Written by Jon954

17 Oct 2007

If you have follower the thread “The Bathroom” you will know how my affair with Jon started. In fact when he first came to my house three months before to discuss installing the kitchen, I had wet knees by the time he left, little did he know.

Anyway, Liz and I had to attend this conference. Its usually very boring, so I spent most of the time thinking of Jon and what I wanted to do to him, usually it entailed shagging his brains out.

Each morning he’d phone and I would enjoy some nice phone sex.

On the Thursday afternoon, Liz and I skipped off and went shopping. I wanted a new dress for the evening dance. I found this beautiful Kingfisher Blue, almost transparent halter neck and backless long dress. Liz said I had to have it. It was a bit pricey, but I did try it on. Liz came into the changing room with me to offer and opinion. I had trouble keeping my tits covered, the halter neck strips weren’t wide enough to contain them (I’m 34 FF). Liz said “Let me help” and cupped them both in her hands, and kissed each nipple in turn. This made my pussy tingle, and I felt myself getting wet. I pulled away embarrassed and said “Ok, I’ll buy it”.

That evening I squeezed into the dress, actually its only a few strips of gauze. There was no way I could wear even a thong as the back was so low my bum cleavage was starting to show, so I went commando.

At the dinner the speakers were boring as usual. Liz had arranged to sit next to me, she was wearing a hipster mini skirt, boob tube and a very pretty thong. I slipped my hand down to the waistband of her skirt and gently pulled her thong into her crack even more. She smiled at me and said “That was nice” We continued to flirt during the evening, she even fingered my clit under the table.

As the dancing got underway we went onto the dance floor and danced together, brushing against each other, my tits falling out quite often. Liz would help to push them back into my dress, just to grab a feel I think.

Eventually the slow dances started and Liz went off to the loo. Dan, who had tried to get into my knickers for the last couple of years, grabbed me for a slow dance.

When Liz came back and saw Dan with his hand down the back of my dress groping my bum, she came over to us and without a “May I” slid her hand through the side slit of my dress and shoved two fingers straight up my cunt, looked Dan in the eye and said “She’s mine”. He broke off and went away muttering “Bloody Lesbians”.

I turned and hung on to Liz, keeping my legs open so she could keep her fingers up me. I pushed down onto her hand as she took one of my tits in her mouth and sucked, the other was also on full display. All the other couples around just stood and watched. I didn’t care, it was fantastic!

When my orgasm came I just exploded and sank to the floor. Those watching applauded in appreciation of the show.

Liz helped me to my feet and guided me to the lifts and my room.

When we got there it was my turn to pleasure Liz. I pushed her onto the bed and pulled up her skirt intending to remove her thong but she had already taken it off in the toilets earlier. So I just sank my face into her smooth wet pussy and sucked her to three orgasms.

We continued to shag all night long, only falling asleep just before Jon phoned.

Jon was a little surprised to hear Liz answer the phone, but too surprised to hear that she had spent the night with me, as he knew I had enjoyed a couple of girl on girl episodes.

As instructed I opened the parcel he’d given me. There was a letter instructing me to wear the enclosed and nothing else but a coat until I got home. I opened the present and there was this beautiful delicate pearl thong, very expensive looking.

There was no way I was going to wear just that and a coat home. I’d be arrested.

With Liz’s tongue on my pussy and Jon insistence on the phone I finally agreed.

As it was about time to get up I went for a shower and a pussy shave, while Liz grabbed her things and walked, stark naked, down the corridor to her room.

As instructed I put on the pearl thong, stilettos and my rain coat, and went down to breakfast. Liz was already there and gave me a knowing smile and asked if I was. I let her have a feel under the table to prove it. “Good Girl” she said.

It was very difficult during breakfast, my coat is just a wrap over with only a belt tie, so it kept opening, exposing my books to all.

After breakfast it was back to our rooms to pack and checkout. All this walking and the thought of being almost nude made my clit tingle. I was having trouble containing myself.

In the taxi to the airport Liz undid my coat and started playing with my tits and tickling my ultra sensitive pussy. The driver kept glancing over his shoulder to see what was going on and adjusted his rear view mirror to get a better look.

I had just about recovered from my second orgasm as we arrived at the airport. We tried to pay the driver but he said that he had already been paid. I hugged him in appreciation and allowed him a quick fondle of my tits.

Walking around the airport was very difficult, every hundred yards I would have to stop as the pearls gave me an orgasm. Liz kept giggling at me as each one came over me.

The flight home was quite empty being a mid day one, so Liz and I grabbed the seats right at the back so as to be on our own. I loosened my coat, which allowed Liz access to me again, but it was my turn to give her some fun.

She was wearing a wrap round skirt and a tee shirt. I undid the tie to the skirt so I could play with her cunt. She had left her thong off again so it was very easy to get three fingers up her and to play with her G spot. She has a very sensitive one about 2 ½ “ up with little ribs which when rubbed send her crazy. So for the 1½ hr flight she was cumming all the time. So much so that the stewardess came down and asked if she was ok. As she couldn’t speak I said she was fine.

As we landed I got a txt from Jon, he wasn’t going to pick us up as planned, he had a problem on a job, but would come over as soon as possible. So it was another taxi ride. Luckily it was quite a short run to my house, as I wanted to save something for when Jon arrived.

When I got in, still as horny as hell, I started planning a Thank You for my present. I decided it would be my thigh high leather boots, and a good arse fucking, which Jon was keen to try, with my 2” dia vibrator up me at the same time. You have probably read Jon’s account of that so I wont repeat it here.