Written by Rachel

12 May 2016

A few weeks after our barbecue Steve came home and said there was a weekend away being sorted and do I fancy going. He said adults only no kids. I arranged for my mother to have the youngest & said book it.

I didn't know who was going but when we got there our friends had booked 7 caravans on the site. 4 on one side & we were near the other 2 booked. Most were couples but had 6 men together sharing 2 caravans. We all arrived at different times & met in the club house. It was a quiet first night & everyone went back to their own caravans.

In the morning we all met for breakfast but it was raining so we ended up just chatting till the bar opened. After about 2 hours people started leaving and said see you later. 2 couples & 5 single men stopped with us drinking & about 4 in the afternoon we were all tipsy & it was suggested we all go back & get ready for the night out. Steve suggested we go back for a drink & play cards. Only the single men said yes but I was invited with the couples to go back to for a drink. So I ended up going back with the 2 girls & all the men to another caravan.

After about an hour in said to the girls I was going back to our caravan to get ready for the night out. When I got back there is was surprised to find 8 men sitting drinking in our caravan. Wayne & Ali had already fucked me but the rest hadn't. When I walked in 4 of the men got up and left leaving Steve (my partner)Wayne, Ali who fucked me at the barbecue & John who I had only just met. Steve said what you doing back & said I am having a shower and getting ready for tonight.

Steve said ok but you will have to look after us while we play cards. I went in the shower dried myself & as I went to our bedroom Steve shouted get us a drink darling. I had my underwear on & put my dressing gown & went to see what they wanted. Steve said 4 beers please. I got them their drinks & Steve grabbed hold of me saying a bit overdressed darling & pulled my gown open leaving my underwear on show. The lads smiled and cheered & Steve said right I had to play cards but was playing for my clothes. I was given a choice play cards or go outside, so I agreed. I didn't loose the first 4 hands but lost the 5th & 6th. So after coaxing I was sat there topless & the lads were looking excited at my 38dd breasts on show. Wayne started pulling on my nipples & John looked bewildered when Ali said don't worry John you will enjoy this game of cards.

I thought sod this is want cock, stood up and said who is first. Wayne got up & I pulled his jeans down & sucked his cock. Ali came behind me pulled my knickers down & pushed 2 fingers inside me. John looked at Steve & said what the fuck is going on. He replied I was a slut & loved different cocks so enjoy it. All3 of them fucked me filling me with their job when Steve said that's it.

The fun will carry on tonight if you can get it up.