Written by Bill

22 Jun 2011

As a couple we are pretty normal I think, the mane difference is Kay my wife has always had good well payed jobs, she is more a professional type, and me well I a manual sort working for myself, that is the biggest difference between us, apart from that we a ordinarily couple,I thought quite happy

Kay is thirty seven a very good looking woman, over the years she would had lots of opportunity's to cheat on me but I trusted her I will admit there has been a couple of times I got a bit suspicious but I am sure they where unfounded the weird thing was it quite excited me at the time a lot of husbands have fantasists

This story starts here, with hindsight it could go back about a year after thinking about it, last summer Kay's company had organised a function for staff which I was also invited to Kay said it was meet the other half, I had meet a few of them in the past, any way I did my bit getting a suit on and off we went there was not a lot of husbands most being wife's and they had a few customers as she calls them clients there,it was an afternoon and evening thing,we mingled and got interdicted to lots of people Kay ended up with some clients and what I know is Robert her boss and a couple of higher ups that I didn't know

I was quite happy being left alone I got talking to lots of people and was quite happy

Kay keep coming over to see if I was okay, it got into the evening and Kay was still with her little grope on the other side of the room, she seemed the center of there attention laughing and so on, I had not paid that much attention but this time I court Robert with his hand on her bum,I started paying a bit more attention then, and he did touch her a few times and it seemed as if Kay didn't mind, it had got late and it was braking up people going home, I looked for Kay and she was not there nor was Robert it was fifteen minutes later she was alone outside the bar tiding her dress smooth it down she was quite surprised to see me when I asked she told me she been to the toilet

Nothing came to my attention till early this year, about then I noticed a change in her attitude, she was edgy at times, sometimes she get a phone call and walk away from me as she took it, she has to work late some times I know but that got more regular, and about three months ago she came home and said her firm wanted her to go on a course and she be away for two nights, this is some thing that had happened before, so it came to a couple of day before she was going and she was a little nervous and on edge not like Kay at all

Well she left and that evening I phoned to see if she was all right she was more relaxed and said shes in her room in the hotel and was getting ready to go for a meal, I called as I was going to bed at about eleven her phone was off, she called me the next afternoon saying she gone to bed when I called, I phoned that evening once more she answered say she was going to get some thing to eat, I could hear the shower running in the background I thought afterwards that's funny

She came home the next day in the afternoon I was home she seemed a little surprised and flushed to see I was home, things got back to normal over the next few days she was still late home a lot, and one afternoon she called and said she be very late, I have to tell you the rest later