28 Apr 2019

Its not often that I feel compelled to write about someone that I have met but here I am. I first met Wendy around 2 years ago. Wendy was 33 then, barely 5' tall with having had two children and a failed relationship. So we got chatting and we talked about many things from music to what turned her on. The fundamentals of wanting to have lots of orgasms and so far her observation was that guys were not spending enough time getting her super horny (her words follow) "so that she could take a hard cock in her tight pussy". Her experience up to that point having met a few guys who had not managed to satisfy her but they had managed to satisfying themselves. Our texting became more sexual and we exchanged photo's. She said " I can't meet you as you look like my dad" which I laughed and said but I am not. Yet we continued chatting.

Wendy finally agreed to meet me so I booked a hotel and drove up to Manchester.

The day came and I asked Wendy what should I wear and gave her an option which she took. I was to wear shorts and T shirt but to go commando When I met Wendy at the local bus stop where she is dressed in an amazing outfit (see though body suit, a skirt that opened in a V at the front which clearly showed her lace topped hold ups). To say I was horny was an understatement and not that able to hide the very visible outline of my hard cock. So we went for a coffee and a chat and I was trying hard to hide my hard on. But she noticed so I asked her if she wanted to see it and she said yes. So I showed her what she had caused. Minutes later we were in the hotel room. We surfaced from the room some hours later having just about done everything to each other and some. I spent lots of time making her orgasm and wow did she orgasm (or was it a tidal wave) she gushed and her amazing juices flowed and flowed. Oh and for those of you that truly want to know yes she is completely right about having a super tight pussy and from my perspective it felt amazing. She said she would only be able to stay for 3 hours but 3 hours came and went. We did take a break to shower dress and go for dinner but came back to the room for more amazing sex. Eventually, we fell asleep (it didn't feel like a full on sleep) Mostly because I got horny feeling her naked body next to me and I just had to feel her lovely pussy sliding on my hard cock again and this went on through the night until daylight started to show past the curtains. Being a typical guy I woke with the usual morning hard on and yes we fucked some more. So much for just having 3 hours which turned out to be almost 24 hours.

The second time we met was somewhere around a year later where she came to where I was working. We dined and got back tot he hotel room where we had yet more amazing fun. I hardly slept that night and to work the following day was difficult. When I got back to the room she was dressed is amazingly sexy red lingerie she looked so fuckable and yes we did. The following morning she wakes me up with a bj which was so good I was unable to hold back.

Form time to time we chat and I have just got back from another visit to Manchester with Wendy this time some 2 full days and I discovered that she is not only more up for having fun but has developed a few kinks along with it. Firstly is has become more of an exhibitionist getting out of the Uber with the stocking tops fully visible from under her very short skirt. We walk in and go the lifts, where once going up I unzip her coat to see her in a revealing body stocking. I could hardly keep my hands of her. We got into the room and it was full on lust. Only just managed to remove her skirt before I pushed her on the bed and parted her legs and slipped her small g string to one side as I push my hard cock inside her. To my surprise she is tighter that previously and its taking me time to slide in but I wanted to be inside her and slowly push after her push I managed to slide into her. We had a frantic fuck and I ended up getting her into a position where she couldn't move (legs up and over her shoulders and arms pinned down). I had the biggest release in a long time. Yes, Wendy orgasmed and we then kissed, cuddled and I played with her body. Pulling hard on her nipples get the most amazing moans and as for playing with her clit she wanted that hard too. Then slipping first one finger then another into her still tight pussy she orgasms more and more and her juices flow.

We eventually had a rest and got changed to go out for some food. Feeling refreshed from a rather good japanese meal we walked back to the room and played some more. In the morning we had more before breakfast and then decided to go out and about the city.

As we walked we talked and I asked her if she was having a dark fantasy and she said yes and asked me why. So I explained how I was restraining her more and how she was responding to it, then there was the way she was taking more and more hard nipple play. So I asked her outright if she wanted to have a sudo-rape fantasy ( i know how naughty is that?!) and yes she wanted it and she had previously thought about it and it turned her on. Turns out she likes how guys have to try so hard to slide into her tight pussy that this is now exciting her so much. When we got back tot he room we explored this some more and it turned her on more and more.

Yes we sleep or I should admit she exhausted me. However, I woke during the night and fucked her some and then again when it was light outside.

Guy's this woman is a girl next door type, a single mum who adores her kids and is sex mad. I like her and please treat her well I mean very well.