Written by Too Hot

30 Aug 2007

We had arrived in Cap d’Agde less than two hours ago and already we were approaching the renowned Swinger section of the long, long Cap d’Agde beach. We hadn’t really bothered unpacking just stripped off, showered and headed off through the naked city in the direction of the beach.

Just the walk to the beach was a turn on after a year of rain and grey skies in England. We walked hand in hand almost skipping with excitement and anticipation, just dying to know if the beach really would live up to expectations.

There was quite a walk from the holiday apartments up to the swingers section but as soon as we had passed the restaurant and lifeguard station we could tell we were approaching something special as the beach was simply packed solid with naked people. From the sea shore to the dunes at the back there was a stretch of around 400 metres where almost every available piece of sand had a towel on it and there was definitely a real sexual edge to the atmosphere.

We dropped our towels in the only bit of space we could find and started to cream up very, very aware that we were being watched by most of the people around us. As we looked around we could see that this was no normal nude beach, there was plenty of caresses and public displays of affection – breasts were being massaged, cocks were being rubbed and cocks were being sucked – very, very openly. It was an incredibly sexy scene to be a part of and yet the so called ‘Sex Police’ we had heard so much about - were nowhere to be seen.

Just next to us were a thirty-something couple who had spent all the time we had been sorting ourselves out touching and stroking each other in a very intimate and tactile way. He then just turned himself around on the towel and went between her legs to continue his caresses orally whilst he semi aroused cock was presented to her. A very slow, erotic and sensual 69 performance followed, less than one metre from us and in the open air, in the middle of the day on a beach with thousands of people on it. It was a huge turn on and cocks all around started to stiffen as the sun worshipping audience watched this beautiful performance and appreciated it. My own cock had been hard from the moment we lay down and Kath had been stroking and rubbing it and she now decided to suck me as we both watched the beautiful 69 performance right next to us. I asked Kath not to use her hands whilst she sucked because I was already on the brink – I mean who wouldn’t be?? There we were on a packed beach in broad daylight and I was having a deliciously wet blow job with hundreds of people looking on. I started to panic a little as I felt the tingling of my approaching orgasm and tried to stop Kath but she was having none of it. She pushed me down hard on my back and lay down between my legs to continue sucking on my overly excited cock. She is a wonderful sucker and has a very special ‘hands free’ technique which she started there and then on the beach. Lots of saliva and long deep stokes up and down – banging into the back of her throat and out again. I frantically looked around, but life continued in a very normal way on this abnormal beach and no one else really cared. I was going to cum and there was no stopping now, Kath sensed my predicament and became hungrier and noisier as she slurped and feasted on my cock milking and sucking on me unto I could hold out no longer and exploded uncontrollably deep into her mouth and throat. She noisily accepted my cum and made sure that remnants were left on her face and dripping from her chin when she eventually came up for air.

We both needed a quick dip in the sea to clean up and as we left our towels we noticed that this kind of activity was going on all over the beach sometimes just couples and sometimes couples with an audience of single male ‘watchers.’ It was a sensational start to the holiday but yet more was just minutes away …………

As we cleaned up in the sea my cock was still hard, it happens like that sometimes after a really soft and sensual blow job. Kath saw that I was still hard and jumped on me in the sea, she was clearly turned on by the sexiness of the scene we had found ourselves in and she pulled my hand between her legs – she was soaking and her clit was engorged.

‘I am so turned on’ she said, ‘please stick it in me.’

I pulled her towards me and using the buoyancy afforded by the sea she straddled me in the shallow water and I slipped inside her – once again stiff, excited and hot. We allowed the sea to gently rock us to begin with but then our needs became more urgent as Kath ground her pussy into my pelvic bone to rub her clitoris. Our water activities had attracted more attention and soon we were surrounded by a few people looking on and a couple of single guys, cocks in hand moving towards us. Kath saw the guys and beckoned them over towards us – they didn’t need asking twice.

Picture this – I am kind of kneeling on the sea bed in the shallows and Katch is facing and straddling me, sat on my cock; the guys move up either side and she takes their cocks – one in each hand and starts to wank them as she grinds herself on my cock. It was quite difficult to stay balanced in the waves and gradually we guys locked our arms and legs together around Kath which brought them even closer and I let her lean back wards so that they could support her. This position brought their cocks into close proximity to Kath’s face and without a second thought she leaned to the left and started to deep throat one of the cocks whilst still wanking the other. This was all getting very, very hot again and I could tell that Kath was starting to lose it, she switched her attention to the other guy and managed to wank and deep throat him as he had a really large cock. The two guys were also getting hot and I could tell from the urgency in the faces that they wanted, and intended to cum, very soon.

Watching all this action from my position was more than just horny – it was red hot. My woman feasting on cocks, in the ocean in the middle of the day, and at the same time grinding herself into me madly intent on her own orgasm.

I was going to cum again, I could feel it building inside me and I made sure that the two guys know it too. They knew it would be all over when I had cum so they both started to wank furiously as I was slamming into Kath and she started moaning and screaming as she felt the heat of three guys about to cum on her and in her. I don’t know who came first and I suppose it would be good for the story to say we all came together – unfortunately, it didn’t happen like that - but close enough. Kath started first as she bucked against me and that immediately brought me off, followed seconds later by a spurt of cum across her breasts and then the other (bigger guy) announced:

‘J’Arrivee’ and also shot across her breasts in milky white jets.

Then it was over.

Kath and I swam away and giggled like crazy teenagers as the two guys disappeared towards the shoreline and the crowd started to dissolve away in search of more horny action.

We eventually headed back to our towels, tired and certainly satisfied but all around us the sexy stuff had continued. Moans, groans and sighs of sexual pleasure were all around us and this was to be the pattern for virtually every day of our two week holiday on that beach – apart from the day when we really went for it and got a big round of applause from the gathered watchers – but that is another story.

This was only the first hours of the first day of a two week holiday and I can tell you an awful lot more about the rest of the holiday like the cloudy day we went for a sauna and ended up in an orgy with a very kinky bisexual German couple. Not to mention the very public arse fuck in the outside area of La Glamour and the threesome we had with a very naughty biker that Kath seduced – At TEN O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING.

But those are for another day.