Written by jackie

13 Jun 2010

A few years ago with my parents we hired a holiday cottage for a couple of weeks. I was 19 not really wanting that kind of holiday but no money so the only holiday I was going to get. When we arrived the farmer who we hired the cottage from invited us up for drinks and a chat. As the evening wore on the farmer must have saw I was a bit bored with adult chat said to his son (about20) to take me to the barn to see the new calf that had just been born. Grudgingly we walked to the barn he pulled on overalls and wellies handing me a pair of wellies. The calf was feeding its little head pushing the cows tits its mouth full of milk pouring out the side. It was all very cute when farmers son started to talk about sucking on tits and I soon realised it wasn`t the cow and calf he was talking about.

He told me about his girl friend who had a 40" bust and he loved sucking her tits, I glanced to the the side and noticed as he was talking his hand was inside his overalls and he was pulling at his cock. When he realised I was watching he turned fully towards me still wanking himself telling how wonderful it was sucking her tits but it was even better when she sucked him and with that he unbuttonded his overalls and pulled out his very fat engorged cock and walked towards me. Did I have a boy friend did he fuck me the more he talked the more excited he became starting to wank a little harder. I had a boyfriend but the nearest we had got was his hand up my skirt to rub me and me rubbing his cock through his trousers. The sight of his engorged cock was mesmarising and then with a groan he shot his load, spunk jerking from his cock hitting the toes of my wellies. We went back to the farmhouse not a word passed between us.

Over the next two weeks the sight of his engorged cock disturbed my sleeping and to be honest I wanted to see it again. I noticed if I was in the cottage garden alone he made a point of stopping to speak. One day my parents had gone off for a walk I was lieing in the sun when I looked up farmers son was coming into the garden. He started by saying I hope I did not frighten you the other day in the barn, I shook my head. His hand went inside his overalls and again he started to wank, moving closer to me. Take it out I said and he did, do you want to wank it he said. I nodded he came closer I put my hand up touching it it was thick, as I placed my hand around it throbbed and slowely I moved my hand up and down. There was a heat and wetness starting between my legs, faster he moaned and I did suddenly he spurted it hit my face and blouse. He grabbed my shoulders to steady himself as he spunked. He put his cock away crouched down pulled my legs apart rubbed my crotch through my shorts and that wavy wet feeling of an orgasm seeped through my body. Grinning he walked away see you later. We met up another couple of times and repeated our actions over the next few days till I left for home.

Not overlysexy but just memories of first sexual experiences.