Written by Miss M Bhavin

15 May 2009

Hi Everyone,been away far to long so i thought i\'d let you know about our latest escapades that happened last Saturday while we were at a Wedding at a Hotel called The Bull.

The Hotel was a lovely place & sat in it\'s own grounds & so we were told was built on the old ruins of an old highway mans inn.

Anyway i had bought a lovely dark blue dress from The Mailbox in Birmingham,matching shoes(Of-Course) clutch bag etc,etc all in all the best parts of £500. But on the way back to my car as i passed Anne Summers in The Bull Ring,a lovely black pair of crutch less knickers & peep hole bra caught my eye. I went to investigate & thought why not he deserves a treat & i must say these slutty looking garments made me feel dirty,horny & slutty all in one. I knew he\'d love them!!

Forward wind to last Saturday he\'s filled the car up (After washing,poloshing & generally making love to it) & were on our way to our night away & the Wedding of a friend of ours.

We arrived some 2hrs later & as expected everyone\'s dressed & waiting for us,so we grab our key & off to the room we go. We enter & it over looks the garden,but as i turn round there he is stripped & to my surprise shaved his dick & balls..WOW!!

\"Not now!!\",i smiled as he walked towards me but i must admit i was gagging for that stiff cock into my mouth & what a surprise he\'d get when i donned my new lingerie.

The service & meal took around 3hours & all the time my man was feeling my thigh & trying to finger me.The room were we had eaten was also used for on the night so we adorned to our room.

As soon as we were in we tore each others clothes off & he pushed me on the bed & started to eat at my now well lubed fanny,i was close not to cumming but going into orbit,he was licking & eating for all he was worth!!!

I stopped him & told him he had a surprise & went into the bathroom & changed into the lingerie i had bought the previous week. As i changed & looked in the mirror..I was now dressed as a slut..god it was ace!!

As i left the bathroom there he was slowly wanking his tool,i walked to the bed & mounted his stiffness & started to ride him slowly.\"Do you like the new slutty me?\"i asked him,to which he replied,\"Your dressed like it,so fucking act it!\" & with one movement he was behind me,doggy position wiping his wet cock around my arse.

Now if youv\'e read my other stories you\'ll know that i\'m an anal virgin,but because i was so charged i just turned my head & said,\"Fuck my arse,but please be gentle\".His face beamed & he began to slowly enter me,the pain & Ecstasy was unbelievable but i pulled him out & told him i wasn\'t completely comfy to which he said was OK & started to fuck me again.

We must done every position took loads of photo\'s but after some 20 Min\'s i came all-over his face while i was sat on him. Then after i got my breathe back i went down on him & sucked on his slippery member,licking my own juices off his cock until he grabbed my head & pushed it so i gagged & as i did so he shot 5 or 6 squirts of red hot cum down my throat & finished off over my face.

We lay there for some 10 Min\'s until we had the strength to get up & dress for the evening. It was a fantastic weekend & were off on holiday soon so watch this space....