Written by The Other Half

14 Dec 2013

Well it was my partners Christmas Party last night, I had finished work and when I got home I could see steam from the bathroom so I went up, as I opened the door I saw her legs apart and stroking a single blade razor across her pussy. "Help me" she said. I walked over and rolled up my shirt sleeve and started to remove all traces of hair from between her legs, I rinsed the area and stood back she rinsed the remaining soap from her skin with the shower head, gently opening her lips and focussing the water jet on her clit, I could hear her breathing deeply as it hit the spot.

She walked to the bedroom and threw me a bottle of oil, "soften my skin" and I did by gently massaging thoil into her back and front, I poured some into my hand as she leaned over the bed and spread her legs. My hand went straight to her backside and rubbed the oil into her crease my fingertips probing inside her arse, I felt her push back against my fingers.

She made me stop and she put on her underwear and dress on and she looked fantastic. I asked which of her colleagues were going to the function "oh a few but I don't really know" ..Is your boss going I asked " No I don't think he is, he said he would text me later if he was" I felt saddened as I knew if he was there she would come home really horny and full of his seed.

As we drove to the venue she was texting " Oh he is going now she said" "It'll be ok won't it" she said .. I nodded my agreement As we drove threw the crowds she unclipped her seat belt and raised herself out of the seat slightly, Her hands went under the dress and tugged down her pants, she threw them at me saying "take these home I don't think I'll be needing them" I smiled and she giggled as she readjusted herself.

I was home for about an hour surfing the net, as you do when I heard the notification tone for our photo storage system. I automatically opened the latest photo to see my partner sat on a mans lap his hands were beneath her boobs but I could see the dress was lifted and it looked like her fanny lips would be touching him.. about 3 minutes later my phone rang."Did you get it" she said yeah who was that .. "Oh just a guy from the engineering dept." Was he inside you I asked "I've got to go" she said from that I knew he was

About three hours past and about 10 photos arrived mainly with her boss and you could see the drink had been flowing. My phone rang again and she asked if I could pick her up in an hour or so.. I agreed and knew what was coming soon.

I pulled the car up and waited my partner ran towards the car holding the hand of her boss she leaned in and said "Is it ok if I bring someone home for an hour or so" Why not I said..at that she shouted to a guy waiting nearby, it was the engineer, all 3 got into the back of the car..my cock felt like it was about to burst.

There was lots of giggling and shuffling about in the cramped car but once we were home we all piled into the house "I need a wee" she shouted as she ran into the house the 2 guys turned to me and said "are you ok with this" I nodded and said yes...I love watching her cum on another blokes cock.

A few minutes later she came down the stairs out of sight of the other two and said to me "do you want to stay or are you off to bed" She was naked I went past her squeezing her boob as I walked by and kissed her on the cheek.

I could hear the gasp as she walked into the room and after various noises I heard footsteps on the stairs..Are you sure its ok I heard one of them say as I heard the spare room door open "yes, I'll go and check now" She walked into our room with bite and finger marks on her arse cheeks and breasts and I could see her pussy lips had seen some use already..Enjoy I said but don't be too long I need you too. At that she turned and the spare room door closed behind her.

In the next hour or so she told me every hole was used and both made her cum several times.. I heard the stairs creak and the door close and lock, at that my partner walked through the door and asked if I was awake..of course I was I said. She leaned in and kissed me I have a surprised she said as I could feel spunk dripping from her tits and onto me .. she bent further and licked it away. At that she lifted her leg and straddled my face relaxing her muscles a stream of hot fresh spunk ran into my mouth I licked and lapped ever drop from her making her climax once more... "you do enjoy my works functions don't you"she said ...I could do nothing but agree with her