Written by richasit

6 Nov 2015

This is a true story about a new experience my partner and I had this week which we thought we would share with you all albeit it is slightly tame by some of the standards on here. Ironically it involved our purchase of a new bed that has since opened up some exciting sexual possibilities in the BDSM field hitherto unknown or untried by us. Our sexual development together over the years has seen us introduce the standard range of toys, nice sexy outfits and photography but beyond these areas we have not evolved into anything major in experimentation such as swinging and/or 3somes. On the basis of this we still have got a long way to run so watch this space!

About us, we are a young, middle aged, couple who have been together for a number of years and still enjoy a good sexual relationship as often as time will allow. I should explain that X is very attractive with a superb body and alluringly shy but certainly not a prude. She gets lovely and wet and creamy quite quickly and on occasions I can make her gush all of which always gets me seriously turned on. We had recently returned from a wonderful holiday where time was unrushed, the sun teased the body, sex was plentiful and our state of mind was totally in the zone unlike the routine of the daily "grind".

As is normal I am always looking to try new things that might add spice and interest to our everyday fun rekindling the excitement similar to our usual holiday "activity". This is where the bed story starts. We ordered a new bed of the wrought iron type without fully realising its sexual potential until it was delivered and in situ. The first thing that struck me was it had endless possibilities for tying X up and trying some bondage that we had not explored before. The thought of having X tied spread-eagled on the bed in skimpy underwear (open crutch knickers, peep hole bra and sexy black camisole) with a blindfold on under my full control gave me an instant hard on so I was anxious to take advantage at the earliest opportunity. I chatted to X about these thoughts, Googled the subject for more ideas and she seemed as keen as me to try the possibilities. My thoughts centred on taking full advantage of her as she was bound and blindfolded suggesting she might like a big cock to fuck her while using a large dildo on her pussy and getting her to suck my cock. I was sure this would not only get her very wet and creamy but also hot for whatever else I wanted to do. I sorted out all the appropriate toys (the very large black dildo, a butt plug and some KY) and got her ready for the pleasures to come tying her by hands and ankles to the four corners of the bedstead and applying the blindfold. I was certain that this would create the right ambience and allow X to fantasise about whatever she wanted without being distracted whether it was for another cock/pussy or to just concentrate on my ministrations. By now my mind was certainly working overtime at the wonderful sight before my eyes and the photographic opportunities to come.

I gave her my cock to suck and suggested she might like to feel somebody else`s large cock and fingers exploring her gash as I caressed her body, lightly brushing over her clit which all had the desired effect of making her very wet and her pussy open ready for action. I continued this stimulation as well as inserting the butt plug into her gorgeous arse but resisting her calls for me to fuck her although I was sorely tempted. I knew if I did I would come too quickly and spoil what was great sex. However teasing her open hole by inserting an inch or two of the big dildo soon had her thrusting her hips towards the toy trying to get full penetration inside by what was now her dripping hole. I put her out of her noisy misery and started hard fucking her with the dildo and filling her mouth with my own cock which was enough to bring her a massive orgasm. Instead of stopping I continued and on her request wanked myself over her body as she came once more (the best picture ever). This was so exciting I still get hard thinking about it now and viewing "my snaps" of the whole experience are a constant source of pleasure. For now that is how we finished but we are both raring to repeat the exercise and we can recommend the experience to any of you that have not tried it. One word describes it. WOW!