17 Nov 2016

About 5 years ago my partner Steve and I were invited to go away for a long weekend to a caravan park with people he works with. 3 of his work mates had caravans in a park on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent with the option of renting two more if required depending on how many people wanted to go.

Steve said there were 6 couples going and a few single men and asked if I fancied it. I had met a few of them before so I agreed as long as my mother would have our daughter.

The weekend quickly came around and after dropping our daughter off headed to Kent. We all met in the club house and found our sleeping arrangements. Unfortunately they could only get 1 extra caravan so it meant 1 couple had to share with 5 single men. After a bit of discussion I agreed that we would as no other couple were keen as they knew they would be drinking late.

We all headed to our caravans and when we got in Dave said we have always decided who sleeps where by picking straws. Steve said surely Rachel should get the main bedroom. Ian piped in she can but who does she share with. I replied well will pick a straw like everyone else but I share with Steve. Ok Dave said 6 straws it is then. Dave & John got the main bedroom so we're sharing a double bed. Paul and Mike got the second room with two single beds, Steve got the third room which had bunk beds and Ian got the lounge. Ian said to Steve he would swap so at least we could share a bed. I looked at them all and said I needed somewhere to change if I was to sleep in the lounge. John said you can change in his room. Ok I replied let's see how things work out.

I went and changed my top and we all went to meet the others. We had a drink fuelled night and headed back to the caravan a bit worse for wear. Dave virtually had to be carried back and he was dumped straight on his bed. We all had a couple of drinks sitting in the lounge and I said I need my bed. The reply was we are having a couple more but help yourself. I went to get changed and realised Dave was on the bed, I looked in and he looked asleep so I started to undress, trousers, top and bra. I bent over to pick up the t shirt i was going to sleep in when I heard Dave cough, I stood up and looked at him and saw her was awake. I was standing in just my knickers and he said what an awesome sight. I quickly put my t shirt on and said please don't tell anyone you saw me like that, he just smiled and winked.

I left his room and went and climbed in our bed in the lounge with the other lads cheering there approval. I just smiled said goodnight and rolled over and fell asleep.

I don't know how long I had been asleep but I stirred feeling rather horny. I felt myself legs being pushed open and someone licking my pussy. I jumped, reached over and turned the light on. It was Steve saying he was feeling horny and wanted to fuck me. I said what about the others they might hear us. He replied the left a couple of hours ago and should be asleep. My pussy was wet so I said ok but be quiet. He already had my knickers off and he soon removed my top leaving me naked.

He got me on my stomach pulling my bum in the air so he could take me from behind. He was pounding my pussy for a few minutes when I opened my eyes and saw Ian watching us. My breasts were swaying with the movement and as I had left the light on here could see everything. As I was close to cumming i didn't stop Steve but watched Ian as he got his cock out and started playing with himself. I let out a slight groan as I orgasmed, I was finding it such a turn on being watched. Steve still had not seen Ian and I could feel him getting close to cumming when Ian got bold and grabbed one of my breasts twisting my nipple. Steve just carried on ignoring him until he filled me with his cum, he looked at me and said I think you need to satisfy Ian as he looks like you have made his cock hard. Being rather drunk and horny I didn't protest as Steve stood up and Ian quickly replaced him in my pussy. Thethought of another cock inside me and Steve watching quickly brought me to another two orgasms before Ian added his cum to my wet pussy.

He climbed off me and I collapsed on the bed, the two lads were chatting and had another drink but I just fell asleep.

I was woken up by the sunlight shining through the window and saw all the men were sitting around the table drinking coffee. I asked where mine was and Dave was first up, made the coffee and sat on the bed beside me. I sat up trying to bring the cover up with me but it didn't move with me so ended up showing them all my breasts. A big cheer went up and thought sod it, it was going to be hard for me to keep covered all weekend. I sat and drank my coffee with them all ogling my breasts. When I finished i handed him my cup and looked around for my knickers, seeing them on the floor with my top up knew I couldn't get them till Dave moved. I needed to go to the toilet so asked him to pass them up. He bent down to pick them up when Steve said no, I think you should show all the lads what Ian saw last night.

I thought oh well if that's what he wants and got up and strolled naked to the bathroom. After a shower i went and got dressed and then said to the lads breakfast time.

Part 2 to follow