Written by James

17 Dec 2013

As from the 14th, after the revelations of my wife's Donna's adultery and I been talked into consenting. her and her lover Gordon wanted me to meet him, I didn't know much about him at the time, only they had meet threw work so he had to be more the excessive type I guess well not working class like myself any way, she had said he was very nice but that be the way she was looking at him, I must admit I was some what curious to what he was like after going threw hell worrying about what she been up to and with homes

Any way was it was arranged for that evening,Donna booked a taxi for us, I felt nervous as the time got near don't know why, by the time we where on the way to the restitution I felt quite nervous and apprehensive about seeing him

We arrived it is quite a post place, we went in Donna seemed quite a ease, Gordon was at a table we shown to the table, he stood up and shuck my hand we where introduced

He was smartly dress a suit that didn't look off the peg,he was I guess late forties could be early fifties a little graying, quite a large guy not fat brought and tall

He hugged my wife a kiss on the cheek and we sat down, he started off saying its good of you to come and its nice to meet you at last, I think you may of wondered about me as I have been about you, this is all a bit strange I would of thought if you where shagging another mans wife the last thing you want us to come face to face with him

Gordon paid a lot attention to Donna but didn't leave me out at all, he asked questions about me my work as if he was trying to get a back ground picture of me at the same time he keep his cards close to his chest he said a lot but didn't tell me much

Later I need the loo so I excused myself, I was having a pee and Gordon came in and stood next to me and said I need one as well, I don't normally look at other men's dicks but you could say I have an interest in his, in fact he did little or nothing to hid it from me,in fact you could say he almost shew it to me it was quite a size in its relaxed state

very wide he even drew back his foreskin before shaking it there was a very large head on it, he made a show of putting it away, I had finished pissing before this and stood there he did it on prepuce I am sure , he left me there

I got back to the table he was chatting to Donna, he looked up and smiled as if to say you have seen what I have to give her, I sate down and the conversation continued

The coffee came and Gordon said how did we get there I told him taxi, he said well I give you a lift home then

Out side we when to his Madrases a almost new one, he opened the door for my wife to get in the front, then the back door for me, then we drove off Gordon spook to both of us and chatted, there was a couple of time he whispered to Donna I couldn't hear what was said, as he pulled into my drive way Donna asked if he like another coffee before drove home, he said he would so we all went in, it was funny he seemed to be looking round, he said James you have a lovely home it a nice house

He stayed and we talked, it was now quite late when he said you play golf would you like a round it be good if it was in the week and we have a chat and get to know each other better,he must known a lot about me I thought to know I play golf

He said he better be going, as he was leaving he put his arms round Donna and kissed not on the cheek this time but on the mouth it was a proper kiss he was watching me as he did it, he then shock my hand and thanked me and left

After he had gone Donna wanted to know what I thought of Gordon, well what do I say he is a nice guy, she said I told you so and charming I had to agree he was

All this seemed to make her happy, I asked what was the reason for this evening and was told Gordon want to meet me he said we have to be serialized and adult about our relationship and that included me as her husband, I have never known my wife to have word put in her mouth but that must of come from Gordon he had got her to where he pulled the strings,she carried on he like you involved in our relationship I asked in what way her reply was so we all friends I think it much better that way don't you

I n bed she wanted sex this time her pussy wasn't as loose as night before, she asked did I enjoy the sex the night before adding I was very aroused

On the Monday I got a phone call on my mobile it was Gordon he arranged the round of golf, it was at his club one I couldn't never get into id I could afford it

I went and I will say I am okay not good, we teed off and Jesus Gordon was like a pore

I did my best Gordon never laugh at me but it amused him I am sure

Back in the club house in the changing rooks it would be normal to take a shower it was a warm day, Gordon undressed in front of me he was naked with out warning he turns to face me, he said I could see you where interested in this in the toilet, this is what your wife is attracted to and there it was in all its glory it hung down his thigh it looked massive even in a limp stat and a pair of testicles to mach they where huge, he could see my embarrassment and reveled in it, he went in one shower I went in another,I didn't want him to see me naked he had made me feel inadequate already from his display, I had finished showering I had the towel round my back the door opened Gordon stood there he jest looked the door closed he was still drying himself when I came out, he dried his privets lifting his cock and almost showing me his balls, as we got dressed he said well James it's time for a man to man talk we need to do it in privet how about my car

