Written by The Worker

6 Dec 2010

I have been working at this place for about 3 years now and every year when is gets close to Christmas the Boss seems to appear on the pub nights out more and is always with he mum.

Over the years we have flirted and it has lead to nothing more than a quick snog, so i was expecting nothing more than that when they were both out on Saturday night.

having danced with them both during the night it was her mum Jean that seemed to be paying me more attention than normal, wanting me to dance with her and always coming to where i was after dancing with anyone else.

As the night was ending i found them both chatting to some guys and said my goodbye and headed off.

I was waiting at the bus stop when a car stopped and out popped jean saying jump in we are heading home for some fun. Well its was cold and i thought ok lets go for it.

In the car was Jean, Zoe the Boss and another guy i found was called Dave.

about 10 minutes later we stopped outside a big building and dave said ok guy see you later and jumped out, pulling Zoe with him.

jean smiled and moved over telling me to push over into the middle, Zoe then jumped back in and i was now stuck in between them in the back of the cab that had 7 seats.

anyway after some close pushing up and messing about like kids i was jammed in the middle and cuddled up between to very nice smelling ladies, who if given the chance i would fuck silly.

Little did i know what the night had in store.