Written by The X

15 Sep 2018

So usually the stories on here are just stories but this literally happened yesterday evening.

So I know your ex is meant to be a ex for a reason but this one is so hard to turn down. We arranged to go out for drinks so I meet her in town, I’m wearing black boots, slim fit smart jeans and a floral smart polo and as I stand waiting I see her walking towards me..

Instant hard on moment as she approaches. She’s 32, about 5”3, shoulder length dark straight hair, hazel/green eyes, 34dd breasts, hour glass figure with a slight round ass and thick thighs all tucked away in a short tight skirt, black fitted tee and heels.

Kiss on the cheek and we’re off so fast forward the night to after we’ve eaten and on our way home together..

The X asks do you want to come in as it’s only 1am and I look her up and down as I nod and walk in to her home... we lay on the bed, kick back, chatting with more drinks before she leans over and says “I’ve got to ask you something”? I’m like what thinking the worst and she says “ while we’ve been split up I’ve met a few guys for dates but fucked one” with that my cock twitches and starts to grow so I tell he I want to hear every last detail..

She starts by saying “ how they were out and he was touching her tits through her top on the date and said that he thinks these need to be freed” as she’s telling me I notice her heels are off and her fingers are running slowly up and down my heavily tattooed arms.

She said next thing he had placed his hand on her thigh before his little finger went under her skirt in search of her knickers but in stead came across her nicely smooth shaven pussy and she suggested they we to his place.

At this point I’m thinking “ why do you want to know what this guy did to your ex” but my cock answered with a fair few throbs in my pants.

They get back to his and he slams the door before pinning her against the door and pulling off her top and bra...she says to me as she takes her top and bra off “ I was shocked but turned on”, “ he kissed me full on the lips while I can hear him undoing his belt and trousers”... he walks me to the bedroom and puts me on his king sized bed before spreading my legs immediately goes down slowly licking my outer lips before chewing on them and going in search of my clit”.

By this point I had to realise my cock and pushed off my jeans and boxers and she smiles and whispers “ there’s my thick, black, dick god I’ve missed you”!

I asked what else happened and she was like “ he did something I’ve never had done before, he turned me over so I was on all fours and told me to sit on his face, now we’ve done that I know and your still the only guy to make me have multiple gushing orgasms but he had a good go before licking my arse crack and bum hole” SILENCE as I take on what she just said...

I stood up, pants round my ankles, rock solid cock bouncing up and down between my legs looking at her dead in the eyes and I’m like “What, He did What”? And she was like “ from there he stood up like you are now with his cock out and I’m looking at him as I take off what ever I had left on, he rips his shirt off and tells me to suck his cock”

So she said “ still on all fours I moved towards him feeling like a lioness in the wild about to go for the kill” and true to form approaches my ridgid black wand on all fours and licks from my balls to the tip of my bell end... she takes hold and says “his whole cock was in my mouth and barely touched my back teeth but by his moans you’d think his cock was tickling my diaphragm via my mouth haha” I smiled and said you don’t have to play down his size if he was bigger than me...

She stood on the bed, kissed me full on the lips and then said “ baby he was nothing in comparison to your beast, I could easily suck his but your gives me like face cramp but I always try and suck you deeper than the last time...”

She said “that being said he told me that he wanted to fuck me and I handed him a condom and watched his face drop as he said ok and put it on” “he bend me over and I felt his thin, average white cock push in and it was refreshing but small, after a few pumps he pulled out and spat on my arsehole before trying to push it in” “ its happened so quick and he was in pounding away” You could see the veins in my cock thicken up as I pulled her towards me, lifted her arse up, pulled on a condom and slid the tip into her recently used pussy, she took a deep breath and as she exhaled she pushed against me to get as much as she was prepared to take.

She said “ with him being smaller and thinner it felt weird but good but he didn’t last he pulled out and said you swallowing? I said no she he pushed it back in my arse and as he did he came hard... as he pulled out I squirted a little bit” this happened throughout the rest of the night before I left in the morning to go home...

So I pull her hard on to my cock again and ask “ why tell me”? She replied with “ I missed you and realised I only want you” Now I should be flattered but instead I was thinking well she’s never let me do that because I’m so thick n it hurts when I pound her pussy let alone her arse” so I’m like “ well guess what happens now”? She say “ you take control and punish me before fucking me hard to empty your balls”? I replied with “ you know me too well!” With that I pushed deeper into her pussy while leaning forward to rub her clit n make her squirt some more, as I do so I thought why not so I spat on her arse and watched it run over her bum hole as I slowly inserted a finger and listened to her whimpers....

I pulled out my finger and my cock from her pussy and watched her lips red and twitching... she said “ what are you doing”? I simply replied with “ anything he can do I can do harder...” with that I slowly pressed the tip of my cock against her arsehole while pulling her ass cheeks apart now I’m thinking any minute now she’s going to pull away but she pushed back to help get it in and with every breath out she pushed further back before I got half way and I started to rock back and forth.

Talk about clamp tight around my cock was so tight almost cock ring tight which helped me as it made me last longer but then she stopped, turned her head and said “ it’s in, your black tool is in my arse now fuck me till you cum hard” she did have to tell me twice and off I went watching it going in and out watching my veins grow then shrink with every thirst and then I grabbed her hips and let out a almighty growl as I came deep in her arse could feel her clamping on my cock as I show my load in time with my heart beat it felt like...

I pulled out and went to clean up came back in cock semi hard to see her as a well used mess on the bed, she looked at me and said while still panting “ you’ve never done that but that’s why I love fucking you”

This morning I woke up to her sucking my cock and her asking can we have two threesomes one with a guy then one with a girl and if you say yes I won’t sucking till you fill my throat with whatever cum you have left” and you know what I replied don’t you haha