We where sitting in his car, he said to me we could have a problem or not its down to you really, I asked what he meant problem, he went on saying well Donna and myself have discussed the situation about you, I will tell you when we first started seeing each other it really worried her going behind your back being unfaithful to you she love you and there is no getting away from that, your wife is very good in her field very highly thought of but it seems the same with a lot of woman like Donna at the top of there game

and about her age and if they have been married a long time they tend to wonder if they have missed out I dealt with your wife some years ago when she was moving up the tree

This time when I meet her I could see she was at that stage. and to be honest it really wasn't that hard to get in her knickers, and once I had I knew I was the spark that lit the fir, now what we got to do is control that fire now its burning or you could loose her trust me when I say that, I have seen that happen lots of times, now this is not uncommon and happens a lot you jest don't hear about it very much

I have suggested to your good wife that we involve you so there is no hiding thing going behind your back and having you find out later which almost for sure would split you up

So what I have done for you will save your marriage in the long run

Your wife wouldn't believe me when I suggested you would get involved, she told me she thought you where getting suspicious, I told her to tell you we where going out and she did and you didn't mind I know you convinced your self it was business,then I told her to tell you she was going on a date with me only a small change in wording and you where still okay I was then thinking we could move on and you be fine remember when she told you she had sleep with me, she said you where upset and angry but it didn't last long

The final thing was when you knew your wife was going out to see me and that she was going to sleep with me that night, we where in the hotel room when she was on the phone to you it was on speaker so I heard it all,you started to worry her when you got upset so I cut you off, if you remember the phone went dead

The thing you need to understand James that really aroused your wife I have never known her so bloody horny that nigh and I told her when she got home she find you as randy as hell and to get you to have sex with her which you did, you really surprised her your reaction, you how much you enjoyed it and you did James you loved pushing your cock into my sperm in her stretched pussy finding it loose and sloppy tell me the truth was it good, I admitted it was

Gordon was assuring me I was no different from lots of other husbands and I am not alone he knows others, you show all the classic sighs of a cock holder, you wanted to meet me and the way you staled at my cock in the toilet then today you couldn't take your eyes off it, you also shy I embarrassed when I came in and looked at you, your wife said you where quite small but you looked resalable, I am quite blessed as you seen I will worn you I pretty sure our Donna going to be look to see if there is any thing bigger she is hooked on the size now don't worry my friend I can sort that out for us later one step at a time

He went on first I will come over to yours I guess you been want to watch and see for your self, I am right, he looked at me I said I think so

Right then we phone Donna, and tell her I have spoken to her about this possibility and she didn't think you would, so he said my wife's name his phone rang her she answered

Gordon said Hi are you free to talk she said yes, he carried on I have James with me and we had that long talk I said we would have and his asked me to come over to your house

She said when his there, he said yes yes he asked me to, she went silent, then said do you mean, he butted in yes that's right he be happy with what we talked about it in fact his quite keen, Donna said are you there James I said yes is that right what Gordon said I told her yes I fine,it up to you when, Gordon came on saying this evening be good for me how about you she said I have a meeting soon but it be over about four so can get away

He said well I have a few thing to do but I get away about five we go and have some thing to eat then go back to yours she said okay then as long as James is alright with that he said yes he is looking forward to it

After the call I was stunned that my wife was so willing to do this, Gordon said we still got a few bridges to cross, so I need you on my side you have to trust me, I find some times a wife will get hesitant its only natural but with a bit of help from you we get her over it, this is unreal to be talking about my wife like this but Gordon was working his magic with me now,so tonight you may find as some point she may be a bit hesitant with you there for the first time be a bit discreet but encourage her, she maybe a little hesitance the first the time but once his over she be fine, he had to go I got out the car bewildered, what had I jest agreed to

I went home, and later in came Donna looking really happy asking how I got on with Gordon telling he is nice what do I think, I I said yes I like him, I tried to find out what she thought about this coming evening, she told me they had talked about it and she now felt it be a lot better for all of us if it did come out into the open between us it was very much all Gordon what he said and wanted#She got ready she had to put a coat on to go out the dress was far to short and reveling, we went to a pub to have something to eat back home, I got us all a drink and this time Gordon was drinking, I didn't give it a thought he had no intention of driving, it all started normally us chatting they sat together

The first thing to happen was he put his arm round her they kissed, as soon as they stopped she looked at me I smiled that seemed to reassure her, Gordon was now groping one breast he then kissed her neck as hi had slipped inside the dress I could see it moving as it played with a nipple, she moaned her hand went to his crouch and was rubbing his dick in his trousers, I looked back he had the dress off her shoulders both tits exposed

