Written by Simon

26 Jul 2013

I had gone for dinner with my friends Colin and Fiona, but Colin was called away to work, leaving his wife Fiona and me alone for the evening.

Lots of wine had been drunk, and Fiona – previously a prim and proper lady of 37, short dark hair, attractive face, generous firm tits, nicely covered body – had got my cock out of my trousers, and sucked it eagerly. When I (admittedly reluctantly) protested, Fiona told me that Colin had teased her while they made love about him wanting to see me (Simon) fuck her - and she was now leading me up the stairs dressed only in her pull up stockings and high heels.

I gazed at the peach which was her bum, swinging from side to side, as she slowly climbed the stairs.

Fiona led me to the master bedroom, and turned on all the lights. I was taken aback when I saw a tripod mounted small camera set up pointing at the king sized bed.

“What’s the camera for?” I asked (stupid really, what did I think it was for).

“I want to record our performance for Colin, since he cannot be here, he would never forgive me if I didn’t”. Fiona said this as she turned on the camera, and then sprawled across the bed, on her back, her legs wide open, her smooth cunt glistening at me invitingly.

“Come here Simon, eat my cunt.” She ordered.

I complied – tasting her juices, pulling the fleshy flaps of her labia lips with my teeth, prodding her slit with my tongue. Fiona wriggled on the bed, with soft ooohs and aaahs.

I ate her for ten minutes, but then wanted some pleasure of my own. I pulled myself up the bed and lay beside her, and gently pulled her head down towards my cock - now hard and wanting some attention. Fiona rested on her elbow, and used her right hand to hold my erection by the base, pointing my helmet at her mouth. She opened her mouth and slowly lowered her head on to me.

Two inches, three, four were now inside her mouth, her tongue dancing around my hard flesh. I lay there watching the back of her head, feeling her wet warmth. Heaven.

She sucked me, and soon she managed to get most of my length into her mouth without gagging. I concentrated on not letting my friend get too excited, I had plans for him, and didn’t want him exploding too soon.

Laying as we were, with Fiona feasting on my cock may have been heaven, but it was also frustrating, as I couldn’t find a way of reaching her pussy because of the way she was lying, and could only cup her left breast in my hand. Mind you, her left breast was gorgeous, firm but soft, full and nicely sized, a handful to remember, with her stiff nipple poking between my fingers, I squeezed my fingers together pinching it, and she moaned.

I tapped my hand on her bum, indicating I wanted her to mount me. Fiona raised her head, her mouth open, her eyes flashing, and she climbed on to me, pressing her lips on mine forcing her tongue into my mouth. I felt the softness of her bosoms come to rest on my chest, she wriggled her arse, using this to re-position my cock at her cunt entrance. It worked, and she pushed, and I was in, thrusting up her tunnel. She was tight, and I remember thinking I suppose it’s because she hadn’t had any kids, and maybe Colin wasn’t as big, and so on. Whatever. My focus returned to enjoying the fact that her cunt was wrapped closely around my cock, and she knew how to tighten her pussy using her muscles. We were locked together, mouths and cock-cunt.

We fucked – slowly, then vigorously, gently then hard, my cock and my tongue pushing into her body, then she pushed her tongue into my mouth – and finally she shook, that moment when she lost control and let herself come.

Fiona collapsed, resting her head on my shoulder, my hands stroking her bum cheeks.

“Mmmmm - thank you Simon – that was awesome!”.

We lay there for a minute or so, I wanted to fuck her and cum inside that tight cunt, but then Fiona whispered in my ear – “Do me doggy.”

We untangled ourselves, Fiona then took up the classic doggy position, pointing her bum towards me. I kneeled on the bed and moved up, took my cock and placed it at her entrance, then Wham – all the way in, my balls hard up against her. “Ooohhhh”. Was all she could say.

This position meant my cock was now embedded deeper in Fiona’s pussy, as deep as it could be, and she was relishing this, (and so was I).

We gyrated, slowly this time, each thrust a team effort, me pushing - she pushing back.

I hadn’t cum yet, luckily I am quite good at controlling my friend, and can delay the moment. But this was perhaps the greatest pressure (and pleasure) that he had been under for quite a while, and I knew I couldn’t hold back too long.

Fiona’s pussy, while nice and tight, was also very wet and slippery, and my cock was well oiled with her juices. I looked at my cock friend as he went about his business, and then my eyes alighted on Fiona’s arsehole. I ran my fingers around my cock, coating them with her juice, then prodded a finger into her bumhole.

“Ohhhhh! God, yes, please Simon, fuck my arse!”

I pushed my finger further, then added another, and finally the tip of a third finger.


“Oh, alright, if you insist.” I withdrew from her cunt, and pointed my weapon at her hole. Slowly, I pushed. Moans from Fiona, I pushed a little further, my bell end was now past her sphincter, more moans, and then I had reached the point of no return, and thrust all the way. ”GOD!” She squealed. “THAT HURTS!”

I kept her pulled tight on to me, allowing her no relief, if she wanted me to fuck her arse then that is what she was going to get. Fiona wriggled – trying to free herself of my cock – I relented and eased back, but not all the way.

“Oof! Gosh, please be gentle.”

I eased myself in a little, then back, lubricating her with her own juices. Gradually, I eased in a bit more each time, and she moaned. I could suddenly feel her fingers beneath my balls, she was sliding them along her pussy and then to her clit, frigging it as I continued my fucking of her arse.

Fiona was now getting used to it, she relaxed a little and began to rock back and forth in rhythm with my fucking.

She came, frantically frigging herself and shuddering.

“Enough.” She said. I let her go and we both collapsed back on to the bed.

“Fiona, I need to cum, where do you want it?”

“In my mouth.” With that she took my cock pressing her lips over the helmet, and sliding down the length, she seems to be able to take most of me now.

She used her tongue, and pushed her mouth up and down my length. “Tell me when you’re coming.” She spluttered before going back down on me.

It wasn’t long, “OK, here it comes!” Fiona eased my cock out of her mouth, and opened wide to take my spurts on to her tongue. I shot my load right on target, she flinched, but kept her mouth there and took all my spunk jets.

Once done, she looked at the camera, her mouth wide open, showing that she had all my spunk, before swallowing and then showing the camera again her empty mouth.

“Well thank you Simon. That will teach Colin a lesson.” Fiona had a beaming smile on her face (plus a couple of dribbles of my cum).

“What do you mean?” I had drunk too much wine to be quickly on the ball.

“I am sorry, but I have misled you a little. It’s true that Colin has mentioned you fucking me while we have sex, but not for a while.” I was not yet understanding what she was getting at.

“The real reason I have fucked you tonight, is because Colin has been playing away, and I found out – lots of little signals, including losing interest in fucking me, and no longer fantasising about me with another man - mostly it was you, but occasionally another friend. The clincher was when I found a pair of knickers in his suit pocket, used knickers and not mine.” Fiona clearly thought this was sufficient explanation.

“So, the only reason you let me fuck you is to get even with Colin? You mean he really is at work and it wasn’t a set up?”

“Right in one.” Fiona then added. “He got called out a couple of hours or more before you arrived, and asked me to let you know and cancel the dinner. I immediately saw the opportunity to teach that bastard a lesson. Of course, I deliberately didn’t phone you, but told him I had tried and couldn’t get through, so it was too late to cancel. Before you arrived I set up the digital camera ready in the bedroom. However, I must say I have enjoyed having sex with you, aside from the revenge element. Do you realise you have just taken my arse cherry, and christened my mouth – I’ve never done that for Colin.” My face must have been a picture, because Fiona burst into a laugh.

There is more if you want it..