Written by Constance

28 Jan 2017

It was summer time and I had been getting wet watching the young and hunky builder from my kitchen window for two days as he did some masonry work in our rear garden. God, I wanted him and decided this was the day since hubby had been on travel for almost two weeks and I needed sex, the real thing, not just my fingers bringing me off. That first day, he had asked if he could use the shower before leaving; and that gave me the idea. The guest shower was in the upstairs hallway opposite our spare room and from the bed in there I could plainly see him at work below. So, when he started gathering his tools around 4, I knew I had about ten minutes before he would walk right past the spare room door to get to the shower.

I rushed upstairs and stripped naked, then put my blouse back on leaving it open so my breasts could be seen. I lay on the bed on my back, resting my shoulders and head on a thick pillow against the headboard. I pulled my knees up and spread my legs, exposing all of my womanly charms. I wet my fingers and started caressing my furrow and clit. I wanted to get to the edge just before he walked down the hall, then come with my usual noises so he could hear me as he got to my open door. I anticipated the sights and sounds of me coming would do the deed and he would be mine.

I watched the clock on the bedside table and saw I had timed it fairly well for when I heard the noisy kitchen door to the garden open and close as he entered, I was very close. I speeded up my two middle fingers and when I heard his heavy boots on the stairs, I worked them in a frenzy to put me over. The orgasm hit me hard and I came with my eyes shut tightly and a grimace of pleasure on my face. It lasted my usual 20 to 30 seconds, maybe a bit longer, and when I opened my eyes with my thighs tightly squeezing my hand, he was stood at the foot of the bed staring at me whilst rubbing his bulge through his tight jeans. When he saw my eyes open, he smiled as he said, "Maybe I can help you with that."

I was still feeling the powerful aftermath of my climax and could only smile in response. Through suddenly sleepy eyes, I watched as he speedily discarded his clothes. By then I was able to move my legs apart to release my hand. He knelt on the foot of the bed staring at my swollen lips and gaping entrance, all wet from my fingers. I gave him a few moments to stare, then I seductively humped my hips up at him as I slowly moved my hands over my breasts, caressing them and the hard points of my nipples.

He leaned his upper body over me and apologetically said, "Sorry I smell sweaty, but I have the feeling I don't have time to shower right now". I smiled and replied, "No, you have better things to do before your shower." I reached down between us and grasped his good sized stiff cock and guided the bell end to my entrance and said, "I'm ready. Slide it in and take me now. You'll need to start slowly, then I'll tell you when to speed up." He nodded as he slid it in about half way, paused, and then pulled back a bit before sliding the rest of it inside. I was really wet by that time and it slid in without any discomfort even though he was a bit wider and thicker than I was used to.

It took a few more thrusts before I became totally comfortable with the fit. He then established a nice steady rhythm as he held himself up on his arms, and watched my face for signs of increasing passion. Since I had already come once, my passion built quickly. He soon saw it as I closed my eyes and started moving my head from side to side and began some low moaning. His pace quickened as he dropped his upper body down onto me and asked, "Can I go faster now?" I had forgotten to tell him when to speed up so I quickly answered between moans, "Oh, yes … Sorry … Yes, take me now any way you like, … just make me come again."

With that, I started rolling my hips upward into him to match his pace, then wrapped my heels behind his thighs so I could pull his bum more urgently into me. At some point after that, I wrapped my arms about his shoulders and started pulling his head harder into me to have his lips kiss my neck more deeply as his lips were right on my special spot. I wanted the added arousal his kisses there would bring.

He steadily increased his thrusting and I felt my climax rapidly building. My body gave him the right signals for when I gasped, "I'm almost there. Keep doing it that way!", he had just begun pounding his cock into me and very quickly his frenzied thrusting sent me over the edge. I cried out, "I'm coming! I'm coming!!" My hips jerked powerfully under him. About halfway through, I felt several powerful spurts of his hot cum shoot into me, filling me.

We continued thrusting our bodies against each other for a short while longer, then we gradually came down together. At the end, we kissed and hugged, then kissed some more. He was a good kisser and he later told me it was a turn on for him when I used lots of tongue and sucking action. I loved it when he reciprocated for that's my favourite way of kissing

Being in his early 20s, his cock only softened about half way and he soon was ready for more. He started to move in me, then asked if he could have me again. I just gave him a deep wet kiss and pulled his bum into me with my legs. He gave me another come; and then we kissed and cuddled.

I love it from the rear, especially if I can lie fully prone on my stomach. When it seemed he wanted to do me again, I told him what I wanted and we rolled into position with me on my stomach. He entered me from the rear with his legs outside mine. His cock was long enough to do it that way and it felt wonderful. My body was that mixture of relaxation and tenseness I love. My bum an pussy were tense with arousal, but the rest of me was relaxed as he did me slowly, taking his time for both of us to enjoy the intimate contact of his cock slowly sliding inside my cum filled pussy.

