Written by Jason

26 Apr 2010

Good old Brenda...my wife for 28 years she had always been just about enough for us both to sustain a sort of low-key physical relationship. No topless sunbathing on holiday; no sexy come-ons in the bedroom; any attempt to 'talk dirty' during sex was to her a turn-off. No surprise, then, when I started getting erection problems we just sort of gave up. Viagra was prescribed, but by the time it kicked-in she was 'too tired' or just not bothered. So that was that, we muddled along more like good friends than lovers, steering our marriage boat through the waters of mild disinterest.

Then Colin changed everything. I didn't know then, but I do now, that one afternoon while I was on shift, our son Terry and his mate Colin had come back from rugby, our house being close to their ground, and had elected to use our bathroom instead of the clapped-out pavilion showers. Not realising he was still in our bathroom Brenda waltzed boldly in with dry towels, only to be confronted with a very naked, very wet, quite well-endowed Colin. In the few brief seconds before she stuttered her aplogies and fled, her sub-conscious had taken in his fit body, the hairs on his chest funneling down to re-group on his lower abdomen, and the large cock, foreskin withdrawn to reveal a handsome helmet....

And that was the making of Brenda...that erotic vision set something stirring that had lain dormant for years, if at all: She wanted Colin's body so badly; she lay awake at night thinking of him, and how she wanted him to take her....

So now our story really begins...Brenda became devious, and with both Terry and I being at work, she contrived to get Colin round to help shift our piano for some redecoration. Piano shifted, and with a boldness I could never have imagined, she then took him into the lounge and started kissing him: Her loose-fitting top was off in an instant, her push-up bra presenting him with her quite nice breasts. Some guys would have panicked, fled, or remembered an urgent appointment; not Colin: As he sank his face between her breasts his hands reached round and undid the bra, pulling it slowly off and dropping it on the floor. His hands then spent several minutes moulding and caressing her soft, well-rounded tits before he started sucking on her hardened nipples...she was already in take-off mode to ecstacy. But Colin had hardly begun.

Her skirt unzipped at the side; quickly removed, it revealed nothing more than a pair of skimpy black briefs (I had never seen before!!). With consumate skill, Colin had these off in seconds, running his hands over her plump hips to arrive at her neatly trimmed pubic hair. Getting up, he leant over to kiss her fully on the lips, tongues following; with his free hand he undid the belt and zip of his jeans, easing them down over his hips to reveal a pair of tighty-packed boxers.

As soon as he lifted his face from hers, she could see the outline of his hardened cock straining against his pants. Without a seconds hesitation, she reached over and pulled them down to his knees: The stiff cock sprang up, almost touching his belly-button, the remains of the foreskin vanishing down the length of his hardened shaft...to Brenda this was the most magnificent sight...!!

She had never liked sucking my cock; a few desultry licks and that was that-yet the eagerness with which she pulled herself down and took his purple bell-end in her mouth was amazing, sucking it slowly at first, then almost in a frenzy...Colin's head was back, his right hand was fingering the lips of her vagina, rubbing her clitoris, then disaster....Brenda's enthusiastic sucking had made Colin lose control, and with a very loud series of gasps, his semen shot into her mouth....another first, I had never had that pleasure...but even now she couldn't take it, turning her mouth away so that the next few spurts of his man-juice sprayed over her hair, shoulders and face, until the deluge dropped to a last oozing, dropping onto her left nipple as he drew back.

Unprepared, she had swallowed some of his cum; it was warm, a little salty, fairly thick, but not unpleasant: What then happened nearly blew her mind, as Colin once again bent down to kiss her, working his tongue round inside her spunk-filled mouth, then down, over her breasts, her belly-button, until she felt his tounge enter her moist vagina...she shuddered at his touch, hardly feeling his right hand working down the outside of her left thigh before pushing down between her bum-cheeks to find the lower base of her cunt, into which two fingers easily slid in.

Whilst Brenda was in some sort of hitherto unknown paradise, Colin was frustrated; his magnificent hard-on of just a few minutes ago had softened to an attractive but useless 'semi'. Idea: "Let's go upstairs..." So they adjourned to the big double-bed in our room, Colin more or less starting from scratch, working Brenda's body until she was again ripe for fucking...Colin, too, had eventually regained his hardness, tempting her mouth with it's glowing purple head, then her tits, before swinging round to a 69 so he could really work her cunt. She sucked viusly on his cock again, but second time round he knew he wouldn't cum too quickly, and was happy for her to take as much of his cock as she could.

The first penetration came as an ecstatc shock to Brenda: Turning her over onto all fours, he eased his rampant phallus straight into her very wet cunt...she cried out when it first entered her, Colin not realising she had never taken such a substantial todger, but started reacting with moans of pleasure when he entered her more slowly, the wet purple glans vanishing deep into her love-passage, until just the carpet his of pubic hair was visible....a slow movement brought on her first real orgasm...still he moved slowly in and out, the wet glans appearing briefly at her labia before plunging deep into her again.....a second orgasm left her gasping for breath as she collapsed onto the bed....easing himself out, Colin turned her gently over on her back, let her rest for a few moments...Brenda lifted her head, saw his gently bobbing but rock-hard cock with it's glistening head just above her belly...."I want to see you....fuck me!!" She carried on watching as he pushed his cock into the light-brown bush of her pubic hair, parted the wet lips, and filled her cunt with his magnificent manhood.

Another orgasm, noisy, her body writhing with the unbridled ecstacy...such was it's intensity she didn't feel him cumming, his hot sperm shooting deep into her cervix, on it's way into her now-barren womb...he carried on thrusting as long as he could before his softening penis slipped reluctantly from her still-quivering lips to deposit a small drop of residual semen on the sheet.

Brenda had become a fulfilled woman at last; I got to know of this, but said nothing. Jealous? No. I could never have served her in the way that Colin did...and perhaps still does...who knows?