I watched as he sucked one then the other Donna's head was back eyes closed enjoying it

She now got her finger round his cock and jest held it, I could make out jest how big it must be now, her nipples look long and extended a sure sigh she horny she let a low moan

The next thing they where stand up Donna topless and going out the lounge they went upstairs with me following, in our bedroom her dress fell to the floor she was now naked apart from stockings and suspenders, she was helping him get undressed,I saw his cock fully erect for the first time Jesus his big but it was how wide it was that surprised me

He lay on his back on the bed and my wife started to give him oral but not like she do with me it was more like she worshiped his cock she licked it all over gave it a suck and kissed it then get down she lick his balls the took each one in her mouth then kissed her way back its shaft to the end and stated a blow job, he then pulled her round so she was on top of him he starched licking her,it wasn't long she was excited so was he

He almost lifted her onto her back as that happened she garbed a pillow and put it under her bum he did the same with another one it looked well praised

He was now between her legs, she lay her thighs wide open for him he pushed Donna cried out Gordon I guess she took half his length in one go she gasped, I could see her vaginal lips stretch round his shaft, she seemed to take a very deep breath as he thrust she let it out with a gasp and cried out Christ, he was in right in and did she know it by her expression, they lay still for a moment

He started to fuck, her used long and very deep stocks not fast but hard ones it mad her cry out each time he was going ball deep with each one as he did so her body jerked her tits wobbled and moved up and down, he carried on like this Donna was now soughing fuck me fuck me Gordon fuck me, it was like he was teasing her, she was beside herself it was really strange watching another man fuck your wife and to do it like this was really weird, he then lifter her legs up that made her roll back a bit he was right back full length she had her eyes closed as if she knew what was coming, he drove that monster right in with force he gritted his teeth as he did so, he must of got a little more depth with that Donna let out a scream he eye wide open then her mouth he repeated that three or five times before he started to fuck her with the same result each time

As he got faster I watch my wife tenses and gasp she arched up from her shoulders she cried out OH MY GOD MY GOD, she trembled her body shook she was climaxing but I have never seen or known her to do this before it like a convolution I could hear her pussy go wet her head rolled from side to side she gripped the sheet with her fingers it last a minuet or so, but Gordon carried on like a man half his age he rode her he last a long time like that at that speed she climaxed again as she was having it he blew his ball given her a load that went deep inside her I guess there was a lot the way he jerked and grunted he lay on top of her not moving she hugged him both panting out of breath

It was after he got off I could see the mess on the bed from both of them, they where silent for a time no one looked at me then he did and said well James you seen it now, he patted the bed as said sit down I sat beside Donna she looked as me not know what to say I kissed her she whispered I love you, you a wonderful husband thank you darling, she was very sweaty, I think we crossed one of Gordon's bridges, he was about to introduce another element he said take you closes off and join us on here, I felt embarrass but I did as he asked it seemed they both looked at me and the fact I cum in my pants didn't help, I don't think Gordon had any thing to do with this Donna got hold of my cock and his together one in each hand I heard him say who is a lucky girl now she smiled the only thing was we where both limp but mine a couple of inches stuck out over her hand and his she could of put both hand on his we all three lay there like that and I am very sure Donna was enjoying it holding us both like that, she lent over still holding me and started to lick his clean he was still soft but it gave me a hard on seeing her do that

The both looked at my now stiff cock I heard him say let Jams have some fum he like that

It was her that pulled me on top of her, well my cock fell in her that felling was back I loved it I fuck as hard as I could some thing made me a couple of minuets I shot my lot

I don't think it did very little for Donna she didn't really feel it but I could se she enjoyed me doing it a lot

I also aroused Gordon he had a erection on when I got off what I think I did do was make Donna want more of his cock she climbed on top of him, he said to me put me in her I have never touched another mans cock before but I did as I was asked it felt very hot to me and heavy she lifted up I lined it up and she came down on it she took it in one go

When she fucked herself on him I was amazed she went wiled I never knew she could be like that she made herself cum he took over bucking under her I was still on the bed with them it was ineradicable after that we all rested and chatted Gordon had me really involved now jest what he wanted it wasn't the fact I was involved but my had acceded it he is very clever, a short time later he said would I mind if he stayed the night and he wanted to sleep in my bed with my wife, I ended up in the spear room listing to mywife getting fuck a couple more times in the night

I went in to see if they wanted coffee at about ten they where in the shower I looked in the shower was running but my wife was bent over the bath holding on Gordon behindhand fucking her aggressively I stood and watched how can he do that he must be taken some thing