I love it that way so much with my husband I can almost fall asleep luxuriating in this position, that is until he speeds up to come in me. My builder lover was doing the same thing to me and I was loving it. We must have continued like that for what seemed like ten minutes before he sped up and made me come. He didn't, and resumed his slow stroking in me. Within a minute or so, he sped up and I came again. I was surprised how skilled he was since it took my husband and me several months to get it right in our early days. My builder lover made me come the same way two more times, then told me he was ready to come. He pounded me more powerfully until he came. Feeling his cock give me that extra pounding when he finally came pushed me over the edge and I gasped out my final climax.

He collapsed his body onto mine and we laid there panting as we slowly recovered. I could have gone the rest of the afternoon with him lying on me that way, but he soon got up and showered. It was odd, but his sweaty smell actually was a turn on when he was doing me and I thought it might be a primal reaction to being sexually taken by a new lover. Strange the thoughts that come to one after sex.

He had two more days of work and he had me before his shower each afternoon since his sweaty smell turned me on. I must have been a good lay for a woman in her late 30s for he came by unannounced late the next afternoon after finishing another job and we did it again.

I picked up my husband that evening at the airport. He had been away two full weeks and was horny. He played with my thigh on the way home and when we pulled into our drive, we sat there for a few minutes snogging and I became horny thinking of all the wonderful sex I had had with the builder. I pulled my skirt up to my waist, spread my legs as wide as I could being confined behind the wheel of our car, and ran my fingers along the furrow between my legs, pushing the gusset of my panties into my wetness. I then pushed my panties down my legs and asked my husband to help me get them the rest of the way off.

When he retrieved them, I said to him in a sex laden voice, " Smell my arousal in them." He was a bit surprised at my unusual boldness as we sat in our drive where someone could see us the car from the sidewalk behind us even though it was dark outside. My husband brought my panties to his nose and inhaled deeply. When I saw the immediate look of lust on his face, I said, "That's how much I missed you." With more than a hint of urgency in his voice, he said, "Let's move this inside to our bedroom." I replied in a lustful manner, "No. Let it begin right here."

As I pulled his head back down to me he quickly looked around to make sure no one was in sight. I devoured his mouth with my tongue as he ran his hand up the inside of my thighs, then fingered my wet furrow, concentrating on my clit, rubbing it exactly the way he knew I liked. My hips soon squirmed on the seat as my arousal increased and I whispered huskily into his ear, "Make me come. Right here where someone might be able to see!"

I moaned deeply as he pushed two fingers inside. I so hot for it, he had no trouble fingering me quickly to a noisy come with my hips jerking up off the seat and against his hand. I cried out several times as he continued fingering me. He was enjoying watching and feeling his hot wife coming so strongly. When I was finally finished, he told me that after 14 years of marriage he was surprised at my very strong sexual reaction to him returning from travel. With a leer on my face, I told him he had no idea how horny I had became by the end of the two weeks.

We then made our way inside and up to our bedroom, and he had me several times by morning. I responded each time by coming with him, although he didn't know most of my lust was from the images in my mind of my builder lover having me. During one of our early morning sessions he remarked on how horny I was, so I reminded him that he had often told me that he didn't care what turned me on so long as I came to him for it. Little did he know how appropriate that was now that my builder lover had had me.

All that happened some thirty years ago. My husband never found out about my builder lover, nor the various workmen and repairmen who had me in our home over the next twenty years or so. It was always when one of them was in ours while my husband was either at work or on travel. Each time I used that same ploy, letting the man 'catch' me naked and bringing myself off on the spare room bed. It never failed to initiate at least a 'one off' encounter, and sometimes resulted in repeat sessions.

I truly loved my husband and enjoyed 44 years of marriage with him before he passed. He was an excellent lover and always gave me very pleasurable and satisfying sex. If that sounds boring, it wasn't. It was comforting and fulfilling to me as a woman, and made me want to have sex with him any time he wanted all those years. Even though he was a gentle and considerate lover, he had a high sex drive and wanted me, even in our later years, at least three or four times a week, and that didn't count the number of times I wanted him, so we wound up doing it most nights, even if it was low key 'comfortable' sex.

My occasional extramarital sex was always a purely physical need, never with any emotional involvement. As much as I enjoyed sex with my husband, sometimes I just needed some variety, so I took advantage whenever the opportunity occasionally arose. And my husband certainly benefited in the bedroom since our most passionate sessions were usually right after I had had a new lover since I would imagine it was a lover between my legs when my husband was doing me. That enhancement to my sex drive would last for several weeks after having a lover. I think more wives should 'step out' when they need it, so long as they don't jeopardize their marriages. I did and it worked out fine.

My husband passed suddenly and unexpectedly a little more than a year ago. I was almost totally non-functional from grief and loss for several months, only gradually regaining some sense of normalcy. I didn't think about sex for almost a year before the first twinges of arousal returned. For the past two months it has become stronger and a week or two ago it returned with a vengeance, which is why I have posted my story, almost as a catharsis after my grief of losing him. But life goes on and things eventually return to normal. I recognize I need sex again.

One of my lady friends, also widowed, recently recommended to me a handsome handyman in his early 60s for some repair work needed to the outside of my house. She had a wry smile on her face when she verified he was very accommodating, did excellent work, and she would certainly use him again whenever she had the need. When he stopped by a few days ago to give me an estimate, he appeared to be all the things she described, so I'm having him begin work tomorrow. Maybe there will be reason for another posting here on SH.