Written by Stuart C

22 Nov 2008

A few years age I was a finance director and had a credit controller, Jackie, working for me. Mid 30\'s, married with 2 kids, she had smallish pert breasts, lovely legs and I thought a fairly attractive face. She was always a bit flirty and rumour had it that she was having an affair with Dave the factory manager. On one of the work nights out, I got talking to her and she told me that her husbands business was in a bit of trouble and could I help. Thinking there was a way in, I said I\'d see waht I could do and went to buy her a drink. When I cam back she had gone home - and Dave was nowhere to be seen either. I\'d given it up as an opportunity lost and got talking to another group. About an hour lster, Jackie returned looking somewhat flusterred and asked me for that drink. I asked her where she had gone and was told that Dave had given her a lift to the pub and she had left her keys in his car. AS he was going home she had to go and get them. Why this took an hour I never asked !. Anyway come closing time, we left together and both feeling the effects of too much alcohol, we kept bumping in to each other. On one occasion I pit my arm around her and let it gently fall down to her arse at which point she simply turned towards me and smiled. I then pulled her towards me squeesed her arse harder and kissed her. My cock was enormous now and I was rubbing it against her. I pushed her into a shop doorway and tried to slip my hand down the back of her jeans. Unable to get very far, she kindly undid thye botton at the front and said \"I think you\'ll find that a bit easier now\". She then undid my zip and began to slowly wank my cock. I moved my hand round to the front and found a very damp pussy. Thinking that it had already probably been fucked earlier I was very turned on and with her help soon exploded in her hand. \"oh boy \" she said, smiled, looked me straight in the eye and began licking my spunk of her hand. I almost came again!. Being the true gentleman I continued to finger her and she came shortly afterwards.

The following week, we had the usual credit control meeting, in which Jackie had a main part. She was wearing a black skirt, just above her knee and had a white blouse which was tantalisingly close to revealing her breasts - but not quite. It was the usual boring stuff- who hadn\'t paid, cheques lost in the post etc., and my eyes kept wondering to the v in ger blouse. After the meeting was over, Jackie came in to my ofiice walked up to the front of my desk, leaned forwards in order that I could see right down her blouse and sadi quietly that if I really wanted to see her tits she would have to charge me a tenner. She then put down her note pad and left. I sent her an e-mail saying that I would want a lot more for a tenner, to which she replied times were hard, but for £25 I could get what I want. I then went to see her in the general office and told her that I need to see her about one of our customers. We walked back to my office and she shut the door behind her. I said that £25 was a lot of money, but was willing to pay her it every week provided I could have her whenever, however and as often as I liked. She immediatelty started to rub her hands over the bulge in my trousers said \"its a deal\". I gave her the money and told her to come back to my office after 5. And no underwear.

At then past 5, she came into my office shut the door. locked it. I could see that she had taken her bra off so I walked over to her and put my hand up her skirt. As iinstructed she had taken off her knickers and I was met with a lovely moist pussy. \"Would you like me to sit on the table ?\" she asked. I mumbbled yes and she puller her skirt up sat on the round table in the middle of my office and opened her legs wide so I could see her welcoming cunt. She then undid her blouse slipped it off and pulled me towards her. She undid my trousers and my cock sprang out. She took it in her mouth as I pushed my fingers upp her cunt. Moaning harded she really ate my cock as I began to give her a really hard finger fuck. I pulled out of her mouth and rubbed my cock over her erect nipples before sliding it into her wanton slut. As I was fucking her she began to play with herself and she coudl see my cock pounding in and out of her. She came quite quickly and I pulled my cock out and rammed it into her mouth before exploding. She swallowed as much of my spunk as she could but I\'d been so randy that there was too much for her and a fair bit dribbled doen her chin and onto her neck. As she was cleaning her self by licking her hands, I told her that I wanted her to work late as I had other things I wanted her to do. She wasn\'t expecting this, but I insisted. I got her to sit at the table , topless, with only her skirt on whilst we discussed some problem customers. After 30 mins, I told her that if our debt position did not improve, I would hold her responsible. She looked quite shocked but I said that I would review it in one week and would decide on a suitable course of action. I asked her if she thought this was fair she agreed and I wrote down a few rules and asked her to sign it. As she was reading it, I moved behind her, pulled her to her feet and pulled her skirt up round her waist. Gently fingering round her arse, I could sense her tightening and her breathing becmae slightly quicker. I then sled my finger in her arse befor unzipping my trousers. She moved her hand round her back to stroke my cock and guided it towards her hole. I slipped it in as she moaned that I was a filthly bastard and begged me to fuck her like the whore she was. I was only to happy to oblige and after 5 minutes of punding her arse I shot my load up her. She screamed as I came and lay over the table as I emptied every last drop up her. I got dressed as she lay over the table for a few minutes panting before geeting dressed herself. On leaving she smiled and said see you tomorrow. You bet, I said.

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