10 Jun 2017

I wrote a story some years back about my first outing in fem wear called ‘The Epic Journey’. Please search and read it as it happened prior to this event. Even those straight would find it amusing and I am very pleased to announce it was added to a book of TV stories and published in San Francisco, USA.

Back in the early 2000’s I was invited to go to London to meet Tony Blair, the then Prime minister, Tessa Jowell and the rest of the labour cabinet, no quips please!

I was flown from a local airport and stayed in a very plush hotel near Earls Court. I was very nervous and worried how I would come across to everyone as I was not that good at talking with such high company.

Not wanting to miss an opportunity for some fun I also took, without the knowledge of my wife, a pair of heels, some sheer tan hold up stockings, silky knickers, short skirt, black bra, and nice blouse. [Borrowed! Thanks love, chuckle!]

After a busy day I retired to my room and dressed up, feeling rather randy as a girl does, but the more time went on that evening the more I felt horny and as most girls know this then takes your guard down, you forget the risks and become adventurous.

For some reason a rediculous idea popped into my head, what about a walk around the corridor dressed up? I waited until about 11:30pm and all seemed very quiet in the seemingly endless corridors of this huge hotel.

Making sure I had my electronic key card on me, I looked outside the door, no makeup or wig mind you. [Unlike now back then I never wore makeup]

It was silent and for what seemed like an age, I was pretty much attached to the door umming and arring about taking my first step. Something clicked inside me and I found myself walking in my 5 inch heels down the long corridor, excited but extremely scared too. I was about ten feet away from my room when I turned around and went back.

My heart was thumping so hard and I was going blue through lack of oxygen, breathing seemed difficult during this exercise.

5 minutes later like a Meerkat coming out of his hide having avoided a predator I opened the door and again I was off. God this felt good, my heels clicked as I walked, heaven, and everyone was fast asleep and none the wiser. Awesome!

Then… In the silence, I heard a noise and froze to the spot. My ears were like a sonar trying to pick up where the hell I had heard the noise. No contingency plans had been made in case I was discovered! Oh Crikey!

The noise went away, I calmed down and I walked on thinking it must have been in my mind. I was now approaching the end of the corridor by the lifts almost tip toeing, my destination was in sight for this thrilling walk!

I stopped for a moment to soak in what I had just done, looked down at my sexy legs and smiled. It felt like I had achieved so much, lol!

I then started to walk back to my room. But before I knew it just a few doors in front of me a door clicked open. Two young guys walked out chatting about something but luckily not looking in my direction as I looked at them… SHIT! WHERE CAN I GO???

I made at a very fast rate for the stairs next to the lift thinking I’d hide behind the door till it was safe. When I got there a sign said, ‘ALARMED, ONLY USE IN EMERGENCIES…’ F**K!!! F**K!!! F**K!!!

The lifts suddenly came to mind. I thought if I go to the next floor down I could then come back up when I feel they had entered one of the other lifts!

So being on the sixth floor I felt relatively safe ish although anyone who might have attempted to step out when the doors opened would have found a red faced guy probably passed out with embarrassment on the floor. [and wondering if the Rocky Horror Picture Show was in town!]

The lift door opened after several hundred presses of the lift button, hearing the guys now almost upon me I jumped in the lift. Another several hundred presses of the floor 5 button and the door closed. Sweat was now pouring off my head and I was not feeling very good at all. The door opened and I had now reached the next floor down. But… as the door opened I heard several footsteps again coming my way, WHY ISN’T EVERYONE IN THEIR F**KING BEDS SLEEPING???

In a panic, I was almost punching the buttons to close the door again… and then it did! PHEW!

But then… OH FRIGGING NO! The bloody lift is now going down and not up! I forgot to press for my floor button. Arrrrrrrgh!

I couldn't stop the lift no matter how hard I pushed the buttons, even the red emergency stop button was not having it. It then reached where it was taking me, to my shock and total dismay the bloody ground floor reception.

I just stood there expecting to find something resembling a firing squad of eyes peering at me from the foyer!

I heard a door open but the one in front of me stayed closed. Extremely puzzled I slowly turned around and to my horror saw there was another door open right behind me. It was a double sided two door lift, front and back! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!

I splayed myself to one side of the lift close to the

Control panel almost tripping over my high heels, hiding my profile against an angle I assumed the staff at the front desk could not see me from and pressed the buttons yet again in a frantic terrified manner…

My life and pride seemed to be disappearing by the nano second!

There were two members of staff managing the reception desk, both were pre-occupied with booking people in, loads of them! Thank the lord!

The doors closed, terribly slowly, it felt, and my heart seemed to stop trying to get out of my chest! I reached my floor and all was quiet.

Slowly I crept down the corridor, feet killing me from my high heels and in what seemed like hours I finally reached my room again.

I swiped the key card and… nothing happened!!! I tried again, nothing, and again, nothing… Arrrrrgh! PLEASE GOD NOT THIS!!!

Then I heard the unmistakable sound of a room door clicking open but it was not mine, it was another door right BEHIND me! I couldn’t look at first, it was deadly silent, but then I just had to.

I turned feeling like a school head had caught me red handed up to mischief, head down in a sort of begging to be forgiven kind of way and absolutely crapping myself too. I yelped almost jumping out of my skin to find a wrinkled little old woman standing there all straight faced.

I mumbled something about having trouble with my key card obviously looking like a right prat and sweating more than ever.

I turned and once again tried to open the door with my card to which I heard an opening click! THANK GOD!

But as I went to walk in my room the little old lady


"Excuse me lovey. You know, you have gorgeous legs, but if I were you I would definitely do something about the middle one!" She winked, smiled, turned and walked off up the corridor towards the lift leaving me more red faced than the devil himself!

I made it into my room and collapsed on my bed. I could have cried with relief at making it back. I threw my clothes off cursed several times and after all that agony, fright and excitement slept like a baby. I could not even manage a wank!

For some reason meeting the government the next day turned out to be a complete doddle!