Written by cuck2007

6 Sep 2007

Daniel was Sue\\\'s third bull and introduced us to another level of the cuckold lifestyle.

After an initial meeting to break the ice we met the following weekend at an hotel and had a few drinks in the bar to get the party going. I had previously booked the room and asked for one with a double and single bed in it. On the night we were there the place was virtually empty and I blushed as I saw the bar staff and reception staff nodding and winking at the three of us.

It became even more embarrasing when Daniel and Sue started kissing in full view of them. After about 30 mins of kissing and groping Sue said, \\\" I think we should go to the room now.\\\" As I got up to go with them Daniel turned round and said, \\\" Give us an hour before you come up, wew want to be on our own first.\\\"

Imagine my embarrassment as I felt the knowing glances of the hotel staff on me as my wife and her lover walked to the lift. I took a seat at the bar and it was obvious the bar man and bar maid were bursting to know what was going on. Past caring, I put them out of their misery and told them of our arrangement. They both were turned on by the thought of my tall attractive wife getting fucked by someone better equipped than me.

When the time was finally up I went to the room and knocked on the door. Daniel answered with his large cock at half mast. He went and lay on the bed.\\\"She has just gone to the bathroom to tidy up,\\\" he said. \\\" Jesus, she is some ride, I shot loads of spunk up her and she loved it.\\\"

Eager to get some action I stripped off amd when he saw how much smaller I was than him he smiled to himself.\\\"Do me a favour and get this hard for her,\\\" he said, nodding at his cock.

Although I was doubtful I reached over and started to wank it.\\\"Never mind that, suck it,\\\" he said, pushing my head towards it. As it filled my mouth I could\\\'nt believe what I was doing and it soon started to swell in size. Just then Sue walked out of the bathroom and saw me naked on the bed sucking another man\\\'s cock.

\\\"Thats it, are you hard enough yet,\\\" she asked Daniel, ignoring me.

Daniel pulled his cock from my mouth as she lay on her back beside us. With no foreplay he entered her and she put her lega over his shoulders to help him fuck her. Soon he was pounding away as she cried out with her orgasms.Unable to help myself I wanked furiously and soon shot off over the carpet

They never stopped fucking, her large tits bouncing as his cock pounded her.\\\"Go back to the bar for an hour and when you come back here just go to bed and I\\\'ll see you in the morning,\\\" she panted as he fucked her silly

I had to go back down and give the bar man and maid a blow by blow account of my humiliation.\\\" I dont blame your wife for riding him, if he has a cock lkie that,\\\" the bar maid said, with a snigger.

When I got in to bed they were still fucking and he woke me in the middle of the night to suck him hard yet again. The next morning they made me wait outside in the car for 45 mins while they finished a final fuck.

They came out of the hotel hand in hand and, as he kissed her up against my car, he said,\\\"She might be pregnant, would\\\'nt be the first one I gave a child to.\\\"