Written by trainer

30 Jun 2015

It’s been a few weeks since I got invited to meet Sheila’s bosses and ended up in bed with her boss, Jenny. Being married I’m not short on sex on the home front, but out of the blue I got a call from her, inviting me to a business meeting at her office, I was somewhat shocked as our lines of work didn’t cross, but I am known to put a little investment into a range of businesses.

When I arrived I was shown into Jenny’s office by a very attractive young lady, Susanne, early twenties I guessed, once inside the office, Jenny told her that we would be around an hour and that she should hold all calls or disturbances as this was a very important meeting. I wondered what she had in mind as I really didn’t have a clue. Susanne left the office and closed the door.

I sat opposite Jenny, it was almost like being in an interview, until she said that she had really liked our love making and couldn’t stop thinking about it. She told me that Susanne had remarked on her attire today as she was known to never wear dresses or skirts in the office, but in anticipation of my visit she had worn the long skirt specially and would I like to inspect it. I stood up and walked round the desk, she stood and within moments we were kissing. I found the zip at the side of her skirt and seconds later it was on the floor. I ran my hands down her back and over her arse, expecting to feel panties, but I hand to feel hard to find but a string running down her crack, god I was instantly hard, but she surely couldn’t expect me to fuck her in her office in the middle of the morning, could she?

She slid down and released my throbbing cock and began to blow me, it was even better than the one she’d given me before. Before I came I pulled her to her feet and lifted her onto her desk, her stocking legs in the air and tiny thong pulled to one side I just eased straight in. I watched as she bit her lip, I knew she was a loud and noisy cummer, but she was holding it in given the location. I fucked her, for a couple of minutes, on her back then turned her over and plunged in from behind as she scratched at the desk and shook her head side to side, finally I unloaded into her.

I stayed in until my erection subsided and slipped out, she stayed on her front for a few more moments, then in one single move turned stood up and put her arms back around me and kissed me passionately again, a kiss I was more than happy to return. After that she pulled her skirt back on and adjusted herself, brushing her hair and reapplying make-up.

I was in a sort of shock and began to ask her about what was happening. She said that her business employs a lot of younger people, including Sheila, and she has passing conversations with all of them about anything and everything, it turned out that after Sheila and I had fucked in my car, she had told Jenny about it, describing in detail my size and the number of orgasms she’d had during that session and Jenny, who was fed up of Rob’s efforts was determined to find out for herself about me. She had thought about cuckolding Rob, which she still might do, but decided as he had a thing for Sheila to set it up, knowing that if I was as described, Sheila would be very disappointed with Rob and would want me again anyway.

I thanked her for her time and stood up, as I got to the door and opened it, she called after me ‘You must come again’ which I saw Susanne smile as I walked out.