Written by Rachel

18 May 2016

As I lay there tied spread eagled to the bed, naked & blindfolded with numerous hands stroking my body i thought to myself I might as well go with the flow and enjoy myself. Nobody was saying anything so I could have a guess at who was playing with me.

It didn't take long for the first man too climb between my legs and start to fuck me. He lasted about 5 minutes before I felt him twitch and I felt him cumming in his condom. I was fucked about 8 times and each time a condom was worn, during that time I had 5 very intense orgasms & I am sure the neighbours must of heard me. I lay there exhausted when I heard right gents that is safe time over you need to go next door and decide if you are staying. I then felt someone climb between my legs and started licking my pussy, by the tenderness I assumed it was Kelly. I jumped at her touch due to my pussy being a bit sore after the pounding it had taking. Then Kelly asked if I was OK to carry on ? I'd replied only if I was untied. She untied my legs then arms and I removed my blindfold. When I could focus again there was no mention there just a pile of used condoms on a towel on the table. I asked who had been there but she wouldn't tell me saying that is why we call it safe time so the married men feel free to fuck you without you knowing if they did or not.

If you want to carry on there might be a few braver ones left or it might be just single men. Condoms are now used at your own discretion but Kelly said she prefers bareback, to which I agreed with.

Well should we see who wants to play and she shouted for them to come in. 4 men walked in one being Kelly's husband & 3 of the single men but not my partner Steve so I thought sod him it is his loss. Kelly then said right guys the use of condoms is your choice. Her husband Matt said right girls get up on all fours then can have 2 at a time. I was a bit surprised when Matt was straight behind me and started fucking me. 2 men came around the front and fed a cock into mine and Kelly's mouth while John proceeded to fuck Kelly. John was first to cum inside Kelly then all men stopped and moved around to the next hole, but John had to sit out and so did Kelly's pussy. Matt was now in Kelly's mouth while I had Joe in my mouth and Alan in my pussy. This time they lasted about 10 minutes when Joe came in my mouth so again they stopped & Joe went to sit down. This time Matt asked the two of us to get on top of them. They both laid down Kelly started sucking Alan and I sat on Matt riding his cock. We both went for it to see who would cum first but there was not much between them and I came as I felt him shoot his cum inside me. We both collapsed on them catching our breath. I was fucked another 5 times orgasmic get twice myself before we all just lay there and fell asleep.

When I woke in the morning there was only Matt & Kelly there so I said I was going to get a shower get changed and see them for breakfast. When I got back Steve asked if I had a good night to which I replied amazing. When we arrived for breakfast most of our party was there, it was a bit daunting knowing some of them had fucked me but not knowing who.