Written by Firsttimefuckers

12 Mar 2013

Well there will be a few single blokes out there who think we may stood them up, they are probably right, we did pull out at the last minute on a number occasions, even by giving one unlucky guy the wrong hotel room number. It was all down to nerves on my wife's behalf, i was pretty much sold on the idea of her having another man months before.

I am 38 my wife 39, we have a good sex life, nothing dull, but one night the subject of fantasy came up, and she spoke of me watching her fuck another guy.

Obviously as i am sure most guys do at first, i laughed it off, played along, made her cum whilst describing the scenario to her and that was pretty much where it stayed, for a few months.

Typical night out with her friends, resulted in me being awoken by a saucy text message telling me what i was in for when she got home, a couple of replies here and there, followed by the question "can i bring a guy back"? I was shocked, and said no! She came home we had frantic sex where again she came to me fucking her hard, talking dirty to her about another guy fucking her.

A couple of days later during a long and boring drive, i decided to get it off my chest, i asked her if she was serious about this fantasy, to which she replied she was, i was taken back at first but the more it was explained and the more graphic it got, i became more aroused.

The limits were set, for example she wouldn't swallow, or let him cum in her mouth, no anal, and nothing heavy ie, bondage. It was to be a simple, turn up get down to it, and away.

We looked on SH and found a few suitable blokes, we had no real essential requirements other than to be local, and not over weight.

We arranged to meet a guy at a nice hotel in Manchester City Centre, he was to await our text message, then give him the room number of the hotel, the first guy didnt get a text, my wife, even though she did all the persuading, had a change of heart, and decided against it.

The second guy was to meet us at the same hotel the week lair, we were in mid flow of oral sex when my wife was telling me to text him, i txt him the name of hotel, but then when my wife came, she then changed her mind, and we sent him the next text with the wrong hotel room number - sorry!!

This happened once more until we were in the cinema, and the guy behind the counter took the eye of my wife. He was a younger guy, mid 20's and probably a student. We had been drinking before the movie, and afterwards my wife told me she wanted him, how would i approach him i asked, she didn't need to give me the answer, she had written down her number and practically given it to him before i could finished.

Off we went home, and half way home a text message, ? it read. With a bit of dutch courage and in as low as voice as possible so taxi driver couldn't hear, i explained that if he wanted to fuck my wife, he best come to our place ASAP before she changes her mind, we text him the address, and awaited, eagerly.

Another text, to say he was outside, and i went to open the front door, he came in and sat on the couch, rather nervous, who could blame him, my wife was upstairs, downing another drink and getting herself changed, she had no idea i had let him in, so she was totally shocked to find him sat down.

How does this start i was thinking to myself, as i am sure he and the wife were also. One thing was for sure there was no going back now, this was going to happen.

I thought it best if i at least gave it a nudge, so i stood up, turned out the lights, and took my wife upstairs, our friend followed.

I pushed the wife to the bed, lay next to her and started kissing her, our friend sat at the end of the bed watching. I removed her Pyjama top and pants, and she was ready, she was horny, i could tell, wet, nippled firm, and kissing passionately. i told our friend to strip off, and help out, he did, within minutes her fantasy had started.

Both nipples being sucked and 2 pairs of hands running over her pussy and clit, she came in no time. It was horny, i was actually enjoying this, to my surprise, i moved away, and sat at the end of the bed, watching as another man was now licking my wife's pussy.

I couldnt help but be hard, and found myself wanking away, the sounds she was making, seemed so familiar but oh so different, she was loving it.

After what seemed like an age, our friend, had pulled away, and rolled my wife over, onto her stomach, he raised her by the hips and slowly pushed his cock into her, he wasnt overly hung, but bigger than average and certainly big enough for my wife to be moaning and groaning! A slow and steady pace of fucking doggy style was soon replaced by a raw and hard session of frantic sex. She must have climaxed at least twice, and eventually sloped to the bed, with our friends cock, exploding with cum all over her back, wow!

An uneasy few minutes followed where i provided tissue etc, when my wife had told our friend he wasn't done with.

She asked our friend to lay down, she then lay side on, and started sucking on his cock, whilst inviting me to fuck her, the feeling was immense, so wet, so loose, so smooth, and without delay i cum deep inside her.

We both took a shower, and found our friend was clothed and ready to go, when we had finished, which was a shame. He made his excuses and left.

Fantasy fulfilled i suppose, it was a great experience, once which we will probably carry out again, there is no rush! We haven't been to that Cinema since mind!!