Written by nawtybicouple

5 Oct 2012

I thought I'd continue my story despite the comments regarding my last post and the predictive txt causing bad spelling mistakes,

Andrea called on Saturday morning whilst Pete and I lazed in bed and she asked if I was ok after last night, I told her I was laying in bed with Pete "shall I join you" she said with a giggle "later if you like" was my reply Pete gave me a strange look as he slipped out of bed and walked towards the bathroom.

Andrea asked to see me later as previously arranged last night, I agreed and plans were made for her to come over early evening before Pete got back from golf, the thought of having Andrea play with me started to get me wet so I started to play running my fingers over my smooth pussy, Pete walked back in the room stood at the end of the bed and watched "girlfriend on the phone was it?" I moved down the bed and slid my mouth over his hardening cock and cupped his balls, he moaned as I sucked hard on his cock he took a handful of my blonde hair and started to fuck my mouth " suck it you dirty little slut" he said, his dirty talk always turns me on I slurped along his thick veiny cock my finger nudging at the entrance to his arse he continued to face fuck me before saying " let me fuck you" I released him and said " lick me first" as I spread my legs he is wonderful with his tongue and soon had me squirming, he looked up at me and said " I'd love to watch Andrea do this" I moaned as I too enjoyed the thought, he licked me to orgasm then turned me over " fuck me hard" I shouted as he gripped my hips and banged me hard and fast " I'd love to see you eating andreas cunt whilst I fuck you" he said " oh yes" was my reply " I want to watch you fuck her " I said, Pete then said " I'm gonna cum" I told him to cum on my tits and rolled over I watched as he pumped his cock "shut your spunk over me" I encouraged him as the first wad shot over my tits the second and third hit my face and chin the rest over my tits, I took him into my mouth and gently sucked him clean whilst massaging the sticky mess into my boobs, Pete lent over and kissed me sharing his salty spunk.

We laid for a while before Pete headed towards the shower readying himself for his game of golf... I'll let you know what happened later if you're interested x