18 Nov 2015

I lay on the couch as Bert kept stopping to watch between sketching me and taking the odd photo every so often, I was now wearing my black g string and matching suspender belt with my lace topped stockings and my 5" heels, my fingers were rubbing my boobs an pulling on my nipples and over the front of my g string ,stopping to press against my little hard clit.

I looked up to see Bert now with a big bulge in his trousers, he saw me looking and said to me look at what you have done to me , he asked me if I had done this before for anyone , I told him I had modelled for a Photographer friend before but not a Artist. Then Bert told me he thought I had done some modelling before, as I was happy to do what he asked and had no qualms about taking my bra off in front of him and play with myself , which he was more than happy with as I looked natural and seemed to be enjoying myself.

He asked me to do whatever felt good as I lay there, as I realised he had focussed his eyes on my hand now rubbing between my pussy lips pressing my g string into me, it felt good feeling the heat and wetness coming thru my g string onto my fingertips, I glanced up to see Bert adjusting himself thru his trousers, saying he should take them off so as to be comfortable. His bearded face lit up as he said you don't mind then , I said no go for it Bert ! , he stood undoing his belt and trousers pushing them and his boxer pants down his legs ,I only expected him to take his trousers off but I was surprised to see a big hard cock the head still pushing the skin back as he stepped out of his clothing.

Bert stood there rolled his shirt up as if to display his cock to me as if seeking my approval, I was thinking it was certainly bigger than my Hubs , I watched as the dark purple head appeared as he gave it a couple of tugs , he said it still works , laughing ! Then Bert asked you feeling horny after seeing me , I must have looked a bit surprised as he said well your fingers are rubbing you lovely pussy now and you are holding the g string aside to let me see , I looked down to see he was right as I hadn't realised what I was doing.

He asked if he could take some pics of my pussy as I played and held my lips apart , I said yes he could !, as he took them saying I had a lovely body and had it all really as Hubs was certainly a fortunate man to have a wife with looks, great legs an lovely boobs and bum. He put a hand out, I expected him to touch me but he just pulled my g string down my legs as I lifted my bum and then my feet as he took it off to tell me it was all sticky with my juices and rubbed it over the head of his cock.

I watched him as he moved around me taking photos from all angles as I rubbed my pussy,, I helped him by lifting my bum up off the couch arching my back ,lifting one leg then the other easing them wider apart till my pussy was wide open on display to him . I was so damn horny now and I think Bert had realised as well as he put the camera down, knelt down and stuck his head between my legs and ran his tongue between my spread pussy lips , a aaaagh!! sound escaped from my mouth as my hands held his head down pressing his mouth and tongue into me.

I let go of his head as he moved up my body and his mouth found mine as we kissed his tongue in my mouth with me tasting my juices now as well, as I felt his cock stabbing at my pussy , teasing me with it and rubbing between my wet swollen pussy lips. I looked up at his face as he held himself above me , he grinned as he eased his big cock inside me as I made a mmmmmmm sound this time as it buried its way inside me , I thought I was glad I was wet an juicy for him as his cock filled me up.

As Bert began to lift his bum up and down fucking me he said he never thought he would be doing this to me , though he had dreamt of doing so since last Saturday when I had said I would model for him as he said he had fancied me since our first time of meeting in the shop, I told him he was a dirty old man thinking of fucking a younger woman , he teased , by saying do you want me to stop ! I quickly replied with you better not and laughed !

He asked me if it was ok for him to cum inside me, as he quickly added I wouldn't mind putting a baby in your belly though ,love ! I told him it was ok , as he said good as I want to take some photos of your pussy with my jism leaking out from it in different positions he said is that ok , I nodded and said now Fuck me !, hard and feel me up please as I am going to cum again. While Bert muttered be my pleasure as he sunk his teeth into my boobs biting them making me cry out as his thrusting began getting harder and faster , with me begging him to cum with me , he obliged like the gentleman he was , holding me to him in his muscly arms.

As Bert got off me he grabbed the camera to take some more photos telling me to turn this way and that before one final shot of me my head down, knelt with my bum in the air legs apart with a sloppy string of his jism hanging from my pussy, he said Fuck! that's a great pic , I want to remember you like that Love !!!

He has asked me to go back to see some of his sketches and a couple of paintings he has done of me and has hinted that he has a friend who could take some photos of us fucking as well , as he would love to do a painting of that and maybe one with his big cock in my mouth , also he would love to see me play with my vibrator as that would be so sexy. I said I would love to come back to see them as its not the sort of thing to bring in the shop on a Saturday, so I told him when my hubs was away again I would go back and see him, which looks like might happen in the next week or two,

Well I hope you enjoyed my story of Bert and Myself and hope to follow up with the next session if you would like to hear about it, I have also been in touch with Tom since seeing Bert and he too is very keen and keeps ringing me up to have me model for him with them both coming in to see me in the shop on the Saturdays I have been working,

Plus I have a really big thank you for your feedback as it has made me even more determined to tell you more of my fun and adventures , Sara xxxxxx