Written by Toastie15

9 Mar 2012

Sorry about the delay but this is the account of when Scott’s wife spent the night at my place after my wife has spent the night at his.

Cath came in to the house wearing an elegant dress that came below the knee but the back plunged to just above her arse crack and made her look stunning. Me my wife fixed us some drinks and Cath told my wife she had a present for her. She removed her dress to reveal she was naked underneath and laid back to reveal her shaved pussy with cum beginning to pour out of it.

She told my wife that Scott had emptied his load inside her just before being dropped off at ours, with that my wife quickly went to work licking away at Scotts sperm while teasing Cath’s clit. It didn’t take long before Cath had her first orgasm with my wife snogging Cath to give her a taste of Scotts cum. My wife was busy rubbing her clit leading to an explosive orgasm.

By now I was also stripped off and playing with my erection when they both came over to kiss me giving me a taste of their cum all mixed in with Scotts. They then slowly begun licking and stroking my entire body playing close attention to my cock and balls. Both of them spent ages licking my cock building up my orgasm, and cath whispered into my ear that I must cum in her mouth. This made me cum and I had the biggest orgasm I had experienced in ages shooting several spurts of my seed into her mouth.

Cath let some of it dribble down to her chest rubbing it in to her ample breasts and swallowed the rest before snogging me and my wife. I then began licking her out while my wife started working her magic on my cock to make me hard again. We fucked for several hours that night with Cath getting more than her fair share of cum inside her delightful pussy with one load in her arse.

The following morning I awoke with only Cath beside me just waking up and by the sound of it my wife was downstairs in the kitchen. I slipped a crafty finger into her pussy which was still wet but slightly sticky from all that cum it had received. It didn’t take long before we were again fucking and I was really going in hard after she told me she wanted a hard shagging. My wife had returned and was playing with her pussy will stroking my arse as it moved up and down between caths legs.

I could sense I was close to cumming and said to cath were she wanted it which she replied deep inside my pussy. So she quickly got on all fours for me to enter her from behind and after couple of pumps I unloaded a fresh load of cum inside her body.

We all laid there for a while but cath put her knickers on as she wanted to keep as much cum still inside her to return to Scott with. After Cath left my wife fancied a 69 so she could taste my cock after it had been inside Scott’s wife. Scott and his wife were leaving the country in a couple of days to live abroad and later I will tell you about the last night my wife spent with Scott’s large cock.