Written by jackie

21 Jun 2010

After my story last week thought you might like to know what happened over Christmas. I never went back to the cottage with my parents but over the years they continued to hire it in summer untill last year when they retired decided to visit more often and so decided we should all have afamily Christmas there. Again I did not really want to go there but was between boy friends at the time so why not. In conversation I asked my parents was it still the same farmer who let the cottage, no he had retired but his son now ran things. Memories of me wanking said farmers son very fat cock brought nice feelings of warmth between my legs.

It was a very cold Boxing Day I decided to go for a walk to get away from the extended family (about 8 adults and children squashed into a 2 bed room cottage) I had not been walking long when I heard a tractor I glanced up and there was the farmers son a little broader in the shoulder driving and image of a fat cock sprang to mind. The tractor stopped, he lent over saying snow was on the way it may be better to get back to the cottage and then the look of recognition when he realised who he was talking to and I knew he was remembering our wanking session. Jump in I will give you a lift, it was a tight fit siting beside him and every time he moved his arm he brushed the side of my tits, I pressed closer and this time when he moved his arm he brought it down on my thigh. I said do you still like to suck tits? Grinning he drove straight to the farmhouse, as soon as we were indoors I stopped what about your wife? Off at her mothers for 2 days but if she was here would probably join in.

I had hardley got my jacket of when he was pulling my trousers and knickers down his hand went between my legs rubbing hard at my pussy, nice and wet ready for a good ride he murmered but I like it doggy fashion. He turned me round pushing me face down onto the kitchen table. With one hand planted on my back to keep me down, as if I was going to escape he fumbled with his overalls geting his cock out. He rubbed it up and down the cleft of my arse his caloused hands gripping my hips, I felt his cock come up between my legs to my soaking wet pussy and he plunged it in. He groaned, I gasped at the thickness of it pushing into me so tight. He did not move just standing let me feel his cock fill me up, I felt his hands pull my arse cheeks apart a caloused finger pressing at my arse hole and then he started to thrust slowely at first then harder and harder as his cock went in and out every thrust pushed me against the table. I could feel my orgasm build I screamed harder and he went faster as my orgasm coursed through my body and with one last thrust I felt his spunk fill my pussy. He pulled out and I stood up and turned round it must have been a strange sight me trousers and knickers round my ankles spunk dribbling down my thighs, him standing overalls open his cock poking out. He was still semi hard I put my hand round it it was wet and sticky. If you suck it will soon be hard again he said, my mouth came down licking and sucking, that cock filled my mouth. He pulled my head forward my face pushing into his overalls to suck that cock. Within minutes it was rock hard again. I took of my top and bra and lay back on the table wank of on my tits, he leaned over me sucking on my tits his cock rubbing on my pussy and belly, I took his cock and started to wank, his fingers found my clit pulling and rubbing it as I wanked him, my orgasms were coming hard and fast now. I could hear the squelch from my pussy as worked on it and then I heard him say he was coming I wanked faster and then a spurt and his thick spunk was over my tits some splashing on the table.

As we cleaned the spunk up I put some on the tipof my finger and said lick it tentively he did I think a little surprised that it wasn`t an unpleasant taste.

As I walked back to the cottage with an invitation to visit when the wife was home as she was a real horny bitch and would be upset to have missed out (yes I did visit) the surprising thing was he never took his overalls off???