Written by Andy_98f

9 Aug 2008

Possibly like many of us, I was always under the impression that stories of sexual encounters were firmly reserved for vivid imaginations documented in top shelf men's mags.

However that allusion was to be dismissed, when I bump into my ex-wife just over a year ago.

Debbie and I had been divorced for 15 years, we parted on good terms and had kept in touch for a while, but eventually we moved on and re-married.

The strange thing was that I was only thinking about her a couple of days previously, so it was a bit uncanny when I got a tap on the shoulder in the food hall of M&S and there she was.

We had met in our late teens and got married when we were both 21. Deb had always kept herself fit, and even though she had put on a couple of pounds the curves were still in all the right places and the clingy cream trouser suite and black low cut vest enhanced them to the full.

Her thick jet black hair was slick and cut short and her skin was fresh and tanned, she looked every bit the sophisticated business woman that she was.

We started to catch up on the last few years and straight away I could feel the old chemistry returning.

As we chatted Debbie was as usual oozing charm, her personality was soft and sexy and her expressions and postures were faultless. She was edging closer and closer to me as she spoke, to the point where I could literally taste the warmth of her breath, she lent seductively against the wall and I began to question whether this was developing into a bit of a come on or a full on tease.

We exchanged mobile numbers and we agreed that we must meet up again soon.

As I drove home I couldn't get her out of my mind, little things, like the perfume she was wearing, the immaculately painted nails and the faint line of her thong were giving me an ache between my legs that was becoming unbearable, I was literally cuming in my pants and as soon as I walked through the front door I unloaded my balls all over the kitchen floor.

To be honest I assumed that was the end of that and continued to plod on with the chores of everyday life. So it was welcome and exciting surprise when a couple of weeks later I received a call off Deb asking if I was about the following lunchtime and would I like to come over to her mom's house for a coffee. Of course I agreed and we arranged to meet about 1pm.

Even through all our problems that eventually lead to us splitting up, our sex life had always remained hot throughout, and all night sex sessions were common place not that that had any bearing on the nervous tingle I was feeling prior to our forthcoming meet

I had always got on handsomely with her mother, she had been a good friend to me when I had needed some support so I was very much looking forward to seeing her again, however, truthfully I was beginning to wonder what this was really all about, Debora had done well for herself, she had married a leading solicitor and become a director of a large finance company, the same firm she had worked for as a secretary when we first met.

My ex-wife opened the door and invited me in, she asked if it was still just one sugar, and I nodded. I asked her where her mom was and she told me that she was still at work and would be home in about an hour, good job I was ok for time...

Doreen had two small settee's and a small coffee table in between, I sat down in the one nearest the kitchen door and as I eased back I noticed how sexy Debbie was looking, she was wearing a pair of black stiletto heels and a tight black skirt just above the knee, it was a warm day and her clingy white blouse had the top two buttons undone exposing her beautiful tanned cleavage, she smelt gorgeous and her hair was damp as if she had just taken a shower.

She came in and placed the coffee on the table, she sat opposite me, and as she sat back and crossed her legs her skirt road up to her crotch, fully exposing her golden brown thighs and giving me a glimpse of the crisp white triangle between her legs.

It was at this point that I new what she wanted and I didn't need a second invitation.

No words were spoken as I slowly got up and walked across the room and stood before her. Debbie eased herself onto the edge of the settee and began to unbutton my jeans, she tugged them down and released my throbbing hard cock, opening her legs slightly as she pulled me closer towards her, I am about seven inches and thick, Deb used to love sucking on my cock for hours on end, so I new what to expect, my whole body began to quiver as she lowered her mouth onto my dick.

Slowly her lips began to slide up and down my throbbing shaft.

As I arched my hips to meet her, she began to unbutton her blouse, allowing it to slip of her slender shoulders and fall to the floor; she momentarily just held me motionless in her mouth as she reached behind and unclasped her bra.

I placed my hand behind her head and pulled her deeper onto my cock, I could feel her tongue swishing around my head as I gently fucked her throat; she placed her hands on my hips as she slowly sucked my aching cock, breaking off only to slide her wet tongue up and down my hard cock.

I kicked off my sandals and removed my jeans, Debbie eased herself off the settee and onto her knee's, she opened her legs wide and slid a hand inside her knickers, in the same motion taking my cock back into her mouth.

Again she began to lap at my cock, kissing and licking like a woman possessed, her lips worshiping my manhood like she had done so many times before; her moist lips again engulfing the head of my cock, and as her rhythm increased saliva began to ooze from the corners of her mouth.

This woman was pleasing me beyond belief, and as I watched her slide her fingers into her pussy as she sucked and wanked me into her mouth I new that my time was limited.

I raised my right leg and rested it on the arm of the settee, my ex positioning herself underneath my scrotum, her attention now turning to my soft shaved balls, gently licking and sucking each one in turn, slowly tossing me off as her wet lips kissed and sucked my testicles, I could feel the liquid in my balls beginning to start its journey and I new I would not have the power to hold back much longer.

I asked my lover if she was ready for my spunk ad the look in her eyes said it all.

Debbie released my cock and arched her neck back, she placed her hands behind her head, her eyes were closed in an expression of ecstasy, thick strands of saliva hung from her chin, and I new only to well what she wanted.

Debora knelt before me, her mouth open in anticipation as to what was to follow.

I began to stroke my cock, pre-cum already leaking from the head.

Within seconds thick milky cream began spurting from my balls, the first two jets splattering into Deb's thick hair. I positioned myself above her, tossing jet after jet over her face and mouth, Deb tilted her head further back flicking out her tongue in an attempt to catch my sperm as it rained down onto her face and chest.

She moved her hand back into her wet knickers thrusting frantically into her soaking pussy as she instinctively slid her lips back over my exploding cock, wanking me furiously into her mouth. I thought I was never going to stop cuming...

Deb let out a soft moan as female cum began to run down the inside of her thighs, creamy, warm, milky sperm dripped from Debbie's face and onto the carpet, her tits were drenched in a mixture of spit and semen as her mouth and tongue continued to suck and lick my pumping cock.

Only stopping when she was satisfied that every last drops of fluid had been exhumed from my balls.

Slowly she released her hand and lips and began to gently kiss the entire length of my shaft, still rubbing her clit in a circular motion as her juices continued to flow.

I reached down and retrieved a thick strand of sperm that was hanging from her chin, she grabbed my wrist firmly as she took my fingers in her mouth, lovingly sucking and swallowing the creamy fluid deep into her stomach.

Doreen never did come back that day, but she was to feature at a later date in probably the hottest sex session I have ever had.

Debbie and I met several times after that, and let's just say it got better...