Written by mattyboy34

6 Aug 2013

Best night

Having slept with a few women now I was thinking back to my best experience so thought it was now time to write about it and see what you think.

About 3 years ago I met a girl called jo while I was at work. At the time I was seeing someone and thought it would last but I didn't realise at the time how naive I was. While I was working I popped into a health centre I delivered to on a regular basis and got talking to staff there. Whilst in there I noticed jo walk past and smile at me which came as a shock as I was usually the one smiling at women and not getting a smile back.  

Jo was around 5ft 8 shoulder length brown hair aged in her early 20s athletic looking with huge breasts. She was wearing a tight polo top at the time and there wasn't much room left in it. She was pale in complexion with pale freckles .

A few months went past and in that time I split up with my girlfriend but jo always was on my mind. Many times whilst having sex with my ex I thought of jo and wanked over the thought of her breasts enough times to lose count.

Weeks and months went past after my relationship ended and I hit a bit of dry patch. As some of us lads do we then resort to previous conquests or anyone who showed us interest. Whilst working again I popped into the health centre with no intention of work, I was going in with the intention of getting jos number. After having a drink with the lad on reception, I brought up the issue of jo, at that time I didn't know her name so described her to the lad behind the counter and straight away he knew who I was talking at based on the size of her breasts. It was then the lad told me she was a bit of a slag but was also single. Being a good lad he offered to bring up the fact that I had been asking about her when he saw her again and would get her number.  

I left the place thinking I was guaranteed a shag soon. A couple of weeks went past after that and I hadn't heard anything. I got home one night and logged onto my facebook noticing I had a friend request. I was hoping it was going to be jo or another fit girl I had got to know but so many times in the past it was some moron I had been to school with, but to my surprise it was jo. 

My cock started twitching thinking about her tits so I quickly accepted her request and dived straight to the photo album looking for some holiday photos especially of her in the bikini.  To my disappointment they were lacking bikini shots but still confirmed she was fit and had a huge pair to offer. I dropped her a message at the same time saying the usual hello, how you doing etc. During the next couple of hours we exchanged a few messages and then she asked if I fancied going out for a drink.  Needless to say I said yes and we arranged to go out the following night.

The night couldn't come round quick enough I dug my best clothes out, aftershave on and I was good to go. I arranged to pick her up at her mums house at 730. 

Not wanting to be late I set off early as I couldn’t wait to get started working my charm on her.  At the time I had a really nice fast car which I knew would work in my favour and be an instant panty wetter. I pulled up in the car all shiny and clean and gave her a text saying I was outside.

I saw the door open and jo left the house and walked towards the car with a sexy smile on her face. It was November at the time but was still pretty warm for that time of year.  Lucky for me it was as she was wearing some knee high horse riding boots, black tights, a blue denim skirt and a black strappy top which was suffering under the weight of what was behind it.

She made a few comments about the car as we drove to the pub and I made sure to over rev it as we went there.  We got to the pub close to her house and went in. As we got into the pub I was finally able to get a look at her close up and I was very very happy. She was a swimmer so she had a fantastic body and because her tits were so big her top was thin and her bra was clearly visible. As well as this her cleavage was out and as she sat opposite me all I could image was lifting that skirt up as well as slapping my cock in between her tits.  The night went well and after a lot of flirting from both of us I took her home as they were closing the pub.  We drove back to her house and parked outside. As you do the engine was turned off and then we started to kiss. As we kissed I moved my hand round from her side and ran it up onto her left breast.  After a few minutes of coping a feel and her running her hand up my thigh she said she had to go as she had to be up early for work but she would be in touch. She left the car with a smile and left me with a hard on that would take her eye out.

I drove home with a smile on my face and felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and I knew it would be her. I got home and got into bed and looked at the message.  It was from jo saying how she had a great night etc etc and how she would have liked me to be in her bed with her as well as how she could feel my huge cock in my trousers. After exchanging some sex texts which resulted in me masturbating and producing more spunk than I had ever done I went to sleep knowing sex with jo was a guarantee.

The next morning I woke up and had a couple of misses text messages. One was from jo again thanking me and asking me if I would like to come to her birthday party the following weekend. I obviously said yes as I was free and was looking forward to a good time.

The Saturday night came round and I arrived at her mums house for her birthday. As I went in I was introduced to her mum, her sister who was pretty fit too and some of her family and friends. I was surprised how decent her family was as I expected them to be rough and common.  The house was tidy and her mum was a teacher so thought I'd better up my game and jo might not be as easier as I thought.

The night was pretty good, I had a few drinks and jo looked sexy as fuck. She was wearing a short blue dress and black high heels.  All night she kept smiling and giving me the eye so I couldn't wait for her family and friends to leave to have her to myself.  As the night went on I brought up the subject of me staying over.  She said don't worry about it ill ask my mum.  She went away and spoke to her mum and said that I lived far away and the taxi would cost a bomb. Jo came back and said it was OK although her mum wasn't very happy about it but never the less I knew that it was me, jo and a room to ourselves. 

