Written by Alex

6 Oct 2013

After my husband took a job where he was away most of the time I found myself in some very unexpected circumstances I never dreamed I ever get into or let happen as a respectable married woman and mother, there was no creditable explanation I could give myself or any one else for that mater

I had taken the job at the call center when Chris was away more to give me some thing to do fill my time in I made some work friends there, and threw them at the Christmas do I had meet Tony for Christs sake he was nineteen I am forty two his younger than my son I think that was what was getting to me his age, I had taken him home and sleep with him in our marital bed I had sex with him not once but twice in one night then again in the morning before he left I also wasn't using birth control as Chris had a vasectomy years ago I had to get the morning after pill which seemed to work thank god

That was jest before Christmas I had the children coming over for the holiday to stay, which gave me more problems to handle, I did think with Tony it be a one off thing with an older married woman and it be the last I see of him I was very wrong about that all the time the kids where here he phone every day, this is the stupid thing on my part I was happy he still wanted me and was not a drunken one night stand in fact he understands the situation I am in,I knew then I wanted him again it could only be a sex thing I knew that I think that is why I started taken the pill, I couldn't get it out of my mind what happened when we had sex together what it did to me it was like a completely new experience for me I know that sounds daft but it was, it got me thinking all the years Chris and me have been together I had nothing to compare my husband with he was my first lover I always thought his manhood was the same as all other men it never crossed my mind he be smaller (I was going to find out later he is) when I first sore Tony's dick it did surprise me to see it was larger before he was erect than Chris he must of been as long as Chris is with a hard on but the thing that stood out was his girth it must of been twice of what my husband is, I did struggle to start with to accommodate him but Christ what a feeling sensation I had when he was right inside me it was one of the thing I wanted more of a orgasm its a rear thing with me from being penetrated by my husband I lost count of the number Tony gave me at one point I was orgasmic

The kids left my next big worry was going back to work had Tony told any one did any one notice us leave together and what would happen when we did meet at work, I didn't have to worry we sad HI in passing at lunch he came over I was with others we spoke he seemed more at home with the situation than I was, we had arranged he come over that evening any way, back home after work I grabbed some thing to eat then went to get ready for him I looked in my wardrobe all my closes are conventional I found a cocktail dress not been worn in years some how it still fitted I looked in the mirror the hem line was quite high

also it was a holier neck I used to have a strapless bra not any more I thought dam it we not going out no bra no one will see me, I took a lot more care doing my makeup not jest a bit of lippy this time, by that time I only had minuets before Tony arrived I rushed downstairs and the doorbell rang I opened it he stood there with a huge smile as soon as the door closed we whee snogging like a couple teenagers in the hallway, I almost dragged him into the lounge we almost fell onto the sofa I don't remember being this horny so sexed up in my life, it was seconds the top of my dress was undone and pulled down both breasts exposed my nipple where rigid like rocks he started sucking them I was already damp I felt his hand under my dress then finger moving my my panties gusset to one side then they went inside me I hit the roof you could hear how wet I was in seconds jest with his finger he and sucking my tits got me very near cumming, I was desperately trying to undo his trousers, with his help they got pulled down to his thighs I had a very stiff prick in my hand his testosterone must of been pumping he was rock hard, god did I need that cock I couldn't stand it any longer I jumped up ripped my knickers off and climbed on top of him straddling him he held his cock up I lowered myself onto it OH MY CHRIST it

felt bigger than before some how I managed to get his end in me biting my lip I gently lowed myself onto it every inch felt huge I could hear myself moaning as I impaled myself

on that rigid flesh some how I was sitting right on it on his pelvis, he let me do it myself as if he knew he was to big for me and I had to be stretched round it

I started a rocking motion with my hips, it felt wonderful after a time he put both hands on my hips I knew what he meant I started to lift a little with his help I began to rise and fall on it the sensation of him inside me became very intense it urged me on even more I started to bounce up and down my tits swinging with the movement a climax started to rip threw my body I was gasping and panting once it hit me I fell on him he held me but bucked like mad under me I went mad with the sensations it gave me the room filled wit a slapping sound as he now fucked me very hard and fast I was in heaven he started to grunt and gasp he left I pushed down he balls emptied in me twenty minutes from opening the door to getting filled with spunk in my front room the croutons wide open holding my dress up I quickly drew them

I turned Tony had taken his trousers right off and was naked from the waist down he beckoned me over and lifted my dress up I took it off it felt wired being naked he then took his shirt off we where both naked I know we indoors but it felt strange also you become self consensus about your body as you get older but he complemented me on mine so I relaxed a bit the house was warm any way we had a glass of wine naked some thing I had never contemplated before or would never of done with my husband after a time it felt normal

We had a cuddle and kissed, I started to see the difference between a much younger man than my husband really it not been that long since we had sex he was starting to get stiff again hell I thought he wants it again, this time we went upstairs in my bed

I lay on the bed on my back Tony knelt by my head and offered his cock to me it was not erect I got it in my mouth as I tongued the end and sucked I could feel it swell and grow

that turned me on a lot, he gently massaged my clitoris with his finger at the same time I was getting to the point of being desperate I asked please fuck me he smiled and shock his head no suck he said I did harder hopping he would fuck me I heard him say you have a really long clit he was nor rubbing me harder I was getting very near bursting point his cock was now rock hard the veins standing out he said hold my ballcocks I did he said keep going I licked and sucked harder it was very hard to do I was so close to a climax myself jest as I was about to cum he put a hand on my head he took me over at the same time I felt him jerk his dick twitched he pushed it in my mouth more then spurt after spurt of sperm jetted into my mouth he was in to far I had to swallow it he came a lot

I could taste it was slimy in my mouth over my tongue not at all unpleasant I had never done this with my husband the few times I had sucked him I had finished him by hand

I had climaxed with him some how, we lay side by side he said you give a good blow job as it I did it all the time, he then kissed me as if he didn't mind he jest cum in my mouth

We got in bed after that hugged and kissed jest held each other for maybe a couple of hours, it was was me that said I need a shower he said that's a good idea I didn't meant he have one with me but he did, it is a shower room a big shower so there we are both together washing each other a new experience once more I was soaping his cock and it started to grow my god not again I thought he was horny again this time I was bent over with water running over us and he took me from behind standing up a first again and by Christ did he fuck me with not much to hold onto I was pressed agents the side of shower I started cumming how my legs held me up I don't know he fucked me for ages this time where he got his energy from I don't know or where his sperm came from he gave another load some how, when it was over and we got dried, Tony said we have to do some thing about your pubes I said what, they to long he said I have a ladies shave with in minutes he was using it he was very pleased with what he done so was I we went back to bed to sleep this time

In morning he was randy waking up with a stiff on once more he gave me a fanatic fuck before rushing off to to work I was little late getting there

So it was the start of an affair I had a month before my husband came home, I was getting fucked more regularly than any time in my live at least twice a week and most of the weekend I had became a dickered to cock I went out and bought sexy underwear and new closes all for Tony's benefit he take me any way he liked I was to willing to try new things he pushed me to try anal sex I refused to start with I gave in in the end the first time it was to much I could take him we try a couple of time I found it painful but after a time I did accommodate him and it did get much easier and a hell of a lot better in fact I was enjoying it more than I would admit a blow job was an every day thing he some times wanked I have my moth open it was really erotic waiting for him to shot not quite knowing when he would he cum over my face some times I found things like that turned me on a lot the fact he was young and he cum a hell of a lot and it shot a long way not dribble out we did all sorts of thing I had never dreamed of, the coming home of my husband was going to be a problem in lots of ways for me