Written by Jonathan

15 Sep 2017

The Night My Wife Will Never Forget 2

Originally based on fiction but this last one is fact

The Day I had never forgot

Well, a few months had passed since Cy had had the night she would never forget, where she was had by three men several times over and had more orgasms in the one night than I could remember her having in the last two years. But she was starting to get restless, Jack had warned me of this at the time so it wasn’t totally unexpected, so in a roundabout way I gently brought up the subject.

“Do you remember that night at the grab a granny night”? I asked one night as we lay next to each other in bed.

“Oh yes, like it was yesterday, it was mind blowing but nothing like as good as it has been making love to you since.”

“I know, I reassured her. Loving you has been fantastic ever since then, I think it was the best thing we ever did but I think it’s time we thought about freshening up our love life again. What do you think?”

She leaned on her elbow on the pillar looked down at me and smiled.

“Well what do you have in mind”? she asked, “I know it’s a waste of time asking you if you don’t mind because I know you don’t, the last time I think you enjoyed it as much as me. I don’t want to do the grab a granny night again I didn’t know what to expect then which was the exciting bit now I would, I fancy something that I’m not expecting that will excite me.”

Ok then, I said, but whatever it is you must accept it I promise you will enjoy it.

“OK then surprise me.” She smiled.

A couple of nights later I told her I was going out for a drink and watching the football at the local and would be back in a couple of hours. However I drove up the road literally a couple of miles away to a car park mentioned on the dogging sites on this web site. I had thought I could take Cy one night but hadn’t a clue what went on so thought I would try and find out what the score was. I pulled in and parked up, there was about three cars parked it was getting dusk so I couldn’t see who was in them.

There is a lake nearby and a public footpath so you get walkers, dog walkers and anglers using the car park, usually only anglers at night though. I sat there for half an hour looking around getting butterflies in my stomach. I never thought that sitting in the car on my own may give the wrong impression, however there came a tap on the window I looked out and saw this fellow there. Opening my window I saw he was about 60 reasonably smart and smiling. Being totally naive I smiled back and said “can I help you?”

“Are you here for the fishing?” He asked, I said that I wasn’t, I was just there for a bit of peace and quiet. Then he asked me if I would like some company, suddenly my stomach churned over, I knew exactly what he meant. Now I never thought of myself as gay or bye though I had once had an experience with someone when I was an apprentice 50 odd years ago but the excitement was mind blowing It came back like it was yesterday. My groin area was churning, I was rapidly getting an erection and I could feel myself flushing up. I leaned over and opened the door for him; I was certain he could see my red cheeks and hear my heavy breathing I couldn’t wait for the courtesy light to go off. “Have you been here before?” he asked as he settled in. I replied that I hadn’t been in the car but had walked through many times. By now my dick was bulging to get out of my pants and my breathing was heavy despite me trying to calm down.

All the time my mind kept going back to that first time so long ago, the tradesman I was working with in this empty house had been showing me some porno mags during lunch. As I was stood there engrossed in them he had gone behind me and suddenly put his arms around me and got hold of the front of my jeans where a rapidly swelling bulge had started to form. I suddenly felt exited and without any thought just said trying to laugh I’ll give you an hour to get off. With that his hand started to gently squeeze and rub over my rapidly hardening cock. With his other hand he undid the top button of my jeans, I don’t know what I was thinking I had never let another male do this to me before but it felt so good. “Is it alright?” He whispered from behind, I couldn’t speak so I just nodded. In seconds he had my pants and underpants down and was kneeling in front of me, my 6 inch of rock hard dick was in his mouth up to the shaft.

As I run my fingers through his hair and pulled his head back and forth I was gasping for breath the excitement was so intense I was about to shoot my load. I pulled his head off me and lifted him to his feet. Undoing his jeans I could make out his beautiful dick which was about 6 inches still not fully erect and as I pulled his underpants over it, it sort of half tumbled out and half jumped as only a rapidly engorging dick can do. He told me to lie on the floor so I got down ripping my T shirt off as I did. He moved round to my head and knelt over me as I lay on my back, Keith he was called (I was his apprentice he was about 28), bent forward knees either side of my head leaned over sucking my cock right up to the hilt. He slowly started to slide up and down the full length while caressing my balls with one hand. His dick was hanging in front of my mouth; it was quite long though not fully erect yet it was beautiful firm but giving, soft and warm. I was longing to suck it but only being about 16 I was scared so I started to wank him with my hand. It soon became hard and fully, erect I would think about seven to eight inches. He moved his mouth up and down me sucking gently all the time while my hand slid gently up and down his shaft right in front of my face. In no time at all I was shooting my spunk in his mouth as he sucked, it was the most wonderful experience I’d had to that date. As I groaned and pumped and pumped the last drops into his sucking orifice I sensed him starting to come. He threw his head back as he swallowed my spunk and let out a cry as I felt his dick start to pump. With him bending over me his dick was pointing towards my face so I moved it just up slightly as he cried out a flood of spunk came like I had never witnessed before. It hit my chest with a splash and I could feel the warmth of it running over me. I kept riding his dick with my hand and gently squeezing on each down stroke for four or five strokes he pumped spunk each time. After he’d finished I kept hold of it and gently kept the up and down motion as I squeezed the last drops out of his rapidly shrinking manhood. It was the most amazing feeling, I immediately wished I had sucked him off and felt and tasted it as he had with mine but unfortunately the moment had gone.

Some time afterwards though I suffered the guilt trip, us macho guys didn’t do this especially in the sixties. So though he tried to arrange a meet after I never took him up and fortunately or unfortunately got sent on another job with a different tradesman. He soon left the firm after that and I never saw him again but occasionally I thought back and remembered that day.

The strangers voice suddenly came to me, “HI I’m James, your obviously new to this, are you Ok?”

“Yes I’m fine,” I replied, “Do you come here regular?”

“Only when I feel the need.” He replied as he leaned over........

More to follow if you’re interested.