Written by Dodgeballtht

15 Jan 2017

This happened some years ago when we were only married a couple of years

We used to go out on a Saturday night to the local and then on to club sometimes

This night we had been arguing about money and she was in a foul mood she was in the bathroom having a shower moaning about not enough money coming in her name is dolores she is about five feet three long auburn hair petite slim hips and lovely shaped breasts she was shaving her upset although she likes to keep a little Bush I was watching her through the door which was slightly ajar and getting horny in spite of her complaining

Eventually she got dressed a nice top although you could see her bra through it and A very tight pair of white leggings.we arrived at the pub and I fell in with my mates and she with hers after a while she came over asking we're we going to the club I said I don't think so

She then said she was going with her pal Laura this set alarm bells off as Laura was now divorced and was always going off with someone at the club .she said you know I love to dance(true) so I'll see you later

I went back home and got the car and headed for the club I parked nearby and wondered what she was doing and I found I was getting harder and harder I waited about thirty minutes then went into the club it had a balcony overlooking the dance floor so I went up there and waited sure enough dolores and Laura came onto the dance floor but with two lads in Tow seemed to be having a laugh and then a slow dance started and they stayed on Laura was all over her fella while dolores was more formal as she hadn't huge experience before I met her but as the dance progressed she started to loosen up and started snuggling in to him he in turn started to rub her bottom at first she brushed his hands away but then allowed him they went back to their seats and he went to the bar to get drinks from the way she walked back to her seat she was definitely tipsy and her new friend was keeping her that way Laura and her fella were busy kissing and from where I was I could see his hand up her skirt and she was squirming with pleasure dolores was sitting there watching and smiling when he came back withthe drinks he whispered something in her ear and she looked up at him smiled and nodded they quickly finished there drinks and started saying there good byes to Laura I moved as quickly as I could outside to wait

Shortly after they came out arms around each other dolores giggling and a little unsteady

They stopped and he leant down and kissed her she started rubbing herself against him in spite of my anger I was so aroused I just had to see where this would end eventually they stopped and headed to the taxi rank with his hand caressing her bum and squeezing it every now and then

I got back to my car and decided to follow them I felt like some sort of spy

The taxi stopped on a straight stretch of road just outside the town with only a few houses around I parked well behind them and after about fifteen minutes got the courage to walk down to where they went there was no sign of them so I walked up the driveway it was a summer night and the lights were on downstairs and the Windows open I cautiously moved to the window although the curtains were drawn they weren't fully closed on the floor were the two them kneeling facing each other a drink in their hands kissing and touching each other while he kissed her he put his hands underneath her blouse and undid her bra and started squeezing her firm breasts she started to softly moan he then removed her blouse and started to suck her nipples he then stood her up and tried to remove her leggings but couldn't because they were so tight she just smiled turned her back to him and wiggled out of them and store there naked before him"no knickers your a dirty birch"he said she replied"leant wear knickers with them cause I don't like panty lines but your right about one thing I'm a dirty birch tonight" with that she went over and started kissing him she then removed his shirt licking his nipples undoing his belt and pulling his pants downside pulled out his cock and slowly started stroking it when it was fully detect she got on her knees and started to suck it he started to rock on his feet moaning at this point I had my doc m in my hand and I was almost as big as him!she then lay back on the floor opened her legs and started to finger Herself with little sighs of pleasure she looked up at him and said "I've never done anything like this before so I want to remember it come on and fuck me"

He nearly ran to her he was so eager she placed the tip of his clock on the edge of her upset

Then he slowly entered her as his thrusts became quicker her moans became louder and she wrapped her legs around him in going to come I'm going to come he cried keep going she told him I'm on the pill with a final few spasms he emptied himself in her and they just laid shareholding each other I was about to leave when she said to him I didn't come I have to come I'm still so horny

With that she started to masturbate slowly at first then quicker and quicker until she was panting and saying I'm coming I'm coming arching her back and collapsing onto the floor

Seeing this her boyfriend now had another huge erection and swiftly rolled her over onto her knees and entered her from behind slamming into recalling her a dirty dirty little birch yes I am she said and I'm coming oh God I'm coming that was to much for me and I came all over the garden he kept going until she came again and said no more I'm to sore but she dud suck and lick him till he came all over her they decided to go for a shower then that is when I left and went home about an hour later I hear a taxi pull up l pretended I was asleep she just snuggled up to me and drifted off to sleep that was not the end but the start of her secret life