Written by whyrush

11 Apr 2013

I’ve been thinking about sharing this with you for a good while now, and before we start I must stress that this is 100% true.

I’d met ‘S’ on line, and soon after we started an affair (I’m married so I’m sorry to offend anyone), but it was the usual story – I’m a red blooded male who wasn’t betting enough and ‘S’ wasn’t getting any. We got on great too…..but during a conversation swinging was mentioned and it became apparent that she’d tried it in the past. I was like every other man…. I was unbelievably turned on hearing the stories and it seemed that it wasn’t just a one off.

Eventually I persuaded her to ‘induct’ me….sounds silly I know but this was something foreign to me which I just had to experience. We went to a small club in Manchester and I was following like a little puppy dog, trying not to do the wrong things and break protocols. We got stripped off and went directly to the empty Jacuzzi and got in. Within a few minutes a few other men got in and we were all having a casual conversation, nothing to do with sex amazingly but I took the opportunity to start playing with ‘S’s’ pierced left nipple. After a while she said ‘let’s get in the sauna’ and we stood up to get out. The guy who’d been sitting to her right had a real hard on, which I didn’t really take much notice of at the time.

We got in and I sat on the top bench as another guy parked himself to the right hand side and did the same. The sauna is really small and as there was already a guy in there it left no more room for anyone else (‘S’ is a BBW), and I caught sight of that guy with a stiffy looking really pissed off. She turned to the guy to the right and without a word started sucking his cock in earnest.

She was slobbering away and demanded that I fuck her from behind, as this chap enjoyed one of her top drawer bj’s. Within minutes he was pumping his spunk into her mouth, and she didn’t waste a drop. She stood up and then said ‘let’s go downstairs to a room’.

We went into a small room with a window in the door so that people could enjoy the show, and I started to lick and finger her sopping wet cunt. She was soon screaming as she reached her first orgasm and I was amazed that a guy had entered the room, got on the bed and offered his cock to her mouth. I asked him what the fuck he was doing then ‘S’ said ‘we left the door open …’

In my naivety I didn’t realise that was the case, and I sat back to watch….

He shot his (very small) load on her tits, and by then the room was pretty much full of other men stroking their cocks while they watched. She turned around so that her head was at the end of the bed closer to the door, and as I got between her legs to fuck her, the queue formed to have their cocks sucked…. After a while I got off and a guy asked me if he could lick her out. ‘Ask her – it’s her pussy’ I said, at which she made it clear that she was more than willing, and once more I sat up and just watched.

I counted 9 cocks she’d sucked to completion, and it would be easy for me to embellish the story by saying how many fucked her, how often I shot my load and the other women I fucked. That’s not the case though and the truth is it took a lot for me to take it in. We went back to the hotel and I fucked her so hard and filled her arse with my seed….talking about it while we screwed was unbelievably horny.

Thankfully I knew exactly what to expect on future visits !!!