Written by Sara

22 Oct 2010

Tony and I had been married for fifteen years, we got married in our early twenties. I was quite experienced sexually before then but Tony said he liked experienced women, not virgins or kids who didn't really know what they were doing. Anyway, after about ten years, even though we had plenty of it, our sex had become a bit samey and we used to fantasise while we were fucking to get more pleasure out of it. One night, after we'd enjoyed what was an occasional double fuck that was caused by a particular fantasy, Tony asked me what my favourite fantasy was. I laughed, 'That's easy, being in a thresome and being fucked by both men!' He said that he wasn't terribly surprised because I had been well experienced when he married me, 'Ever thought about actually doing it?' he asked. 'Of course,' I replied, 'haven't you?' 'What do you mean?' he asked. 'Well, you with two women.' 'Oh that,' he said, 'of course I have.' 'And actually doing it?' 'Yes,' he said.

Anway a couple of years went by and that year we holidayed in Spain, we had discovered a nice little place on the Costa Blanca which, apparently, a lot of people hadn't. We rented a villa there which was only a couple of minutes from the beach. One day we were lying on our sun-beds when a man came along and took the one next to us. After a while he called out, 'I hope you don't mind, but I could tell that you were talking in English, do you know this place well?' Tony said, 'Yes, we've been coming here for years.' 'In that case,' the man went on, 'could you recommend a good place to eat in the evenings here?' He got off his sun-bed and came over and crouched down beside me, Tony said, 'Matter of fact there are several,' and told him a few. After that we sort of got talking generally, his name was Tom and he'd recently lost his wife, he said. He was quite good looking, about our age and a great physique, when he saw me assessing his body he smiled.

Then Tony got up and asked if we wanted coffee, there was a bar not far away who looked after people on the beach, having our orders off he went. I noticed that Tom was giving me the same treatment I had given him and smiled. He asked me what I was smiling at, I got up and straighened the towel I had on the sunbed, he didn't bother to hide the fact that he was having a good look at my breasts and then down between my legs. 'You were doing exactly what I was doing earlier,' I replied. He apologised immediately, I laughed and said, 'Don't be silly, I could just as easily apologise to you and I certainly like what I saw and I hope you did!' 'I certainly did,' he said, 'but Iapologised because I was looking at you very intimately.' 'I know,' I told him, 'do you think I don't know what men look at and what they think, I know exactly what you'd like to do with me!' 'OH gosh,' he said, 'my only excuse is that I haven't had a woman since my wife died.' I laughed again, 'And I can't even use that excuse! I get plenty, but it doesn't stop a woman wondering what another man would be like!'

That was when Tony returned bearibg the coffee,'You two seem to be getting on well,' he said. 'We certainly are,' I replied. Sometime later,after Tom had dragged his sun-bed closer to ours, Tony suggested that we meet that evening and we'd take him to one of our favourite places to eat. It went down well and Tom agreed instantly.

About four o'clock we followed our usual procedure and left the beach for our usual siesta. As always we showered and then went to bed where we had sex, during our post coital conversation I said, 'You remember that time when we talked about our fantasies?' 'Sure,' Tony said. 'Well, I've found the man I'd do a threesome with, if you want to go ahead.' 'Tom, I suppose? Well, I certainly have no objections, he's a nice guy. I talked to him when you went for a swim and he said that he hadn't had sex since his wife died, I'm sure that he'd be for it like a shot! One condition though, if it's a success then sometime we get to act out my fantasy.' 'Done,' I said, then we drifted off to sleep. We showered when we woke at about seven and dressed for the evening, Tony always wore lightweight chinos on holiday with a sports shirt and sandals, on this occasion I dressed up a bit. Starting with my undies I put on a nice very lacy bra that was absolutely see-through then a pair of bikini knickers that were also see-through and were not lined. 'Christ you look sensational!' Tony said. 'Thank you, darling,' I replied and then put on a short mini dress, also white. 'Blimey!' Tony said, 'It's a good job you shave your fanny, otherwise he'd be able to see everything!' 'That's the point,' I told him, 'I want Tom to be in no doubt about what I have to offer!' Tony laughed.

