Written by steveandpat

21 Feb 2010

It was another windy day so we decided to get the bus into Sousse and have a look around and see if we could get any bargains, Pat said what shall I wear and of course I said a nice skirt and no knickers to this she said I might get cold, so I thought no more of it.

We left the Hotel and made our way to the bus stop we were the only one's waiting and when the bus came we had a bit of a shock because it was full and I mean full any way we managed to get on and Pat moved up the bus while I paid then I started to try to move closer to her but she was penned in by four young Tunisian men I thought no more of it until I watched her face and she seamed to be smiling with a wicked look in her eye, the journey lasted 30 mins and in this time we were stood up all the way. We finally arrived and every one got off of the bus and I managed to get to Pat and ask her what was going on while she was on the bus and she told me that I had requested her not to wear knickers and so she had left them off and put them in her handbag, when she got on the bus the four lads had started to touch her bum through her skirt and it became clear to them that she was knicker less and so they had taken it in turns of fingering her pussy all the way to sousse and that she had had 3 very good organasums and she was sure that at least one of the lads had cum in his trousers. On hearing this I had a massive hard on and had to sit down while my cock went soft, after we returned to our hotel I made Pat tell me all about it while I fucked her.

We got up to more things while we were there but I will tell you about them later