The night started to quiet down and people began to leave. It just ended up being me jo and her mum all having a chat. I think her mum liked me and I made a good impression and as she went up to bed she said it was nice to meet me and have a good night and see you soon. 

This left me and jo in the living room kissing and her ramming her tongue down my throat. At this point I thought I could get away with anything so out of the blue I just unzipped my jeans moved my boxer shorts aside and pulled my cock out.  Jo s eyes popped out of her head.

Fortunately I'm not a bad looking lad, I'm tall medium build, tanned with brown hair. Being tall I was born with an above average sized cock. It was about 7-8 inches, veiny, thick with a big bell end and because it was a while since I'd had sex it was rock hard. Jo was speechless but leaned over and with her right hand she began to wank it hard. I just sat there enjoying every moment thinking how good life was.

After a few minutes I want to rip her clothes off so I suggested we went up stairs to her bedroom and jo agreed. We went up stairs and I pushed her onto her bed. Because everyone was asleep I walked up stairs and jo pulled me up by my cock, I knew she was going to be wild. The bedroom door was shut and I took the rest of me clothes off and got onto the bed beside her.

I then told jo to stand up at the end of the bed I sat at the end of the bed with my legs apart. She stood in between me and I spun her round. Her dressed was zipped from the back. I slowly unzipped the dress from the top of her back to the top of her arse.  It then dropped to the floor to reveal a think black thong and her arse cheeks in face because I could I bit her arse causing her to scream with pleasure.  I then turned her around and was greeted by the holy grail, those big beautiful bouncing tits secured behind a bra which I felt sorry for. I asked her how big her breast were and she said they were 34ff. I then unclipped her bra and threw it across the room. Her breasts made my cock pulsate, the best I had ever seen. Her nipples were big and erect. She was totally naked and as I looked down her body I realised how small her black thong was. There was hardly any material at the front. I started to kiss her chest and kissed from her belly button down to her thong. I then used my teeth and pulled the thong away from her body. I almost came straight away. Her pussy was bald as bald could be and using my teeth I pulled her thong all the way to the floor down her long swimmers legs. 

I then returned to her pussy and with her stood right in front of me I just began to lick at her clit. She looked down at me and I looked up at her and she said, your fucking naughty. I told her you haven't seen anything yet.

I pushed her back onto the bed and was in between her legs I began to kiss all the way up and down her left leg from her toes right up to her inner thigh. Jo laid there smiling with her back arched. As I got in between her legs her bald pussy was looking juicy. I ram my face over it and breathed warm air causing her to moan as I teased her. 

I thought I would wait abit before I gave that pussy some attention. I then began to kiss and suck on her nicely maintained toes.  I thought to myself at that time maybe because I was drunk but I could do anything to this slut right now. As I was doing this jo started to stroke my cock and reached forward with her left hand rubbing up and down my shaft slowly. 

Now at this point I was thinking do I but a condom on or not, due to my drunk state I pulled away from her feet and got in between her legs.  I looked at her in the eye and said I am going to fuck you hard right now.  I then stroked my cock up and down the outside of her pussy from the clit to the base. I could feel how wet and turned on she was, as I pulled my cock about an inch away from her pussy there was a string of pussy juice from her to my bell end. I then slid my cock deep inside her feeling her pussy wall tighten around my cock, damn it felt good. As I did this she arched her back and moaned in pleasure I was in heaven. I fucked her hard rolling both her legs to one side and fucked her making her pussy tight. Her white arse looked firm and peachy but thought fucking that probable tight arsehole on the first time was a little bit far (that's for my next story).

After minutes of moaning and her body tightening and shaking I felt her pussy relax and a warm feeling around my cock, her body relaxed and she smiled up at me and for some reason at that pointed she thanked me, I told her the pleasure was all mine and its not over yet.

I let her regroup for a minute and the reason for me writing this story and having many fantasies about jo since we split up was yet to come.

Jo lay by the side of my slowly wanking my cock commenting on how veiny it was and why was it so red. At that she sat up and lifted her left leg over me and sat on top of me, I reached around behind her arse and positioned my cock so she could slid right on to it. It was then that she teased my bell end knowing that I wanted to feel it deep inside her, she did this a number of times and when I least expected it she sat on me all the way down to my balls. As I looked up at her face her eyes rolled back up towards the top of her head in pleasure. The way she did this was fucking amazing she looked like she had fainted but it was pleasure. The more I kept thrusting my cock inside her it caused her eyes to roll back inside her head.  No only that but I had the most perfect pair of tits and hard nipples right in my face. I then buried my head in between her cleavage, pulled her close and began to fuck her fast and hard. 

I couldn't stop thrusting her hard seeing her eyes, this caused me to feel like I was going to blow my load, my cock started to twitch and I had reached the point of no return. I just managed to get her off in time before bang, I shot my load which hit her on the chest as she got off me. I produced more cum that night than in about ten wanks.

Jo laid back on the bed with a smile on her face and began to wipe the cum from her chest with a tissues she commented on how amazing that was and we should make this a regular thing.

This is my first true and honest story so feedback and comments would be welcome, there will be more to cum.