Written by slick60dream

26 Oct 2010

Ive been seeing my gorgeous girlfriend "jane" for over 7 months now (ok its not long but its been so exciting), I suppose as time has gone on ive become more & more adventurous & demanding in my sexual experiences. We started off by doing the usual, fucking in the car , even outside (when it was warm lol), but things took a slight detour fairly recently.

She is very shy and unaware of her sexuality, she doesnt even think she's attractive (but boy she is). anyway we were having a drink one night & i dared her to go to the toilet and take off her panties and bra. She said that she was up for a challenge & duly went to the loo.

When she came back she looked slightly embarrased but it was obvious that she had taken them off.

Nothing happened that night other than i fucked her like never before, but when I next asked her about a challenge, she was well up for it.

The challenge was to go to the cinema, wearing a short skirt, stockings, see-through Blouse etc, then before we went into see the film, she was to go to the loo & once again remove her Bra & panties.

She obliged and we went into the cinema, it was quite busy and there was a couple sitting next to us and Jane was on the end of the row, so could be seen by anyone walking past to go to the loo etc.

After 10-15 mins of the film starting, I began stroking her thighs and gradually her skirt was riding higher & higher up her luscious legs. She then hitched her skirt up above her stocking tops and was allowing me to finger her pussy.

Several guys walked past & either they didnt notice that she was writhing in ecstacy or they were blind because she climaxed with a stiffled grunt.

Surely someone saw her pussy I thought to myself, my cock was so hard at the thought, she made a play for it, but as I was sitting next to a younger woman, I stopped her.

When the film finsished she quickly covered up & we went to the car. We'd hardly got into it on the car park when she was onto my cock, she pulled it out of my trousers, wanking me off as much as she could.

As I was driving, she carried on giving me a BJ which isnt easy to control when youre travelling at 60miles per hour, I was so turned on by this that I demanded that she pull her skirt up, take off her blouse and play with herself whilst I drive slowly through the town.

Once again guys mustve seen her lovely tits and pussy as I had to stop at some traffic lights and she was so far gone that she didnt bother to cover up.

Needlesstosay when we got home , we fucked like crazy and since this date, we have never had a "normal" night out, she's warming to the idea of Dogging and exhibitionism and we plan to take things further , very soon.