Written by gardeninggirl

20 Feb 2015

I decided to have a work-out on the cross-trainer, wearing a tight fitting bright pink vest top and black calf length leggings. Before long my mind was drifting, whilst my body started to heat up, creating sweat on my face, chest and back. Listening to heavy bass music helps me keep up a good rate of exercise, but also stimulates me into an elevated sensual state of body and mind. Creating vibration and stimulation deep into my groin, in no time my thoughts start to interpret not just the words of the tracks, but the rhythm; how the beat idly leads me to thoughts of gyrating to the rhythm . . . sensual deep thrusting, gasping, body hot and beaded with sweat . . . then a change of track. Whilst my mind suddenly snaps back into the exercise and adjusts the rate of my stepping to the beat, I start again . . . imagining the strong arms of a man holding me, lifting me and wanting me. The intertwining of our bodies as we thrust in time to the beat almost frenzied at times, but sensual, raw and spontaneous, all consuming.

With the work-out complete, my body glowing and shattered, or so I thought, I took a drink in the kitchen and cooled down. Still feeling horny, you walked in. You looked at me and your eyes went to my vest which clung to my body showing off pert breasts and now erect nipples, you always comment on how you love my small pert tits. I started to get wet knowing you were undressing me in your mind and imagining what you wanted to happen next.

You knew I wore little underwear and as you walked towards me you placed your hands on my bum and pulled me into you, looking down at me, your eyes boring into me with a look that stirred a primal reaction. Your strength and the scenario made me gasp, with one hand on my bum holding me tight into your groin, your other hand pushed up inside my t-shirt and you started to finger my nipple and gently squeezed by boob, again another spontaneous gasp left me as my body started to pulse with sensations, surrendering to your strength and dominance.

I knew my pussy was wet and swollen in anticipation. You turned me round so my back was against the front of your taut body, I could feel the full length of your swollen dick in your trousers against me, you slid your hand down inside the waistband of my leggings, your hand so warm against my post exercise clammy stomach. I drew in my muscles and your hand continued down to my pubic mound, tingling all over I yearned for your touch on my pussy, knowing my lips are swollen, wet and ready just how you like it. My breasts were so sensitive as you continue to squeeze and play with the nipples. I pushed my hand in between us behind my back, quickly undoing your belt and trousers, relieving you of the pressure on your restricted dick, and held it firmly in my hand. It was so hot and hard, and as I slid my hand up and down it, you too were now committed to our lust. I bent over, supporting myself on the kitchen centre island, you pulled at my leggings and I quickly kicked them off exposing my bare skin, you started to rub your hard dick on my bum, I was gasping and gyrating to quicken the feel of your dick on my pussy and wanting you to penetrate me, it seemed an urgent necessity. You placed your hands on my hips and started to push and thrust your dick into me, fucking me hard from behind, I surrendered to your strength and drew you into me as deep as I could with each thrust. The moment was intense and almost rough, then you pulled out of me and I turned round. Bending down I started to suck your thick wet dick, tasting my own juices, and I wrapped and flicked my tongue round your manhood, teasing and sucking in an excited rhythm. You put your hands on the back of my head, guiding the rhythm and holding me so your dick is deep into the back of my mouth, almost gagging me, leaking I could taste you. After a while with soft groaning you released my head and I sat up on the edge of the island, spread my legs and hooked them round your waist. You came into my space and thrust yourself deep into me again making me groan, it was so tight, hot and wet. You lifted my t-shirt to expose me and you sucked my boob deep and hard, I held onto you round your neck and broad shoulders, you fucked and fucked me, your dick sliding in and out of me, both of us gasping, both of us sweating, both of us hanging onto each other, my t-shirt clung to my sweating body, your body trembled and you let out a deep groan of pleasure, pure lust took us both to an amazing climax. I gasped and clung on tight as my pussy tightened and I exploded into an orgasm which total consumed my senses. A huge release of explosive energy then a holding-on hug as both our bodies came down from the rafters, grinning, sweating, spent and content. As you pulled your dick out of me, softening as you do, I feel the flood of your hot come seep out and trickle over my hot throbbing pussy, wonderfully exhausted, relaxed and spent.