Written by stacey

25 Mar 2009

my ltr had come to an end and quite frankly before we split up he had taken any confidence i had away from me,i was 27yrs old and really thought no man would want me,i wont make any excuse here it was out of loneliness i joined this site,i began to use the chatrooms a lot and admit they were great fun,i then wandered into the black for white fems room,and really enjoyed it in there and made some good friends,the problem i had was because my confidence was so low i would not put a photo up,but admit somewhat shyly i was getting off on some of the cams,but after a while with no pics and refusing to give out my number,that was mainly as the guys that ask for it always started by saying i can come round now and give you this blk cock.[boring].anyway things were being said doubting i was fem,one of the girls on there said i should meet someone to prove i am fem,i was not sure i was ready for that but i was also playing into the doubters hands,i had spoken to one guy quite a lot and by our chats he did seem quite safe and often used to say lets meet just for coffee,he assured me he was not the type of bloke that jumped in bed with anyone,so the next time he asked,i said okay,we arranged a place one lunchtime,come the day i was as nervous as a teenager on my first date,i must have changed my clothes a dozen times,and this was just for coffee,as soon as i got to the place i reconised him,from his pics i was so scared i nearly kept on walking,but something made me say hi,i could tell just by his face i didnt dissapoint him,and as soon as we began talking i dont know but we just seemed to get on,time flew by and when it was time to go,he said quite casually he liked me and no pressure but would i like to go back to his place,and i just found myself saying yes,i knew i was really saying yes take me back and shag me,as soon as we got into his flat,we just really set about each other kissing,etc now remember i had not had a guy touch me for over 7mths,and i am only human and i need sex as much as anyone else,i took his cock in my mouth,but my frustration was so great i wanted him in me,he sensed this and suddenly i felt his hardness nudging me below,i was so wet he slipped easily in me,i was being fucked not only by a cock but the fact it was a black cock made it all the more exciting,i dont know where this feeling was taking me all i knew was it was a place i wanted to stay,i think during the rest of the night we done everything that could have been done,and each time it was as good as the last,until we feel asleep in each others arms,up until then i had never had a one night stand,or come to that a black guy,in the morning when i woke up there was no bad feeling in fact the opposite,looking at his black body laying next to me,the realisation of what had happened hit me and at that moment i knew it had changed my life,in my case it was once had black no going back,we fucked one more time before i left,taking his cum deep into me again,the funny thing was on going into the chemist for the morning after pill,i really wanted to tell them what had happened,and since goimg over to black guys i have never looked back,theres a few of you on this site that can now varify i am indeed a girl,and as for well you know who you are that started the its a man story,sorry but you will never know,even though you have tried at bmfc,ha ha at last i am holding the upper hand,xxx