Written by Robert

16 Jul 2010

My girlfriends job is about eighty miles from home. The commute was too much for a daily drive. So we bought a house in the town where she works. A foreclosure that need ed cosmetic repairs. Before I could finish painting the first of the four bedrroms she rented out the loft with a private bath to a 25 YO gal named Wendy. Wendy was hot about five foot six and 110 lb. Guessing a 34b,22,30 and half my age. Her legs and ass were fantasic. I got a good view one day watching her in a white bikini tanning on the deck out by the pool.

I was on a four day work week and three days off. I drive down on Thursdays, have dinner with my gal and plan the weekend's work. I spoke to Wendy about needing to start the final coat of paint in her room by 9AM.

At nine the next morning I knocked on the door to the stairs leading to the loft. W said to come on up she done in the bathroom (my first task planned. At the top of the stairs I nearly dropped the paint. She was wearing just a bra and panties! I spoke to excuse myself to leave her to finish dressing. Don't go it just the same as wearing my bikini at the pool. Yea, right I can see her nipples and pubic hair through the fabric and getting that stirring feel in my shorts. W put on a dress for work, checked herself out in the mirror, and took it back off. Dress number two was the same routine. I told her if kept that up I would be jacking off into her dirty underwear.

She turned around and removed her front opening bra. Now take a good look at my breasts and fantasize about what you would do with them. Well when are you going to start? After I leave?? Well I suppose so, half hard allready, I replied. NO, you won't you will wack off in front of me you dirty old man! she said. W then took off her panties and said "here use these, I want to see cum into them". She tugged at my shorts and my hard cock popped out. I too her panties and proceeded to jerk off. She sat back in a chair watching my every stroke. Commenting on my technique asking me how it felt. Next she caress her breasts & pinching her nipples I kept up the pace stroking away opened her legs and played with her pussy. Spreading the lips of her opening and inserting a two fingers. "Come closer and see what my hands are doing, now kneal before me" she said. With my face inches from her wet cunt I shot my wad into her panties. "Now clean your spunk from them or I will tell you girlfriend" she ordered. So I licked the gusset clean and returned them too her.

Wendy took back her panties and put them on and finished dressing and left for work. She never said a word about that day, W moved out a few months later.