Written by Helen

11 Sep 2010

Monday morning the decorator, Chris arrived. My husband was off to work and we had booked Chris some weeks back to redecorate our hall. We’ve used him for over ten years, so I know him well – he’s more of a friend really. He’s a good looking blonde guy in his late thirties – I’ve just celebrated my fortieth birthday and my husband’s present to me was a session at a “Boudoir Glamour Studio”. He’s been trying for ages to have me pose for some sexy prints he wants to frame and have around the house. I don’t have the confidence anymore – in my twenties maybe, but not now.

Mid morning I made coffee for Chris and he took five – we sat and talked. I told him about my husband’s grand idea and my reluctance. He was kind and reassuring telling me that he liked taking photographs in his spare time. Landscapes, wildlife and yes, some glamour work. He had all the kit including lighting and said it was just a matter of the model relaxing and the photographer being professional and both parties would enjoy the experience, that I should use Ian’s present. I promised to think about it.

Tuesday morning coffee, Chris and I chatted as usual and then he asked, “Have you decided to have your pictures taken yet?” In truth I hadn’t given it another thought and told him so. “When’s Ian back?”

“After work this evening, around six o’clock I assume”, I replied.

“Go and have a hot bath, relax and dress up in your favourite outfit Helen. I’ve brought my kit and I’ll take some snaps of you, fully clothed, and you’ll see there’s nothing to be frightened about. It’s just about getting used to being in front of the camera – and let’s face facts, you’re bloody gorgeous!” I blushed, muttered objections but then did as he bid.

In the bath, I shaved my legs and my pubes wondering why as I was only going to get dressed and have my photograph taken. Out of the bath I applied body lotion and found my hands dwelling a little too long on my nipples and stoking my bald pussy. “Snap out of it Helen!” I told myself. I dressed in my favourite lingerie, including stockings topped off with my little black skirt and white silk blouse. I felt good and called down to Chris. “Ten minutes” he shouted back, “I’ll just finish this cornice”.

He came upstairs carrying all his paraphernalia. Trainers and overalls were at the bottom of the stairs. I didn’t object – both of us assume the bedroom was the natural place for him to take pictures of me. Why, I don’t know. He set up the lights, drew the curtains, camera on tripod, exposures calculated and off we went. He directed the poses, “Stand by the door, hands on hips Helen, that’s it (click), beautiful, come towards me now, slowly, stop there lean your hip to one side taking the weight on that leg, that’s it(Click) now, sit on that chair at your dressing table, look in the mirror, hold it (Click), turn toward the camera Helen, leave your left leg there and drop your right legs to the side of the chair (Click) lovely, lie on the bed now, one leg straight and bend the other at 90 degrees from the knee (Click) saw your stocking tops on that one Helen, very sexy, now undo a couple of buttons on your blouse and go up on your left elbow, that’s it, , look to the side of me” (Click) and so it went on. I had the most ridiculous excitement in the pit of my stomach, my pussy was dripping, soaking my panties – but I just kept following Chris’ instructions. My blouse and skirt were on the chair now. “O.K. Helen, let’s call it a day now.”

“Why?” I asked with a decided tremor in my voice. “I’m really relaxed and enjoying this. Do I look alright?”

“You look great but I think we’ve done what we set out to do – you can go and enjoy your husband’s birthday present without fear or embarrassment now”.

I could see a lump in his trousers, so knew he was turned on. My pussy was aching for attention – and I knew he was right but I was past caring. “Come here” I beckoned. He stood over me at the side of the bed I cupped my boob and stroked my nipple through the thin material of my bra, “This bra is so transparent I may as well be topless” I purred, “So, why not take some topless pictures of me Chris?” My face was inches from his groin and I swear I saw a twitch from the substantial lump in his trousers. Nothing was said but his hand reached down to caress my boob – almost simultaneously I reached up and felt the size of his manhood through his trousers. His hand slipped inside my bra as I fumbled with his zip. His cock was so hard I couldn’t bend it to release it. He undid his trousers and whipped his pants and trousers as one to the floor – I undid my bra and threw it away. Both his hands were enjoying my boobs as I greedily latched onto his prick which was looking at the ceiling, I took him in my mouth and could taste the sickly sweet saltiness of his excitement. Leaving my boobs he gently lifted my bum from the bed and pulled my panties off before rolling onto the bed next to me. Reluctantly my mouth had parted from his dick. He reached down to my pussy, “God you’re wet” he exclaimed and I felt a strong thump on my stocking clad leg. I reached down and started to massage his cock slowly, in time with his fingers running small circles around my button. His tongue was in my mouth – both of us could hardly breathe but were reluctant to come up for air. I gasped and pushed him back gulping in air as I felt his fingers suddenly thrust inside me. Involuntarily my hips ground down on his hand. He started kissing my neck and tracing his tongue all over my chest until clamping on to my swollen and erect nipples. He was taking an age and it was all so delicious. Eventually his fingers left my pussy and I felt an unwanted emptiness which was soon forgotten as his tongue reached my clitoris, his hands gently rubbing the inside of my thighs down to my stocking tops and back. I was moaning with free abandon but I needed that “full” feeling and uttered those immortal words, “Fuck me you bastard!” His tongue headed north until we were once again kissing passionately. I reached down to his cock and guided him inside me, almost coming on the first stroke, screaming out in anticipation and pleasure just as the bedroom door opened.

