25 Sep 2019

A few years ago, I suggested to my wife Bee, that we should have a date night to introduce a bit of excitement into our otherwise routine lives. Bee was 55, very fit size10 with a lovely bum and 34DD boobs. I booked into a hotel and told her that she should check in and I would meet her there after work when we could have dinner. I aimed to be there for about 7 o’clock and told her I would meet her in the bar.

“The best laid plans” etc etc, In the event and due to the nature of my work, I had to text my wife to tell her I was running late and would be there ASAP. She told me not to rush and she would meet me in the bar when I arrived.

I finally got away from work just before 8 o’clock and it was a good 40 minute run to the hotel so I hoped Bee wouldn’t be annoyed.

I found her on a bar stool at the end of the bar laughing and seemingly having a great time with some guy in his forties. Bee was dressed in a tight fitting, low cut top which really showed off her cleavage and he almost had his head inside it. I introduced myself and Bee introduced me to Hal who was staying over on business. I asked Bee if she wanted to go through and eat but she said she had lost her appetite so I suggested we go for a walk. I just wanted to break away from this guy, so we went out into the car park and I steered Bee towards the car and said I had a surprise for her. I drove down the road to a local country park (Ashley Heath in Dorset) and parked up. Then I produced a dress which my wife often wears when we have sex. It is very tight and is worn with nothing underneath. I got Bee to change into it hoping that someone would come past but they didn’t so we walked across to some picnic tables and I lit the joint. Bee was very drunk so I nipped back to the car to pick up a bag and then, after sitting around for half-an-hour and playing with her, I suggested we take a stroll around the park.

It was quite dark but there was sufficient moonlight to see where we were going and we strolled slowly around the park, arm in arm with Bee using me for support.

It was the cigarette that gave him away. One long draw lit up his face and I could see that Hal was about 20 yards away sitting on a picnic table. How he came to be there I don’t know, but I leaned down to Bee’s ear and told her that he was there. Let’s go and say hello, she said and off she went with a skip in her step. He saw us when we were just a few yards away and he seemed quite surprised so he obviously hadn’t followed us.

The dress Bee was wearing was cut about an inch or two above the nipple and Hal’s eyes immediately locked on and he complemented her on her stunning dress. It was also really short and barely covered the cheeks of her bum. He asked us what we were doing and I said that we could ask the same of him. He said that he always came over here when he stayed because it was a popular spot for dogging and he had come over hoping for some action. I explained that we were just taking a stroll before returning to the hotel and he invited us to sit with him while he finished his smoke and he would walk back with us. Bee sat up on the table and immediately flashed her pussy as the dress rode up, she was unaware and I didn’t say anything and neither did Hal but when Bee laid back baring her pussy completely, I nuzzled into her neck and whispered that Hal could see her pussy. She just said mmmmmmmmmmm I don’t care it feels nice with the air blowing over it. Hal asked me what I had in the bag as it had fallen open and a length of rope had fallen out. I explained that I had intended to tie Bee to a table because she liked to be tied up and played with. Hal said, come on then and grabbed a rope, he looped it over her ankle and tied it to the table leg and then grabbed the other foot pulling her legs apart as he did so and tied her other leg. I guess we were committed now so I tied Bees arms and told her that the siurprise had now changed. Hal was straight in with a finger in her pussy and his tongue licking away for all he was worth up and down her pussy lips. I was hard as a rock watching Bee lift her hips to meet his tongue and I went to where her hands were resting over the table and thrust my dick into her hands. At the same time I freed her boobs from the dress and started tweaking her nipples. Hal noticed that they were free and commented on what lovely tits they were and that he was going to cum all over them. He had his dick out and moved round to where Bee could get a grip with her other hand. Leaning across her he could still reach her pussy and continued to run his finger between her labia and over her clit, her juices flowing freely, glistened on his fingers. Bee asked me to untie her hands but I was reluctant to do so because I was enjoying the control so I started kissing her, thrusting my tongue deep into her mouth, holding her head between my hands and loving what we were doing.

Quite suddenly I was aware of someone watching us. He was old, grey haired and quite small, skinny even and he was lurking in the shadows not able to see a great deal from where he was standing. I wasn’t sure whether Bee would welcome another so I told her that someone was watching us. She just said that she didn’t care so I beckoned him over and he was quick to get to the business end of the table. He immediately got his tongue working on Bee’s pussy and dropped his trousers, probably thinking that all his birthdays had come at once. “Fuck me” I said as his dick sprang free. It was big, much bigger than mine and Hal’s and looked like some sort of mutant appendage on his small frame. He was trying to get into a position where he could get his dick in Bee’s pussy but she was too far up the table and anyway he wasn’t tall enough.

Bee asked again for me to free her hands so I gave in and untied them. She hadn’t seen the old guy yet and I hoped she wouldn’t freak out but she only wanted her hands free to get a better grip on Hal. She was pumping away and he was looking close. The old guy was back at her pussy lapping away and she looked down and watched his head bobbing up and down but she didn’t freak out. She sat up and her tits swung free and Hal got up onto the table and started fondling them again, weighing them in his hands while Bee continued to jerk him off. Suddenly he erupted, spraying her tits and face and neck with his cum. This started Bee off and she grabbed the old mans head and pulled it into her pussy at the same time shifting down the table. I was still wanking for all I was worth although nobody seemed to notice. The old man broke free and pulled away and Bee noticed his dick for the first time. She lunged for it but I held her back as her legs were still tied. And she would have fallen. I untied the ropes and let her go and she shifted down so that she was standing on the ground and wrapped 2 hands around his dick. Hal was behind her fondling her tits and he leant in to her and whispered something in her ear. She turned around and bent over the table, presenting her pussy to the old man, her tits swinging freely and her mouth wrapped around Hal who was obviously getting a second wind. The old man needed no second invitation and buried his dick into Bee’s pussy. She started rocking back and forth on it while Hal played with her tits and the old man grabbed her hair. Bee started moaning and getting loud, her tits were banging against each other, which I love, and her mouth was working up and down on a now fully recovered Hal. I was struggling to hold on as I wanted to shoot my load in Bee’s pussy and I was too old to get to go again like Hal, so I sat back and watched for a while until the old man shot his load. It was more of a phut than an orgasm and he quickly zipped up and wandered off. I don’t think he’d said a word from start to finish.

I was quick to replace him, feeling his cum ooze out of Bee as I thrust up inside her. I didn’t last long and my cum soon joined the old man’s. I could hear voices coming towards us so I told Bee to make herself decent and I packed up the ropes, then I lead Bee off in the opposite direction to the voices and asked Hal to slow them down while we got away. We walked back to the car, cum dripping down Bee’s legs and I drove back to the hotel. Thankfully the night had not gone how I had planned and my only regret was that I had not thought to get my phone out and film some of it.