We found Tom where we ahd agreed to meet and strolled to the restaurant, it was a very small English run place and you could eat English, Spanish, French whatever, they did it all, with every meal cooked individually for the customer. We were known there of course and ordered vodka tonics while we studied the menu. Having ordered we sat with another drink until our meal was ready, Tom said, 'Sara, you look absolutely stunning, I knew I wasn't wrong back on the beach.' I thanked him, 'I hope to see as much of you soon!' He raised a quizzical eyebrow in Tony's direction, Tony laughed, 'That's what she's like,' he said.

We had our meal, delightful as always and a bottle of wine with it, finishing off with a brandy each. Then we strolled back having invited Tom to come for a drink. We sat on one of the two sun-decks until Tony put on a disk and we danced together. Afterwards Tony said, 'Be fair and have a dance with Tom.' So I did, it wasn't an evening to dance close, it was too hot, but I still thrilled at his touch and began to feel aroused. I kissed him, he looked surprised, 'That was very pleasant, ' he murmured, 'but are you sure Tony won't mind?' 'Quite sure,' I told him, 'we've talked about it, he knows that I want you.' and I kissed him again. He responded hungrily, 'You've no idea how much I've missed this,' he said. 'Sssh,' I put my finger on his lips, 'just go with the flow.' We stopped dancing and Tom noticing that Tony had disappeared, kissed me passionately. I felt the bulk of his genitals against my stomach and I deliberately pushed myself against him. 'God,' Tom groaned, 'you are one sexy woman, I've got to have you!' We were kissing passionately, I saw Tony out of the corner of my eye standing in the doorway, he'd taken off everything except his briefs and showed his lovely fat bulge. I put my hands on Tom's bottom and pulled him tight, he kissed me then pulled away a little so that he could caress by breasts through my thin clothing, my nipples were already erect.

'Time to take this a little further, darling,' I said and steered him to the door and the into a bedroom, I kissed him, 'Go and have a shower,' I told him. There was an en-suite for both bedrooms so I went to the one in our bedroom, Tony was there, 'Are you really going to fuck him?' he asked eagerly. 'Of course, after I've showered, you have one too and you can fuck me after he's had me. 'Oh God, oh God!,' he panted excitedly, 'I can't wait to see you getting fucked!'

I went back to the spare bedroom just as a naked Tom exited the bathroom, 'God, what a body!' he panted, 'Wonderful breasts, beautiful fanny and gorgeaous legs!' I looked at him, his cock was swinging heavily as he moved, it was a good six inches long even soft. We closed together and kissed passionately, I could feel his lovely cock against my stomach. He was quite heavily tanned with just the white where his briefs had covered him, I was brown all over as I sunbathe nude on one of the sundecks and made sure that I was. He started kissing me all over, then he sucked my nipples, thrills were already running through me and I felt my cunt engorge and become wet. I just stood there and let him do what he wanted. Tony came in nude, he already had a hard-on. Tom kissed his way down my body and I parted my legs as he kissed my mound, then I felt his tongue lick my lips, up and down then inside where he pushed it into me and fucked me with it. That was only for a second or two then he kissed my clitoris, he began licking it, I climaxed. He must have felt my muscles contract for he then sucked my clit and all the delicate tissue that surrounds into his mouth. Closing his lips tightly he then withdrew his mouth, I had the biggest orgasm I'd had for years and my legs turned to jelly.

