’

I was hard as hard can be with my cock pressing against her she smiled and suggested we had to much clothing on and with that started to undo my belt. I stopped her and said ‘me first’ and while we continued to kiss I slid the zip down the back of her dress and it dropped to the floor. ‘T’ kicked it to one side and stood back a step and said ‘you like?’. There she stood in a black bask with suspenders and stocking which were damp at the top from her juices with an eye patch of a g string for modesty. Her necklace of large pearl like beads just looked decadent around her neck!

I undid my belt, dropping my trousers and my rampant cock sprang out the foreskin already rolled back, with my knob looking like a ripe plump almost blue in colour. I had gone commando just as she had in my office. I slipped off my shoes and socks and kicked them to one side and then stood upright.

‘I like’ I said

We embraced still leaning up against the window and my right hand found its way to her pussy sliding my fingers under the g string and finding her dripping pussy. She pulled away from my kiss and moaned as I slid one then two fingers deep into her cunt.

It felt great, warm, wet and viscous. I pushed my two fingers in until my palm was hard against her pussy gently stroking her inner depths with the tips of my fingers. The texture of the front inner wall of her cunt was gorgeous, it felt inflamed and aroused and I could feel her cunt muscles pulsing and contracting as I continued to work with my fingers keeping pressure on her pussy with the heal of my thumb on the outside and working my fingers over that pronounced mound on her inner wall. Her moans and groans continued, she now had her head back, her eyes closed and was hanging off me with her hands still gripped behind my neck.

Then it happened … she let out an escalating groan and screamed ‘fuuuck .. fuuuuuuck… fuuuuuuuck’ and her pussy exploded, her cunt muscles gripping and pulsating on my fingers as not so much a gush but a flood of liquid rushed from her pussy soaking her stockings, legs, my shirt almost up to the elbow and there was a puddle on the floor between her red heels. ‘Thank you’ she said

We stayed as we were while she recovered, I stroked and caressed her we snogged then she slowly slips down onto her knees and gripped my cock ‘your turn I think’ she says. While she delicately savoured my copious amounts of pre-cum with the tip of her tongue I removed my soaked shirt as she did the most amazing things with her mouth, this girl was an artist!

She alternated between taking all 7’’ right down to my balls down her throat and swirling her tongue around my engorged knob. My cock was almost as wet as her pussy and thighs from the spit / mucus generated from the deep throating. As she swirled her tongue around the very tip of my cock she gently wanked my shaft and teased the eye of my knob with tongue.

This was not going to end well if I just stood there and took it, I was very near to blowing a load all over her face by this stage. I pulled ‘T’ to her feet and told her I had to taste her pussy and slowly moved her over to the king size bed. She sat on the edge and once again took my throbbing member in her mouth and I slid my hands into the cups of her bask and released her puppies. Wow her nips were engorged and her nipples must have stood out by three quarters of an inch the small areoles were dark brown against her pale skin and looked like they had goose bumps, these were made for sucking!

I pushed her back on the bed and now stood between her legs that were draped over the edge I leant forward and partly supporting myself with my knees grasped a tit in each hand and sucked on each nipple in turn. Because of the height of the bed my raging hard on was brushing against her pussy slipping in the viscous honey between her legs. There was lots of heavy breathing from both of us. ‘T’ reached for my cock and tried to guide it into her waiting pussy.

saying ‘I want your cock now’.

‘Not now I want to taste your pussy first’ I replied

‘No you don’t understand, I need it now, please fuck me now’ she said

I lifted her legs onto my shoulders, pushed the g sting to one side and thrust my cock deep into her pussy … what can a man do? She asked for it now she was getting it!

Three or four thrusts and she exploded again, cum running everywhere I looked at her in amazement she lifted her head of the bed and stared back at me with glazed eyes and said ‘I told you, you didn’t understand now you can eat my pussy.’

