Written by Gary

2 Oct 2019

Hi All.

I have had the best summer yet; let me tell you all about it.

I have spent all of the school summer holidays fucking my wife’s brother’s girlfriend, she’s a teacher.

It all started when they moved into a house together and asked me to do some work for them, as I’m a self-employed builder. I told them I could spare one day a week if they paid for materials.

Sally (the girlfriend), and Tony the (wife’s younger brother) have been going out with each other since they she was 14 and he was 15, that’s 12 years ago. This is the first house they have shared together.

I have known Tony since I first got with Eloise (that’s the wife) 15 years ago, and Sally 12 years ago when her and Tony got together. The 4 of us have spent a lot of time together, and get on great.

I’ve seen Sally blossom from a girl to a very sexy woman. She bears a striking resemblance to the tennis player Anna Ivanovic (don’t know her, Google her) but Sally is shorter she’s 5’ and has bigger tits, a very nice 34D.

I’ve always fancied her, and I’ve had a sneaky feeling she fancies me too, as we both quite flirty with each other, and have some good banter, I call her the tease and she calls me dirty old man.(I’m 35) Last week it was my Birthday, we were out as a foursome and while Eloise was in the toilets and Tony was at the bar getting a round in, I asked her for my Birthday kiss and she responded, we had a kiss and she put her tongue in my mouth, I told her she’d get what’s coming, she smiled and said promises promises. That night when I was fucking Eloise I was thinking of Sally.

I was sure Sally felt the same way as me, and by being alone with her all day I’d have a good chance of getting her into bed.

Anyway getting on with the story.

I called turned up on the first day at 7am Tony let me in, we went into the kitchen, Sally was in her dressing gown with a coffee, she got up and made me one, and then Tony left for work. After she drank it, she went upstairs for a shower; I was busy in the kitchen measuring up for the new units.

After 15 minutes Sally appeared in the kitchen doorway with a towel wrapped around her and drying her hair with another, I looked up and said, you’re a sight for sore eyes, she laughed, then said you’re a bit scruffy, but not too bad yourself, for a dirty old man, she came into the kitchen and sat with her legs slightly apart on a stool in front of me, I was kneeling on the floor, only a couple of feet away from her as I looked up I could see her shaved pussy, she tossed back her hair in a provocative way. I said to her you really are a little prick teaser, I’ve warned you you’ll get what’s coming to you. I stood up in front of her, she put her hand on my stomach, and said WELL do you want to give me what I’ve got coming and finish that Birthday kiss, and I’ll give you your present, we started to kiss very passionately, franticly she pulled my tee shirt up over my head and I undone my jeans, she put her hands either side and slipped them off, then pulled down my pants, I had an erection, she took a deep breath as it popped out of my pants, she said wow, now I’m not saying I have a big cock or anything it’s 8” and 7” girth, I know Tony only has a small cock, 2 or 3”max and not much girth. I saw it once in the men’s toilets.

I pulled the towel away revealing her very shapely body, perfect tits and shaved pussy. I picked Sally up and put her on the table then I slipped in a finger she was already wet; I played with her clit and sucked on her very hard nipples, caressing her firm tits. Sally was now breathing very heavily,she whispered I’m on the pill so don’t worry, the she yelled FUCK me FUCK me, I eased my throbbing cock inside her tight pussy, and she winced a little as I entered her. I slowly started to fuck her, she put her arms around my body and dug in her finger nails into my back, I was fucking her a little harder and then harder as I eased t a little more of my cock inside her, she whimpered a little then said fuck me deeper, I pushed it all in she said oh fucking hell, it’s so big, then after a minute or so she screamed oh fucking hell I’m coming I’m coming, I was now so excited I was ready to cum so I pulled out my cock and shot my spunk over her belly. I didn’t want to cum inside her as I had plans to lick her pussy later.

We never spoke for a minute or two then Sally let out an uncontrollable laugh, what the fuck have we just done she said.

I said it was invertible, sooner or later it was always going to happen, I’ve fancied you for years.

Then Sally admitted she fancied me the first time we met. I really would have been a dirty old man then, I told her. Yes but I wouldn’t have let you do anything until I was 16 she said.

What happens now she said? Well we could go upstairs and you can give me my Birthday Prezi.

We had a cup of coffee the we both got up and went to her bedroom, we lay on the bed and I started to kiss her all over her body, I started at her neck and gently moved my way down her body kissing every part until I came to her pussy I then started to kiss and suck her clit, she was breathing heavily, I turned around so Sally could take my cock in her mouth, she really went to town on it licking it all over and sucking the head. Before long she was coming again this time in my mouth, after she came she carried on until I came, she swallowed it all. I told she was a dirty little girl but not a tease; she laughed and said you’re still a dirty old man.

I did manage to finish off all the work in their house but as Tony remarked he’s glad he wasn’t paying hourly rates. Little did he know I was fucking Sally every time I called in, we’d fuck at least 2 or 3 times. We haven’t fucked since the house was finished, but we were out last weekend and disappeared into the ladies toilets were we kissed and fondled each other, neither of them suspected a thing.

I’m sure this not the last, Sally will find more jobs that need doing.

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