Written by edward

23 Dec 2007

whilst i was on holiday in spain i passed some time on my balcony, across the way i could see into an apartment and a guy was going down on a girl, my apartment was only a mater of yards away and the girl was looking my way ,i'm sure she knew i was looking ,the guy looked round and as he did i got out my cock and started to wank, the girl looked at me and then threw her head back and i think she came. that night i got in early and stood on the balcony and sure enough the girl came out and had a drink in her hand. not long after the guy came out and stood behind her and undid her dress .as it fell to the floor all she had on were a pair of black knickers. the guy pulled them down and she stood there stark naked. people were walking around down on the ground and she looked straight at me as i wanked. the guy then sat down on a chair and sat his girl down onto his erect cock. i'm not sure if he was up her cunt or her ass. but she fucked him hard.as she banged him i wanked harder . they both must have known i was there. as i was just about to come i turned around and saw my wife and she too had seen the couple and was rubbing herself hard as i wanked. i never knew she liked that sort of thing . as i turned to see the couple they had oth gone into thier apartment. so my wife and i had a great time on our balcony. we now fuck outdoors alot and if it wasnt for the holiday i would never have known about my wifes liking for watching people geting it on.