Written by The Agent

30 Sep 2011

Ok I know estate agents are not everyone's favourite but I thought I'd share this with you which happened a couple of years ago when I was working in East Anglia.At the time I was in my late 30's. I met a client who wanted to sell her 4 bed house. Sue was in her early 60's, her husband had passed away a couple of years ago and although she was not short of money she was downsizing. The first time I met her she struck me as a very intelligent lady, and she clearly had a sense of humour. Slim build and attractive for a lady of her years. Over the next couple of weeks I met her when I took some prospective buyers to the property. After they left we chatted and had a cuppa and somehow (I think she mentioned it first)the subject turned to the swinging sixties. She smiled and said they were great times and proceeded to tell me about the time her and a girlfriend at Uni had a good night with 3 guys from the rugby team. I told her I wished I had fun like that, my ex-wife hadn't been interested in swinging. Anyway I left thinking what a horny lady she must have been and wondered when the last time was that she'd had a man. I called her the next day as I had another couple who wanted to see the house on Saturday afternoon. Appoinment arranged I duly turned up and showed the clients round. Sue kept out of the way. I showed the clients out saying to Sue that I'd pop back in a minute to have a quick chat. I chatted to the clients giving them the ususal sales patter and after about 10 minutes they left and I rang the doorbell. She didn't answer straight away so I rang the bell again. My jaw must have hit the floor when she opened the door as this lovely demure lady who had been wearing a blouse and jeans not 10 minutes before was now wearing a very short tight leather skirt, stockings and a white blouse with buttons half undone. She clearly wasn't wearing a bra as her nipples were poking at the fabric of her blouse. 'Sorry I didn't realise you were going somewhere, I'll be quick' I said. 'Quick is not what I am looking for, I want your cock long hard and slow inside me' she replied with a wicked smile. Well who was I to argue? She took me by the hand and straight upstairs to her bedroom. She turned to me and her tongue was in my mouth, kissing like teenagers before thier first fuck. Then she pushed me away and said 'I hope I'm not too old for you but these tits need sucking' as as she said this she pulled her blouse open and started to massage her tits. 'My cunt needs sucking too' she continued and pulling up her skirt she revealed a neatly trimmed pussy. Large pussy lips already seemed to be glistening as she rubbed her fingers over her clit. She then bent over the bed and flicked her skirt up and said 'my cunt needs cock too and if you are very good my arse would like some as well, but you can't come inside me'. For a brief moment I thought why ever not? she is hardly going to get pregnant! 'No' she siad ' I want to taste your cum in my mouth. I haven't tasted cum in years.Now get your clothes off so I can suck your cock'.

That was the start of our fun - more to tell when we met a bi couple a month or so later.