27 Dec 2016

I posted a story earlier about my first encounter with a stranger while vacationing in Hawaii with my husband. Before I explain about the second encounter, I have to say that I live near Clevleland, Ohio. I'm posting stories on this site because my friend, Michelle, knows about SH and thought it would be a good place to post my stories. She's the only one that knows about these meetings, other than my husband. He knows about all except the first two. I know it's a swinging site, but I'm not in the Uk and also, I prefer spontaneous encounters rather than scheduled meetings. I still hope it's okay to post stories here.

A few months had passed since I'd been fucked by those two young men in Hawaii. I was unable to get that experience out of my mind and I was always looking for opportunities to fuck another stranger. I had a lot of guilty feelings but the thought of hot sex was taking control. I was out with my girlfriends at a bar. We were having a great time, getting a little drunk and laughing and probably being loud. There was one man, about 30, and quite obese who was sitting at the bar. He kept staring at our table. At one point he approached our table and asked my friend Amanda if she wanted to dance. Amanda has shoulder length dark brown hair and is very pretty. She smiled her pretty smile and declined his offer. He grumbled someting under his breath and walked away. About 30 minutes later he returned with the same request. This time when Amanda told him "no" he was mad and said, "Fuck you bitch!" and stormed off.

It was almost closing time and the five of us decided to leave. I had to stop in the bathroom. When I came out my friends, who I thought were going to wait for me, were gone. I walked out to my car which was parked in the back parking lot of the bar. As I got my keys out I heard, "Hey!" It was the large guy from the bar. I quickly said "Hi" and grabbed for the door handle. I don't know how he got to me so fast but he was there in an instant and he put his hand over mine. "My friend already left," I said. "That's okay," he said, "you'll do." He pushed me face first against the car. His belly shoved up against my back. He put his right hand over my mouth. I started to scream but then I didn't. He pushed his hips forward and I could feel his hardenss gyrating against my ass through my short dress. It felt very hard. And very big. I knew this was my chance.

I took a deep breath and reached back with my left hand and grabbed his cock. "You want it, don't you bitch?" he said. "Yes. I want it."

That was all he needed to hear. He took me to the front of my car and pushed me face down onto the hood. I felt his hands roughly pull my dress up and my panties off. He kicked my legs apart. I heard his zipper unzip and heard him unbuckle his pants. Then I felt him rubbing the tip of his cock over my pussy lips. "Wait,' he said. He spun me around and pushed me onto my knees, scraping them on the ground. He started to yank and pull on my nipples through my dress. Then he grabbed my head and shoved his cock toward my face. The parking lot was not very lit up at that spot, but it was enough for me to see his hard, uncircumsized cock right in front of my face. It was very thick and hard. I opened my mouth as wide as I could He rammed at least half of it in. I gagged and he pulled out. He slapped my face with it. I kept my mouth open and he shoved it in again. I tried to swirl my tongue around it but it was too big in my mouth. He fucked my mouth, grunting and calling me names.

He pulled me up and turned me around again. By now I was soaking wet. He didn't hesitate and shoved his large cock into me. I remember I screamed, "Oh my god!' He put his hand over my mouth and said, "Not so loud, bitch." He pounded me with a very nice rhythm. I kept my mouth closed and tried to control my moaning. Soon I had a fantastic orgasm. My legs were shaky and weak. He was grabbing me by my hips and he continued to fuck me without stopping. Just as I was cumming again he exploded inside me. He kept his cock in me for several minutes before yanking it out.

As soon as he pulled out I felt his cum running down my legs. "Now, be a nice girl and tell your girlfriend what she missed out on." I was still bent over the hood of my car with my dress up, exposing my ass. He slapped my ass a few times, really hard, before pulling up his pants and leaving. I got myself together as fast as I could.

When I got home Dan was asleep. I got into the shower and when I got to bed Dan awakened and said, "Why did you shower?"

"It was really hot in the bar and I was sweating. I feel better now." He had no idea just how much better I did feel.

Since then, my feelings of guilt have gotten to me. I knew I couldn't keep doing this behind his back but I didn't want to stop, either. So after months of preparing him with pillow talk about fantasies that many couples do, I let him know that my fantasy was to pick up a stranger and fuck him. I explained to Dan that a threesome with a stranger, me, and Dan would be great. As it turned out, Dan was okay with it, but he's decided to just be an observer instead of participating.

The last couple of years I've picked up strangers and had sex with them, usually on vacation and mostly with my husband watching. It seems to make everyone happy.

I know I am.