I arranged her back on the edge of the bed and placed a cushion under her arse, it’s one of my things I like all her assets available to me and I include her arse in that! The aroma was pure sex as I put my head down between her legs pushing them up and outwards to open her up completely to my mouth and tongue. I started by licking her from her puckered hole up through her swollen soaking lips to her clit, pausing and blowing gently on her swollen clit and then gently sucking her engorged bud. Back down to her puckered hole just teasing with the tip of my tongue … I fucking love anal! I probed her cunt as deep as I could with my tongue and she was breathing hard again and started to call me names ‘oh you fucking dirty bastard’ she said breathless and writhing as I put two fingers up her cunt as I flicked her swollen bud again. Then a third finger was used to gently tickle her anus that had been well lubricated with her own juices. She was now panting but when I tried to insert the finger in her bum she stopped me saying in a halted breathless husky voice ‘NO …. I… don’t …do…that, I’ve tried but it hurts too much’ then she proclaimed she wanted to be on top. I was sort of disappointed as I wanted to make her cum with my tongue and fingers and get the chance to drink her flooding juices, but what a girl wants a girl gets and I was soon to find out she knew what she was doing… they say a girl knows her own body best!

We moved into the centre of the bed to avoid the wet patches we had made and she straddled me .. what a view I had as she gripped my cock and slid it into her soaking pussy. She pulled a pillow down under my head, undid a couple of clips at the front of her bask and completely freed her gorgeous tits. I leant forward taking a breast in each hand squeezed and sucked the beautiful hard engorged nipples as ‘T’ started to grind her pussy on me with my cock fully embedded in her cunt. I had the urge to thrust and tried to lift her bum so I could slide my throbbing cock in and out (I wanted to cum so badly!) but she resisted my efforts.

I said ‘let me fuck you’ I was gasping now needing relief! She just pushed my hands back over my head then holding my hands in place with one she brought the other hand up to her lips placed a single digit across them and said ‘Shush’ then replaced her hand on my hands which were stretched above my head.

She then continued grinding down hard on my cock never letting her pussy break contact with my body, I could feel the lubrication increasing as she grew ever more rampant over me, repeatedly kissing my lips and flicking her tongue into my mouth. I was by now rambling away with expletives as she kept me on the very edge. She in response was telling me ‘this is soooooo good, your cock is amazing’

I said in a breathless style ‘you told me your boyfriend had the biggest cock in Grantham how can this be amazing compared to that?’ (trust us blokes its always about size!).

She paused and I thought I had said the wrong thing, but she was thinking, started grinding again and said ‘I told you motion in the ocean, not the size of the boat!’

She upped the pace sliding up and down, rubbing her clit against my body with my straining cock deep in her pussy then, started to shudder sat bolt upright releasing my hands, she placed her hands on my chest and pressed down and screamed to a massive orgasm, at the same time lifted her bottom just enough to allow me to thrust upwards …. Relief … I exploded almost at the same time, my cum spurting into her against the flow of her gushing fluids. I was now laying in a puddle of cum by belly flooded and dripping the excess down my thighs and sides. She collapsed on top of me and we rested to recover the heavy breathing.

I made a visit to the loo and poured a couple of glasses of wine for us to sit in bed and take a few minutes for a breather.

‘T’ was lying on her front after drinking her wine and I lay beside her stroking her shoulders. I suggested she remove her bask as it had got quite wet, she said ‘you do it’ so I unclipped the back suspenders from her stockings and rolled her over to unclip the front suspenders and then the bask at the front and pulled it from under her.

She now lay there in just her chunky beads around her neck, and her stockings. She then made a visit to the loo and came back and lay on the bed on her front. I then started to give her a very light sensitive massage, shoulders, waist and of course bum cheeks. I spent some time kissing and biting softly at the nape of her neck while gently using my index finger to trace circles around her anus, I wanted to see her reaction to anal but she was nervous for some reason. The more I stroked and massaged the more she relaxed and I had now recovered my erection. I asked her if she was ready for more? I want to fuck you doggy style and guided her left hand onto my now again rampant cock!

She said sleepily ‘Dirty bastard’ as she turned towards me I knelt and presented my cock to her mouth telling her to taste my cum.

‘T’ sucked my cock into her mouth rolling her tongue around the purple head and said ‘umm but that tastes more of me …. I’ll get your taste later’.

I helped her up onto her knees so she was positioned on the edge of the bed with me stood behind her. I rubbed my straining cock up and down her slit then pushed in slowly. No need for lubricant she was still soaking wet! She started to respond after several lengths of my cock had penetrated her darkest depths.

I set a steady pace with long deep thrusts and it felt fantastic as she started to react by pushing back onto me, I leant forward over her body and grabbed a handful of hair to get more purchase and drove my cock into her as I did that, the necklace came apart in my hand but she didn’t notice and I placed it at the side of us (the knot in the ribbon the beads were strung on had come undone so no harm done!)