It was my husband, Ian. We stopped almost as if our entire bodies had suddenly been stricken with cramp. “Hello darling, what brings you home at lunchtime” I stupidly asked in a perfectly normal voice. “For lunch but perhaps I’ll give lunch a miss today” he replied. “Please, go on, don’t let me stop you” he said and walked over to my dressing table and sat on the chair looking at the bed. We lay rigid; Chris’ cock hadn’t withered but lay inside me throbbing. A minute or two later as we still lay motionless, Ian stood, removed jacket and tie and walked over to the bedside. He unzipped himself and flopped out his limp cock. “Make me hard Helen”. I reached up and started to massage his cock to life. Slowly the realisation that Ian was not unhappy finding his wife in bed with the decorator began to dawn. I took Ian in my mouth and Chris resumed his slow deliberate thrusting into my womb. Ian was hard now and his hips were pushing him into my face. “Swop now Chris” Ian said tearing off his shirt and trousers. I swapped places with Chris and moved further down the bed allowing Ian to fuck me doggy style as I leant over Chris and greedily gobbled his cock. I was so horny and it was all so surreal! I felt dirty and decided to shuffle the pack again – so to speak. “Ian, do me a favour?”

“Anything sweetheart”

“Move your dick up about an inch”.

“In your ass?” he asked with incredulity.


As my pussy squeezed him out, I moved forward and sank down on Chris’ cock. Stationary, I encouraged Ian to hurry up with his prick. As he entered my hole the pain was unpleasant. Slowly his inched his prick deeper inside me. Gradually the three of us started moving in unison. I was certain I’d died and gone to Hell! This was wonderful. “Chris I can feel your cock against mine through Helen – it’s really adds to the sensation. Can you feel me?”

“Yes, it does feel different – I’ve never done this before”.

Weird but the boys were clearly happy.

“I’m going to shoot soon – where do you want me to come?” asked Chris.

“Inside me” and “All over her face” were the two responses he heard.

“Where?” he asked for clarity.

“On my face” I told him.

Another sudden reshuffle ended with me on my back, my husband shagging my pussy for all he was worth looking at me licking Chris’ cock, sucking his balls and wanking him oh so slowly as he knelt on the bed by my face. My pussy was on over drive – I could feel my juices having dribbled out and covered Ian’s balls were now slapping against my bum cheeks. To have two dicks at once was a first, wonderful and horny experience and I was about to come in an earth shattering loud orgasm. Just as I did I felt the first spunk splatter against my face followed in quick succession by spurt after spurt of thick jism as I licked the underside of Chris’ helmet to ensure I got every last drop out of his balls, my mouth was full and overflowing down my chin onto my boobs, my left eye was shut and stinging from a wayward salty splatter – and Ian has started to convulse half way through Chris’ performance. I was full and felt the splatter and spurt of vast quantities of spunk in my vagina, so full that with each additional thrust Ian’s cock was forcing out some of his come to mingle with my juices on his balls.

The three of us collapsed for a few moments. Chris was the first to move, gathering his things and off to the bathroom to clean up and dress. Ian and I cuddled, smiled and talked. Married for nearly twenty years we’d never spoken about Ian’s fantasy of watching another man fuck his wife. The closest he could bring himself to discuss it was the idea of another man seeing his wife naked and taking saucy pictures of her – the pictures themselves being proof of the matter. And I’d never told my husband that I wanted two dicks at once – having said that I hadn’t known it until last Tuesday afternoon. What will we do next? We haven’t decided yet but I’m sure we’ll enjoy another threesome sometime soon!