Written by Rachel

31 May 2007

My husband’s cousin has a timeshare property in the Lake District. We have stayed there before but on this occasion we went as with him and his fiancé.

Its not the best time of year for holidaying in the UK as it can be quite cold and wet in February but the cottage is the grounds of a large hotel with good amenities

This particular week rained and rained and it was so cold. We either stayed in the hotel using the Pool, Sauna and Jacuzzi, but there is only so much you can take of that in a day, or in the cottage playing board games.

One night having already got ready for bed early, we had not bothered going out at the weather was so awful and were just saying our goodnights when it was suggested we have a game of cards tucked up in front of the fire. My husband and I are useless at cards so we played girls V boys. So we had one good player and a bad one on each team. Karen and I went and got a duvet off the bed to wrap around us as even though we were in front of the lovely fire we were still chilly in our nighties and dressing gowns.

I was holding the cards and Karen kept the duvet pulled tight around us and whispered in my ear how I should play my hand. Every now and again she or I would give a little shiver. When I shivered she would rub her hand fast up and down some pert of my body, my arm, my leg, my back or shoulder as if the friction would warm my up. But she never took her hand off me, and at other times her fingers would just gently caress my flesh. It wasn’t long before she found a gap in my dressing gown and had her hand resting on my bare leg. From then on it wasn’t the cold that mde me shiver. Slowly, completely unknown to the guys her fingers travelled up my leg in the direction of my now sopping wet fanny.

My husband asked if I wanted to go to bed a I was obviously still quite cold. This was my opportunity to let her know that I didn’t want her to continue touching me, but I was sexually so aroused by her actions I wanted her to continue. She took my NO answer to my husband as a big green light that I wanted her to go ahead. She gave my inner thigh a tight squeeze and then without hesitation brought it right up under my nighty to her intended target. As her fingers made contact with my outer lips I gave a little mmmm sound but held back my full vocal response.

It was my Rich her fiancé who realised and said, “you dirty cow, what you doing to her?” My husband looked puzzled, and as they both looked over at us Karen thrust her fingers in and out of me with little concern for concealing her action. I was on the point of orgasm by now and didn’t care either.

The cards fell from my hand to the floor and she leaned in and kissed me on the lips. Her body weight and my lack of muscle control caused us to lay back on the floor.

I cant say what my husband was thinking or doing as I was so enthralled with her love macking.

I know someone pulled the duvet to one side and Karen started to kiss my breasts through the thin silk covering of my nighty.

My eyes were closed all the time, more for embarrassment I think as I had never been kisses, let alone make love to another woman before.

I knew that it was not just Karen who was touching me by now. Hands and mouths were everywhere on my body. Karens hand had not moved from my fanny, so I knew she was the one working wonders on my clit.

My legs where pulled apart and I felt my husband positioning himself to enter me.

I assisted lifting my bottom off the floor slightly and his cock slid into me. This change in sexual technique caused my imminent orgasm to subside and I got into the rhythm of a steady fucking.

The delicacy of a female kiss was replaced as a stubbly chin brushed my cheek and a manly kiss was plonked on my mouth. I then realised it was my husband who had the stubble, Richard was clean shaven. I opened my eyes and sure enough, my husband was lying beside me, Karen was on the other side and Paul was the one moving in and out of me.

It sounds like it has been going on for ages, but it all happened in minuets. I closed my eyes and let them work on me. Richard started to give some quick deep thrusts and from his groans it was evident he was about to cum. He gave One, Two, Three deep slow forceful thrust into me as he emptied hot jets of sperm. Paul continued to kiss me all the time.

To be continued……