As we continued to thrust into each other she started to talk dirty again .. ‘go on fuck me you bastard, give me your fucking cock, ram it in, cum in my pussy’ I had now started to use my thumb to gently massage her bum hole. Wetting it with the juices that were making my shaft glisten as I drove my cock in and out of her pussy. I slowly increased the pressure and bit by bit my thumb opened her hole. She reacted as my thumb slid in ‘oh what do you think you’re doing you naughty boy, I told you I don’t do that it hurts’ while she was saying that she was gasping as I continued to push my cock in and out of her pussy with long steady strokes and now, every now and again ramming into her hard enough to make her arse cheeks wobble. Each time I did it she gave out a yelp.

‘Have you ever done it ‘T’’ I asked

‘No… gasp not properly it hurts’

‘so no one has made love to your bum?’ she giggled and said ‘no someone tried to fuck it though’

‘Do you trust me?’ I asked ‘you can tell me to stop at any time just relax and let’s see where this goes shall we?’

‘Ok but don’t stop fucking me .. gasp..oh God that’s sooo good!’

‘I won’t’ I assured her

She was having lots of little cums one after the other and she pulled down a pillow and buried her face in it as I continued to fuck her with long gentle strokes. I continued to use my thumb on her bum hole and within a few minutes I had the tip of my thumb opening her hole. I then used some more pussy juice to lubricate my index finger and gently slipped it into her bum. She whimpered a little as it slid my finger in and I waited for her to get used to the feeling before starting to finger her adding saliva to increase the lubrication she was now thrusting back onto me with gusto and I could tell she was building up to a big one! Perhaps it was the finger in her arse that was getting her going?

She was now very wet and lubricated in her bum but I could not risk sticking my fat hard cock in there just yet. I had now got two fingers in her arse and she looked quite comfortable but I needed another step before fucking her with my cock. I had a moments inspiration as the answer to the problem came to me in a flash .. the necklace… anal beads in the making!

I sucked the beads to make them wet and warm then gently placed the first bead against her bum hole pressing gently as I did so, it slipped in without two much resistance and she shouted aaagghhhh as I pushed the second bead in and a third then she came on my cock with a gush screaming ‘what the fuck are you doing to me I have never cum like that before…. Fucking hell you dirty bastard’ beating the quilt with her left hand as she did so.

‘MORE TO COME BABES!’ I told her as I gently pulled the beads from her arse and then slipped the tip of my slippery cum covered cock in to replace them. I gave her a moment to get used to it and started to gently and very slowly fuck her arse. It was tight as tight can be, gripping every inch as I slid in and out.

‘T’ said ‘you’re in my arse your filthy git it feels so good’ Put your fingers in your pussy ‘T’’ I told her.

As she slid her fingers into her pussy I could feel them press on my cock through the membrane between her pussy and her back passage. She started to frig herself quite hard and I could feel she was building to another massive orgasm … she started to tell me ‘this feels so fucking dirty, but so fucking good, I’ve got a cock in my arse and my fingers in my pussy feeling your cock sliding in and out of my arse … you fucking dirty bastard do it harder, harder, harder,……. Fuck I’m coming again

I was pounding her arse now and she was squirting cum all over the bed holding her hand up for me to lick her fingers giving me a taste of her cum as I sucked them dry … then I felt my balls tighten and my cock explode in her arse, she let out another scream as she felt my spunk filling her hole and then she collapsed forward on the bed.

We rested for an hour or so ‘T’ sucked my cock (while I fingered her to orgasm) until I came again just so she could taste my cum she said.

We dressed I replace the necklace of beads around her neck retied it and told her she should keep them as a memento as they had been up her arse on the day she got properly arse fucked. She looked at me shocked …’ these have been up my arse?’

‘Yes ‘ I said ‘didn’t you notice?’

‘I couldn’t see what was in my arse … and by then I didn’t care’ she said ‘any way I can’t keep them they belong to my boy friends mother, I only borrowed them last month for the hunt ball

‘Best tell her you lost them’ I said.

I hope this true account of the start of a relationship that lasted for several years has been entertaining. I had many exciting encounters with ‘T’ she was an energetic bubbly sex machine. I had never had a woman that came so hard and gushed so much during sex before her are indeed since. She even shared me with some of her girlfriends! That was just one of her many fantasies she acted out with me, that should be another story though.