He held me up and steered me to the bed, I just had time to notice that Tony must have laid a large towel on the bed before Tom deposited me on it and move over me. I spread my legs and, as he got between them, brought my knees up. The knob of his cock was nudging and probing my thick and convoluted inner lips, but I was extremely wet and he soon slid in. Once his knob was in he stopped, 'Does that feel right?' he asked. 'Yes!' I panted, 'Fuck me!' He slid up inside, I knew by now that this was the biggest cock I'd had up me for a very long time and found that it rubbed my clit constantly. He fucked me very gently, 'Harder!' I murmured. 'Sushhhh, plenty of time, I want to feel every fraction of an inch of your lovely cunt!' he responded. He certainly took his time, but why should I worry, I thought, most men come far too quickly and he's rubbing my clit all the time anyway! I was having little comes constantly, I just lay there, not contributing anything, just enjoying the wonderful sensations I was experiencing.

I don't really know how long he did me like that only that, at some time, he started thrusting harder and faster. He began to breathe heavily and I knew it wouldn't be long. It wasn't,suddenly, with a groan, he rammed his cock in so hard it hurt then as he drew back he ejaculated. Now my Tony shoots his spunk pretty hard but this was something different, it was like a hose being directed deep inside me and he spurted at least five times that I felt and one or two more that I didn't because he'd pumped so much spunk into me. Then he flopped as I came really hard, I grabbed him, my nails digging into his back as the intense thrills coursed through me. I found myself stroking the back of his head and crooning endearments as I came down off the biggest high I'd had in years.

I waited until he'd finished, I caught sight of my watch and was amazed that only about five minutes had elapsed sice he'd entered me, then I murmured, 'That was absolutely wonderful Tom!' 'I'm only sorry I couldn't make it last, but I've only had wanking since my wife died, if Tony lets me, I'll make it up to you next time.' I thought, if he makes me cum like that in just a minute or two, what's he going to do to me when he does me the way he wants?

After a few minutes Tony said, 'Come on, old lad, my turn and I can't wait any longer!' I stretched my arms out to him as Tom rolled off and he pushed his cock straight up me, apart from his initial thrust he wasn't touching my clit much so I sid, 'Move up a bit, darling, so you rub my clit!' He did it immediately and the thrills began again as he murmured, 'Christ, I never knew it would feel like this, fucking in another man's spunk!' Nevertheless, he'd fucked me earlier and was quite capable of fucking me for a long time, which he now did. I quickly arrived at a state of complete sexual euphoria, I'm not saying that I had never felt like that before, but it certainly wasn't a frequent experience. I was in a sort of trance as my dear husband, very much aroused by seeing me fucked by another man, made the most of the experience and fucked me with just the odd break for over half an hour. Then he added to what Tom had filled me with. He duly flopped, gasping for breath, on me and I lovingly held him tight until we had both recovered.

As Tony slid off me I turned my head and saw Tom standing by the bed with a great hard-on, 'Come on then, lover,' I said, holding out my arms. I was in a disgusting state with spunk and my own juice all over my thighs stomach and bottom, not that it put Tom off, he just mounted me and pushed his cock straight up me and started fucking. 'You're the sexiest fucking cunt I've ever met,' he said, ramming up hard. Hecould have rammed it in a lot harder than that and it wouldn't have hurt me, I was so relaxed and sloppy.

Now it was Tom's turn to last and he made the most of it, it was almost as if I wasn't there and he was fucking an inanimate object, it was like a robot! Not that I minded, by that time if he'd fucked me with a bottle I wouldn't have been any the wiser because, once again, I was cumming all the time. He took a very long time before he came, which brought me out of my reverie to delight in his incredible spunking.

It didn't end there of course, Tony had me again and through the night I felt them fucking me, by the morning I had no idea how many times they'd done me. But I'm glad they enjoyed it because they gave me the greatest pleasure I'd ever had sexually and over the best part of a couple of weeks that night was repeated several times. Not every night because they had to have time to recover. Needless to say, Tom is now a great friend who visits us from time to time for more sexual games. These actaully became more varied over time with me being fucked in all possible positions, and including oral. I can honestly say that I have never had it so good!